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(April 02, 2020) Your Introduction to Lifestyles Unlimited – Part I

Today, Al Gordon breaks down our free online introductory workshop, which showcases our map to retirement in 5 years or less, regardless of age or previous experience.

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(April 02, 2020) Del Walmsley’s Recommended Reading for Life at Home

Get a great reading list to keep you company for life at home as Del rattles off the books that changed his life.

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(April 01, 2020) Today Is the Day to Remember Renters Are People

If you take away nothing else from this show, take away this: whether your renters are in a position to pay today, or they face a hardship, “you have to nurture both” says Al. Al walks you through that process and brings out the humanity in what we do as real estate investors.

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(April 01, 2020) The Coronavirus Stimulus Package & You

On this show, Del discusses how individuals, businesses, families, investors and more will be able to use the stimulus package to get what they’re looking for right now: liquidity.

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(March 31, 2020) Tell Del Tuesday, “Game On”

Allan and Laurel have a son-in-law who had a higher net worth than they did back before they joined, and he was not even 30 years old. His trick? He was investing with a real estate syndicator in New York City. Meanwhile, Allan and Laurel’s financial planner mentioned working till 90. Here’s how their membership changed the game.

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(March 30, 2020) Stay In Place, But Stay Active In Your Real Estate Business

Now is the time to stay put as much as possible as our social distancing guidelines have been pushed throughout the month of April. But, it is not the time to remain idle when managing your real estate business. Here, Del Walmsley shares many important practices you should be considering and implementing from a far. Chief among them is to remember that your renters are not customers, they’re people.

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(March 30, 2020) Mentor Monday With Single Family Mentor, Joey Sullivan

During this pandemic, Single Family Mentor, Joey Sullivan is one of our team members on the frontlines helping members answer vital questions about their investments and how to communicate properly with their renters. Tune in to hear his story and how he’s keeping our members ahead of the curve.

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(March 29, 2020) Real Estate Investor Information Without the Media Hype

Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow is the “calm in the storm” says Host, Andy Webb. This could not be more true on this show as she separates the hype in the media and the widely circulated misinformation on the internet from sensible, clear cut plans to run your real estate business during this time.

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(March 29, 2020) Your Best Hedge Against Inflation: Real Estate

Both the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, & Economic Security Act (CARES Act) and the accompanying activity of the Federal Reserve will increase the country’s debt, and in doing so, will bring the real possibility of inflation in the longer term. Today, Andy Webb expresses just how effective a real estate portfolio is at hedging against the likely inflation to come.

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(March 27, 2020) Multifamily Lending & How to Navigate This Economy

Lima One Capital and Wells Fargo are sounding off about changes to their loan programs and changes in their economic forecasts. Del explains what that means for multifamily lending right now. Then, Del parses the details of forbearance, nonpayment of rent, and other dynamic situations affecting today’s landlords.

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