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(November 16, 2020) 7 Habits of Highly Effective Real Estate Investors

Al Gordon applies the principles found in Stephen Covey’s “Seven Habits” book to real estate investing, examining the specific traits differentiating highly successful investors from the rest.

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(November 15, 2020) Rental Owner Winter Checklist

With winter weather approaching, Andy Webb reviews important things rental owners should pay attention to in terms of property care, preventative maintenance, resident responsibilities, and year-end tax considerations.

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(November 14, 2020) Live Where You Want, Invest Where You Want – Featuring Peter from Queensland, Australia

From halfway around the globe, Peter from Queensland, Australia joins Andy Webb on the show to share his incredible investing story and how he realized he could effectively do this from a distance.

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(November 13, 2020) The 5 Ways Rental Real Estate Outperforms All Other Investment Vehicles

Al Gordon explains all the nitty gritty ways that residential income producing real estate makes more money than any other asset class, including other forms of real estate, so that you too can buy back your time and regain control of your life.

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(November 12, 2020) Successful Steps to Setting and Achieving Your Goals

Many people fail to reach their goals because they were focusing on the wrong things. Al Gordon breaks down the correlation of success with goal setting and the specific details that make all the difference to reaping rewards! 

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(November 12, 2020) “Chunk” Your Way to Making Millions

Del Walmsley recounts his early investing days and discusses the foundational lessons he learned which ultimately allowed him to be successful and make multi-millions of dollars of income each year. 

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(November 11, 2020) Equity IS the Modern Day Golden Goose

Al Gordon opens with a tribute to our Veterans, thank you all for your service! Building upon the fable of the Golden Goose, he shares the secrets to keeping your equity goose healthy enough to lay golden investment eggs through your old age.

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(November 11, 2020) Daily Choices Affecting Your Physical and Financial Shape

Del Walmsley looks closely at the daily choices adding up to determine physical and financial health, and how to balance the similarities to get the lifestyle you want.  

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(November 10, 2020) Unlock Your Golden Handcuffs With Real Estate

Having dedicated 33 years to corporate America, Terry C. asked his financial planner what his finances would look like should he choose to retire immediately. The shocking answer sparked his decision to do something drastically different, and today tells Al Gordon how and where he redeployed his resources to reach financial freedom and retire just 1 year later!

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(November 10, 2020) Tell Del Tuesday – Real Estate Leverage Lets You Retire Early

Terry C. originally planned to work until age 70 and max out Social Security, but time was working against him and his money would run out. Knowing that millionaires build wealth in real estate, he joined Lifestyles Unlimited last year and tells Del Walmsley the details of his first 4 Multifamily passive deals and how they have allowed him to retire and live his desired lifestyle!

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