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(January 14, 2021) Is Passive Income the New Yoga?

Many Americans have accepted Stress as a permanent part of their lives, but real estate investors have achieved peace of mind with passive income! Learn from Al Gordon how to leave your worries behind and reduce the burden on your life, 1 property at a time.  

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(January 14, 2021) Keynesian Economics of the Biden Administration

Looking at how to effectively maneuver through the economic minefield of the new administration, Del Walmsley addresses the fears that you may have about the changes taking place by examining Joe Biden’s stimulus plan for recovery.  

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(January 13, 2021) MYTH: You Have to WORK Your Way to Financial Freedom

While many childhood dreams are outgrown, others get sidelined when we succumb to the thought that we have to work our way to financial freedom. When Al Gordon realized he could follow a different path, it changed everything in his life, and it can also change yours.  

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(January 13, 2021) The Butterfly Theory for Economic Recovery

The economic impacts from COVID-19 have been notably different than any other crash and will also has a different road to recovery. Del Walmsley uses Dr. Peter Linneman’s Butterfly Effect Theory to look at the current state of the economy and what we can look forward to.

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(January 12, 2021) Multi-Award Winning Real Estate Investor on Becoming Industry Leader

Al Gordon speaks with John B. who started investing in real estate immediately after high school and built his business to provide clean and safe housing for 1,258 families, employing over 40 individuals, winning 19 industry awards, and now serving as the Houston Apartment Association’s President.

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(January 12, 2021) Tell Del Tuesday – Real Estate Investors, Source of Support for Residents Impacted by the Pandemic

John B. has been recognized with 19 real estate awards of excellence on the local, state, and national level, including the National Independent Owner of the Year Award in 2015 and the National Property of the Year Awards in 2017, 2018, AND 2019. Elected to serve as the Houston Apartment Association’s President for 2021, he joins Del Walmsley on the air today to talk about how the industry has stepped up to meet the needs of residents impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic, and what to expect from the market this year.  

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(January 11, 2021) Take Control of Your Life With Passive Income

Going back to work after the holidays can be jarring, but what if you had the financial control to walk away from your stressful job? Al Gordon tackles this topic head-on with exactly what you can do to lay the groundwork for your own Financial Freedom.  

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(January 10, 2021) How to Maximize Returns with a Real Estate Mentor – Part II

In this second of a 2-part series, Andy Webb now speaks with Lorie F, Mark and Julie’s Single Family Mentor, about how she guides, advises, and coaches members through every step of the investment process to maximize their real estate returns. 

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(January 10, 2021) What If You Had Started Investing in Real Estate 5 Years Ago…

Lee S. was following the traditional corporate roadmap maxing out his 401(k), but knew there had to be a better way and shares with Mike Harrison how his life and financial situation has changed since he took charge of his own returns.

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(January 10, 2021) What We Learned and Earned From Buying 5 Rentals in 2020 – Part I

This is the first episode in a 2-part series where Andy Webb speaks with investors Mark and Julie about their experience since joining Lifestyles Unlimited a little over 1 year ago, and the lessons they’ve learned while adding 5 more Single Family doors to their portfolio.

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