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(February 21, 2020) The Plight of Social Security & Pensions

This show runs the gamut of investment vehicles that have had their best days come and go in order to gain a larger perspective of what to do with your money today.

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(February 21, 2020) The Retirement Vehicle Your Financial Planner Won’t Bring Up

Go to most any financial planning meeting for your retirement and you’ll quickly notice any one of half a dozen ideas will be brought up, but none of those will be real estate. Al Gordon explains how it then becomes our responsibility to bring it up ourselves and reevaluate the possibilities of our financial future with real estate in the conversation.

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(February 20, 2020) Hedging Against a Black Swan Event

A Black Swan event is defined as an event that comes as a surprise, has a major effect, and is used, in hindsight, to explain the occurrence of widespread economic failure. There are many to look back on in our history. But, there is little to rely on in the stock market when they occur and bring down your economy as a result. Today, Al Gordon talks about using real estate to hedge against this devil we don’t know.

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(February 20, 2020) Real Estate Investing Is About How Many People You Help

When you become a successful real estate investor, your scorecard will be how many people you helped, not how many people know your name. Your impact will be measured by your application of core practices and principles, not by your social media status. It will not matter whether you are a household name, because you’re already a hero. Today, Del separates between those who invest/build business for superstardom and those who do so to serve a cause bigger than themselves.

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(February 19, 2020) Introducing Expo Grand Sponsor, AMP Lending

Today, Del interviews Co-Founder and COO of Ask Mortgage Pros (AMP) Lending, Toby Lebouf. AMP Lending is a Grand Sponsor of the upcoming Wealth & Passive Income Expo, an event that will feature 5k + like-minded real estate investors. Listen and learn as they talk about the important tools they offer for you, the investor.

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(February 18, 2020) Introducing Expo Keynote Speakers: Madeline P. & Frank M.

When Madeline and Frank joined, they worked full time in medical sales and marketing, so they did not have time to take a real estate class here and a class there. They needed to move quickly in their education and talk directly with the right people. “We lived it” says Madeline, “we talked about [real estate] all the time…[other investors] became our friends.” Then, only months after joining, they purchased a 123 unit apartment complex! Listen in as Madeline and Frank bring their investing story into full view.

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(February 17, 2020) Credit Sense Is NOT Common Sense

If you’re investing the right way, you’re using leverage to purchase your rental property. So, a point or two on your credit report can make all the difference in the financing of your loan. Here to walk you through the do’s and don’t’s for maintaining/building credit as a real estate investor is Mike Doyle, Marketing Director of White Jacobs (Lifestyles Unlimited official vendor).

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(February 17, 2020) Wealth Building Quotes to Live By

On this show, put down the note taking materials and listen to quotes meant to empower and embolden everyday people to become wealthy.

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(February 16, 2020) The Curse of Comfortability

What’s one of the biggest things keeping many locked in the middle class? It’s not income inequality. It’s being comfortable with a middle class life. Andy Webb refers to a recent Gallop poll showing that 90% of Americans are satisfied with their personal lives. With so much satisfaction or comfortability, how do you mature financially? Andy Webb explains one of the most important intangibles for investing, not getting too comfortable.

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(February 14, 2020) Give the Gift of Passive Income

With thousands of Lifestyles Unlimited members introducing and helping to cultivate passive income for their friends and family, the gift of passive income is more of a reality than you may know. Today, Al Gordon explores how passive income from real estate investing serves as a life-changing gift that reverberates through generations.

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