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(August 3, 2020) Leverage Your Way to Wealth

Many investors miss out on making massive money because they are not deploying their resources effectively. Learn how to leverage your resources and how investing with other people enables everyone to grow their wealth exponentially faster through Cash Flow, Appreciation, Tax Benefits, and Captured Equity.

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(August 02, 2020) Double Your Money and Retire with Real Estate

Ed F. and his wife Carol knew nothing about Real Estate Investing prior to joining Lifestyles Unlimited. Today Ed tells Mike Harrison how they optimized, unloaded, and turned their Duplex into a small Multifamily community, doubling their money in their very first deal! Three years later, Carol is Retired from Corporate America and has started their own property management company, while Ed Gives Back to this educational community as a Lead Investor™ teaching others how to fish for themselves and attain Financial Freedom!

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(August 02, 2020) Power Team Players – Home Inspectors

Having a qualified and experienced home inspector on your Real Estate Team is one of the most critical aspects of a property acquisition. GreenWorks Home Inspections and Engineering has been a Vendor at Lifestyles Unlimited since 2011, and today Andy Webb speaks with their owner Harmony B. about all the key areas to be aware of, and how they are uniquely qualified with vastly more knowledge than an average home inspector to point out structural, mechanical, design, and other issues that may arise or need repairs prior to residents moving in.

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(July 31, 2020) Creating Positive Change to Get Your Life Back

Thus far, has your life met your expectations? If your actions and efforts over the last 5 years have not resulted in achieving the vision you want from your time spent on this Earth, what you’re doing is frankly ineffective. Al Gordon shares personal experiences at different stages of his life which prompted him to make changes to reach his desired destinations, and how joining Lifestyles Unlimited to become educated on real estate as an investment vehicle allowed him to gain back control over his life.

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(July 30, 2020) The Secrets of Real Estate Investing

A quick Google search will bring up books, courses, and all the people trying to sell potential investors on the secrets of real estate. Al Gordon believes there are no secrets, the tricks to the trade are very simple and Lifestyles Unlimited will teach them to you with total transparency and how to capitalize on the concepts you need to be successful; starting with providing the Best Products at the Best Prices to the Best People.

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(July 30, 2020) The Massive Moments behind Lifestyles Unlimited

Part of Living Your Legacy is positively impacting the world and people around you. Today Del Walmsley talks about people who changed his life and the moments that had a massive impact on him and the creation of Lifestyles Unlimited, teaching an ethical system of repeatable processes that work harmoniously to replicate wealth more effectively than any other investment vehicle.

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(July 29, 2020) Multifamily Investing Insights & Real Estate Q&A

Last Friday Al Gordon and his son attended a virtual Multifamily Acquisition Roadtrip as members of the Preferred Investors Group at Lifestyles Unlimited, where they reviewed 6 Multifamily properties and gained educational insights into what these properties could potentially provide if acquired, and how to increase income streams without raising the rent. He also dives into the Mailbag to answer listeners’ questions surrounding current financing markets, day trading, and 2020 changes to VA loans and lending structures.

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(July 29, 2020) The Stability of Residential Real Estate Despite Covid19 Closures

While the Coronavirus has forced thousands of business closures, residential real estate has not been as negatively impacted and is not losing value. Del Walmsley reflects on how his initial predictions were delayed by various stimulus infusions stifling the immediate economic crunch, but looking forward realistically at where he thinks this Covid19 environment will take us, what we should be doing with our money to mindfully prepare.

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(July 28, 2020) Moving from Single Family to Multifamily Investments

Cliff and Beverly O. joined Lifestyles Unlimited in 2004 and bought 10 Single Family house in 10 years, cultivating a high performing portfolio. After re-attending the 2Day Seminar, they decided to liquidate these assets into a Multifamily community and purchased as IROs. Cliff speaks today with Al Gordon about how he found greater fulfillment in his job as an Engineer not having to rely on it for income, soon after earning two raises and a promotion which supplemented their investments and opened new doors to living their Dream Come True Lifestyle.

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(July 28, 2020) Tell Del Tuesday – Meet Cliff O., Engineer, and Financially Free Investor

Cliff O. generated enough passive income through real estate investments to effectively retire, but not having to rely on a paycheck for income actually helped him find more fulfillment within his job as an Engineer. Del Walmsley speaks with him today about his journey from joining Lifestyles Unlimited in 2004, and how he moved from Single Family to Multifamily investments, and the insights this Lifestyle has provided.

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