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(December 11, 2019) Earned Income ≠ Great Sleep Life

As you consider transitioning away from earned income to passive income, think of the quality of sleep you’re getting and the improvements you’d make from this shift in lifestyle. Al Gordon shares a first-hand account of how his sleeping habits have changed since achieving financial freedom and discusses why this should be on your mind when thinking about passive income from real estate investing.

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(December 11, 2019) Breaking the Corporate American Lifestyle

We all know it when we see it. The quintessential lifestyle of corporate America is an overworked, underpaid, and undervalued employee who seeks to climb “the ladder” higher. Your definition may vary from this, but chances are, your lifestyle really doesn’t. But, what does a life outside of this model really look like and how might someone get there? Today, Del explains the philosophy, the roadmap, and the company he’s built to answer those questions.

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(December 10, 2019) Tell Del Tuesday “From Tax Relief to Financial Freedom”

Matt & Candida had one really big reason to check out Lifestyles Unlimited, their annual tax bill. As high-income earners, they were being taxed through the teeth. But, what they got from membership was WAY more than just tax relief.

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(December 09, 2019) Rehab like a Real Estate Investor

Mike Harrison interviews a general contractor on his real estate investing team to emphasize the planning, the strict timeline, and the implementation that is involved in rehabbing an investment property. Please welcome owner of Finishing Touches, Blake Johnson.

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(December 08, 2019) Residential Lease Agreements – Part II

This show is all about residential lease agreements for rental real estate. Grab a listen!

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(December 06, 2019) Change Your Mindset to Change Your Financial Future

Forget how much company matching you have in your 401(k) or maxing out your retirement accounts. That’s only going to get you to the same place faster: a mediocre retirement. What needs to change is the mindset causing you to do this in the first place. It’s called the “Middle Class Mindset,” and it is the biggest reason your money is not working harder for you.

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(December 05, 2019) It’s Time to Graduate from “Financial Kindergarten”

With the help of figures like Dave Ramsey and social conditioning in general, eliminating all debt has become the goal post for the American middle class. It’s what we tout to our friends, coworkers and family. But, this is “financial kindergarten” says Del, and while it’s important that you conquer harmful debt (from credit card spending for example), you might consider what other forms of income-producing debt can do for you. In other words, it’s time to graduate from “financial kindergarten.”

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(December 05, 2019) Social Security vs. Passive Income

The national pollster, Gallup, recognized in its annual survey earlier this year that Americans’ reliance on Social Security is at a near record high in the 84 year history since it was signed into law by Franklin Roosevelt. But, relying on this safety net for retirement is a disaster, and as Al Gordon will tell you, it’s also nonsense considering alternatives like passive income.

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(December 04, 2019) The Disadvantages of Your 401(k), 403(b), & IRAs

Real estate investing is not subject to government rules on how to utilize your money for investing. Learn how freeing your money will make it work harder for you.

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(December 03, 2019) Tell Del Tuesday “Real Estate Investing with a Passion”

This show is for everyone who believes that successful real estate investors and those unsuccessful, or those “unable to try,” have a difference in who they are or what they face in life. They do not. In this story, Jeff and Molly decide to invest in real estate, but one could argue that’s not when they become real estate investors. The day they became investors marked an entirely different experience, one as a family, they will never forget.

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