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(September 22, 2020) Newlyweds Retire in Their 30s, in Less Than 5 Years!

Candice and Corey M. bought their first Single Family rental home right before their wedding, doubling their money in the deal and completely covering the cost! They tell Al Gordon about the compounding effects of moving into Multifamily investments, and how they have partnered with their residents through Covid-19.

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(September 22, 2020) Tell Del Tuesday – Couple Builds Enough Cash Flow to Retire in Their 30s!

Starting with no inheritance, Candice and Corey M. tell Del Walmsley how they navigated 9 real estate investing deals to build a portfolio with over 1300 units, achieving complete financial freedom in just 5 years!

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(September 21, 2020) Two Friends Double Their Money in 31 Months!

Chris P. wanted to create stable streams of passive income to protect his family financially from the volatility of working in the Oil and Gas industry. Al Gordon gets into the details of his Multifamily deal that created enough Cash Flow for him and his buddy Alan to retire in 3 years!  

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(September 20, 2020) What the Democrat’s Don’t Know Will Hurt You

Many people are unaware of the impacts proposed by presidential candidate Joe Biden’s tax plan to the real estate investing industry, so Mike Harrison hosts tax expert Lu Ann B. with Exchange Resource Group to discuss what’s at risk.

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(September 20, 2020) Protect Your Legacy with Real Estate

Broadcasting from Stephen F. Austin State Park, Andy Webb travels through Texas State history exploring the meaning of Legacy, the things that threaten to take it away, and how to conquer the crippling cost of college and student loans with real estate investments.

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(September 18, 2020) The 5 Ways Real Estate Makes Massive Money

Al Gordon shares insights into the recent Case Study educational event at Lifestyles Unlimited and breaks down the details behind 3 successful investment deals, and exactly how much money goes into and comes out of their properties.

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(September 17, 2020) Learn from Success, Not Failure

Al Gordon explores whether learning from repeated failure is an effective way to achieve results, or if it is better to follow in the footsteps of a successful Trailblazer.

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(September 17, 2020) Letting Go of Self-Limiting Beliefs

Del Walmsley centers his discussion around people’s willingness to change and let go of belief systems when they are proven wrong.

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(September 16, 2020) Big Tax Issues on the Ballot

Al Gordon speaks with Dan M. of Exchange Resource Group about the Democrat’s dire tax plan to eliminate Section 1031 and the ability to defer taxes through real estate transactions; lowering the value of assets and putting restrictions on the income side of the industry.

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(September 16, 2020) Biden’s Tax Proposal Exposed

With the looming 2020 Election, Del Walmsley brings legal expert Dan M. with Exchange Resource Group onto the show to discuss the Democrat’s plan to reverse longstanding tax plans put in place to boost the housing industry, stimulating the economy, and leave a lasting legacy.

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