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(May 29, 2020) How Al Gordon Changed His Financial Mindset

“I found myself in fort ‘living room’ trying to figure out how I was going to sustain myself” says Al explaining the experience transitioning from the pay of an active, highly decorated Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army to living off his Army pension in retirement. Tune in to hear his full story and how he changed his financial mindset to achieve a better retirement for himself.

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(May 29, 2020) Real Estate Is a Team Sport

It’s not every day that you get to do what you love with who you love, or is it? Gary and Trish met in the Navy and became the ultimate property management team thereafter. Now, years later, they’re back at it as rental owners and wow do they have a flair for it! Tune in to hear their story.

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(May 28, 2020) The Government Is Pulling Your Strings

With more Americans than ever before in U.S. history living on unemployment benefits or otherwise dependent on the federal government, Del Walmsley sees a troubling trend and raises a red flag. “The government is pulling your strings,” he says urging a new wave of individuals to take a stand and secure financial freedom.

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(May 27, 2020) Keep More of What You Make From Real Estate Investing

Using all of the tax advantages available to you in your real estate investing efforts is a must. Here on today’s show to discuss what that looks like is Nate Roberts of Lifetime Tax Advisors (official Lifestyles Unlimited Vendor).

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(May 27, 2020) Think & Grow Rich: a Book for Real Estate Investors – Part II

Del continues his outline of Napoleon Hill’s book, “Think & Grow Rich” including insights into how his life was shaped by reading it.

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(May 26, 2020) Tell Del Tuesday, “Passive Income Is There for My Family”

“I had to ask for time off to go to doctor’s appointments, watch the kids” said Chris remembering the three years his wife spent battling cancer. Today, he’s still stunned that he had to ask his employer for the time off. Even so, his wife got better and now they have a wonderful family. But, for Chris, that experience changed everything. From then on, he decided to use his membership to learn how to produce enough passive income from real estate so that a job would never have that kind of say again.

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(May 25, 2020) Think & Grow Rich: a Book for Real Estate Investors

“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill is one of the defining books of CEO/Founder, Del Walmsley’s life and success in real estate investing. The book, which includes a treasure trove of stories about business magnates such as Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and other millionaires, spanned Hill’s entire life to write, and is perhaps one of the quintessential self-help books of all time. Today, Del outlines Hill’s book including insights into how his life was shaped by reading it.

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(May 25, 2020) Retired Army Lt. Colonel, Al Gordon Dedicates Show to Fallen Veterans

Retired Army Lt. Colonel, Al Gordon, and Bronze Star Medal Recipient, dedicates much of his airtime to honoring and remembering fallen military service members in every branch of the armed forces. He also shares another important message to his fellow Veterans: that there is a path to financial freedom on the home front through real estate investing.

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(May 24, 2020) Direct Lending for Real Estate Investors

Lending is alive and well during the pandemic. But, don’t take it from us. Take it from one of our official Lifestyles Unlimited Vendors: Guaranteed Rate. On today’s show, we’ll hear from Mike Harrison and his guest, Andrew Postel of Guaranteed Rate, as they discuss how a direct lender differs from a mortgage broker and why that’s important for you, the investor.

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(May 24, 2020) Real Estate Investor Tips for Spring Lease Up

Finding the right resident for your rental property is one of the most important decisions to make as a rental property owner, and the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t made the process any less complex. Fortunately, Andy Webb has some tips and info to help you avoid decision fatigue during your Spring lease up.

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