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(January 28, 2020) The Members Behind the Multifamily Masters Tour – Ramon

“We burnt the ships” says Ramon explaining the jumping off point he and Lulijeta faced after returning from overseas. They’d worked 16/17 hour work days, 7 days a week, for years. Now was time for their assets to work for them. So, to start their membership, they sold their house, liquidated their money management accounts and started down the road to financial freedom. This is their story.

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(January 27, 2020) How Starting a Rental Property Business Can Retire You Faster Than Your 401(k)

Today, Al Gordon delivers a podcast covering the core topic of our landmark article: “How Starting a Rental Property Business Can Retire You Faster Than Your 401(k).” Brush up with a read before or after your listen.

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(January 27, 2020) $100k in the Stock Market vs. $100k in Real Estate

On today’s show, Mike Harrison provides an entire overview of the differences of these 2 investment options, and crowns one the winner.

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(January 26, 2020) Overcoming Your Fear of Real Estate Investing

Overcoming your fear of real estate investing is not much different from overcoming your fear of other things in life. Take skydiving for example, which is one of Andy Webb’s pastimes. Join us as we examine getting over the intangible fear of investing by eliminating unknowns and gaining critical knowledge of the process.

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(January 24, 2020) How Does Social Security Fit Into Your Retirement Plan?

Social Security is one of the biggest lingering question marks for future retirees. Not only is it a rather complex system to keep up with, but it’s hard to understand whether or not, or to what extent, it can be counted on by future generations. Today, Al Gordon will attempt to make that picture clearer for you by introducing new ideas you may not have considered for your retirement.

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(January 24, 2020) How Del Walmsley Achieved Financial Freedom

This is the story of how Del Walmsley picked up the pieces after working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, for 12 years only to lose almost everything he’d earned on Black Monday. Down, but not out, this became his turning point to pursue and achieve financial freedom. Today, he shares that story with you.

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(January 23, 2020) 2020 Real Estate Predictions – Part II

Join us for the second installment of 2020 real estate predictions where we’ll unpack the various market projections for the new year.

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(January 23, 2020) Why Our Goals Plateau

Ever gotten on a diet or a workout plan only to see yourself hit an endless wave of plateaus? Ever had this happen with other life goals? As Del says on this show, this is because there is a mismatch in your level of thinking and the lifestyle you’re trying to reach. It’s all about elevating your thinking to the level of life you want to live. Listen in to learn more.

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(January 22, 2020) Al Would Like to Hear From You

Al Gordon dives into his listener questions to find what topics are buzzing in our radio show community. He also asks to hear from you. What are your most pressing real estate questions? Send them to askAl@luinc.com.

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(January 22, 2020) Del Answers Listener Questions

On this show, Del answers a wide variety of questions from his listeners. Got a question for Del yourself? Email him at askDel@luinc.com.

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