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(August 01, 2016) Real Estate Investment Syndications – Featuring Special Guest Gene Trowbridge

Ever wondered how it’s possible for a group of investors to combine their capital in order to purchase a piece of real estate successfully? What legal actions does one need to take? Well, here to explain the usage of syndications and securities in real estate investing is Professional Real Estate Investor & Syndication Lawyer, Gene Trowbridge. Alongside Del Walmsley, Gene will elaborate on a variety of very important topics that an investor needs to know going into his/her syndication deals.

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(July 29, 2016) Habituation: Becoming Desensitized by Your Habits

Why is it that you do the things you currently do? The habits that you have slipped into may have a negative effect on your life and the worst part is that the effects are not seen immediately, but over time. Del Walmsley, your host, discusses the habits we share on this podcast in order to overcome them and to live the best lives we possibly can.

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(July 28, 2016) Introducing Curtis Haines, Our Newest Houston Multifamily Mentor!!!

He’s an innovator, a CPA, a salesman, an entrepreneur, a survivor, an investor, and one of the friendliest people you will ever meet. So, let’s just say the job has been waiting for him for a long time. Here’s a look at a man who has already made Lifestyles Unlimited® a more enriching & heartwarming place. We’re just making it official.

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(July 27, 2016) The Convergence of Financial Empowerment, Financial Awareness & Financial Control

According to Del, a great deal of change can be implemented from numbers and what they mean to you. So often, the full understanding of our financial position falls by the wayside, dropping the veil over a better life. But, there is an investment out there, and a process to it, that can dramatically improve your life through empowerment, awareness and control.

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(July 26, 2016) Tell Del Tuesday “Investing From The Golden State” Featuring LU Members Boris L. & Moshe G.

This Tell Del focuses on two California based high tech industry professionals whose goal is to offset their incomes and their cost of living in the Golden State. Fortunately, the national scope of Lifestyles Unlimited® expertise has allowed Boris and Moshe to establish themselves in far away markets boosting their ROI, building their portfolios, and helping to establish a strong local network of investors.

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(July 25, 2016) Interpretive Movement

When you take your first look at Del Walmsley, dancing likely isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Yet this is one of his larger interests in life. So, why should you care about this seemingly odd fact about Del? It lends a perfect perspective to the learning process here at Lifestyles Unlimited®.

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(July 23, 2016) Forging A Path From Sucessful People

Success has everything to do with the people who achieve it. So, if you’re looking to accomplish something in particular, find the person who made it happen. Following anybody else and using any other method is an invitation for failure.

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(July 22, 2013) Finding Common Sense Approaches To Investing

Del pours through emails from listeners today to flesh out common sense approaches to real estate investing from crisis situations & opportune moments in people’s lives.

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(July 21, 2016) Corporate America & Buying/Leasing In A Softening Market

First, Del and John “Johnny Lama” Ridgway talk about their past lives in corporate America. Then, they break into best practices for buying/leasing in a softening market that is transitioning away from seller control.

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(July 20, 2016) Taking The Hype Out of The Heat

Many are confusing hot markets as bubbles that are about to burst as real estate prices continue to rise in 2016. However, Del knows better. Today, he talks about a confluence of factors that are every bit a part of normal market conditions, but that also have some chasing the hype instead of riding the heat wave.

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