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(October 14, 2016) Putting More of A Life Back In Your Life

Del Walmsley starts by setting the record straight about his philosophy about money and real estate investing. What follows is a powerful analysis of the song “Cats In The Cradle,” revealing the toll of a prevalent work culture. Then, Del tells his life’s story about facing, and ultimately escaping, a vicious work cycle of his own. This show embodies the Lifestyles Unlimited slogan: “It’s Not The Money, It’s The Lifestyle.”

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(October 13, 2016) The Carrot & The Stick – Featuring LU Mentor Curtis Haines

Powerful concepts are at play during this podcast with Houston Multifamily Mentor, Curtis Haines. From the investment motivators of different generations to using the tools of one percenters to create financial legacies, this show is all about the carrots (rewards) and the sticks (consequences) leading people towards real estate investment. This is your front row seat to the triggers of an evolving investment landscape.

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(October 12, 2016) Wealth Building Is Belief Building

There’s a reason that Delisms (impactful sayings about wealth building) pervade throughout our offices and our message as a whole. They have the power to change lives. Today, Lifestyles Unlimited® CEO & Founder, Del Walmsley, covers eight belief systems that strongly resonate with his life that went from rags to riches. What does this mean for you? Becoming wealthy is as easy as changing your mind.

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(October 11, 2016) Tell Del Tuesday “Frequent Flyer Income” – Featuring LU Member Steve

Steve and his wife have a standing vacation itinerary that has them departing to a different exotic destination every month. And while they fly out, passive income flies in. It’s an easy breezy lifestyle that comes with an array of lifelong friends, endless continuing education opportunities and a chance to give back to family. This is the passive life like you would not believe.

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(October 10, 2016) A Larger Life That Is Yours For The Taking

In books, magazines, movies, conversations, news outlets, and even our schools and homes; the path of the modern man or woman can be seen plain as day: go to school, get a job, invest in stocks, IRA’s & 401k’s, and retire at an age where work and a flourishing life are no longer an option. Well, on Today’s LU podcast, Del Walmsley is here to tell you what is an option – a different map, a different path and a larger life that is yours for the taking.

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(October 05, 2016) 7 Tips For Taking Effective Action Steps

Where one person starts their push towards financial freedom, another can be hampered by dozens of unanswerable questions. Here are 7 tips to help you sort through irrational fears and find higher financial footholds. Taken directly from Del Walmsley’s experiences, these tips will reshape your perspective for what is possible in your life.

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(October 04, 2016) Tell Del Tuesday “Getting Out of The Gamble” – Featuring LU Members Bob & Jo-Anne

To Bob and Jo-Anne, investing in their 401k eventually became no different than taking a wad of cash and going to Vegas. It was a vestige of a bygone era and it seemed to be doing more harm than good. It was then that the voice on Bob’s commute connected like it never had before, and life would never be the same.

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(October 03, 2016) Del’s Spin On Time Management

Del introduces a healthy spin on time management today by both contending with and filling out some of our most established productivity pointers. Of special interest is segment one where he redefines the conversation itself!

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(September 30, 2016) Reading Between The Lines – Trump & The Texans

Like the Sherlock Holmes of the real estate investing world, Del uses his deductive powers to find out a ballpark amount that Trump pays in taxes. Then, he uses a foul turn of events for the Texans to model a discussion of real estate investment coaching. Finally, Del takes emails from his listeners. In all arenas of this show, Del reads between the lines of what is available to glimpse what is possible.

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(September 29, 2016) Keeping A Balanced Lifestyle – Featuring LU Mentor Kim McLean

One of the biggest reasons to invest in real estate is to gain more of your time back in order to structure your life in the most balanced way possible. The joy of this project is that it’s ongoing. That said, Del and Kim talk balanced living on today’s podcast to highlight some of the best ways to keep an even keel.

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