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(January 21, 2020) The Members Behind the Multifamily Masters Tour – John

John was one of the youngest members to ever join our program, and now he is also one of the most successful/highest awarded. This interview finds him preparing for the Multifamily Masters Tour to present the largest project of his entire investing career, a staggering 456 unit apartment community, and a feat that continues to speak to his incredible abilities.

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(January 20, 2020) Why You Should Have Multiple Streams of Income

You may find you want the lifestyle of the wealthy, or even just a comfortable retirement, but your income stream may suggest otherwise. Gone are the days when having a job produced enough income to support a family and a worthy retirement. Now, many in the middle class are turning to passive streams of income to offset or eliminate their job and to guarantee a quality retirement. Here’s how you can do the same.

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(January 20, 2020) Everything Real Estate

Here, Mike Harrison will personally issue you a 90 day challenge to start your real estate investing journey, he’ll read and answer first hand questions from listeners to the show, and he’ll show you what Wall Street doesn’t get about real estate investing. Finally, we share why we’re bullish about single family in 2020.

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(January 19, 2020) Never Lose Money in Real Estate

Here, we examine three paths to success as a real estate investor. All three are used by investors today to achieve financial freedom. But, only one really gets at the heart of why money is lost in this endeavor and attacks it at its core. It’s one of the most important reasons Lifestyles Unlimited members don’t lose money that other real estate investors do.

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(January 17, 2020) A Case Study of Successful Real Estate Investors

Today, Al Gordon breaks down our most recent San Antonio Case Study, going into great detail about the single family and multifamily investors who presented there, as well as the properties they invested in.

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(January 17, 2020) Shaking off the Middle Class Mindset

If for no other purpose, today’s show exists to deliver one message. If all you see in life is eliminating debt, doing your job, and “safe,” conventional investments, then you’ll spend it never knowing the life that could have been.

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(January 16, 2020) Why Does Retirement Have an Age?

Al Gordon challenges the basis of retirement thinking today: that it has to do with an age.

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(January 16, 2020) Two Opposing Retirement Philosophies

Today, Del compares and contrasts two completely different retirement philosophies: traditional retirement (late-life focused retirement) and retirement from passive streams of income (retirement based on your financial condition).

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(January 15, 2020) The 5 Ways We Make Money With Real Estate

When done correctly, investing in residential real estate makes you money in five different ways! Del Walmsley shares how this investing strategy will move you towards financial freedom faster than you ever thought possible.

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(January 15, 2020) What Your Financial Planner Doesn’t Tell You About Real Estate

There are plenty of great ways to invest in real estate and beat out your 401(k) or IRA, but how would know about them if it’s never discussed in a session with your financial advisor? Today, we’ll have the frank discussion about real estate that nobody else is having with you.

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