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(September 15, 2020) Multifamily Home Providers Thrive Through the Pandemic

Al Gordon catches up with Gourav and Megha G. on their continued success as Lead Investors™; at Lifestyles Unlimited and questions how they approached their most recent Multifamily purchase, operational upkeep, and care for their residents through the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

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(September 15, 2020) Tell Del Tuesday – Couple Replaces Their Corporate Careers With Real Estate Investing

Gourav and Megha immigrated to the United States from India 20 years ago to pursue higher education and the American Dream. Seeking a better investment vehicle and retirement plan than the volatile stock market, they tell Del Walmsley how they have leveraged his educational program to make that dream a reality.

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(September 14, 2020) 3 Investing Rules that Actually Work

Al Gordon highlights the three fundamental business rules that the Lifestyles Unlimited community follows to achieve profitable results within their real estate investment deals.

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(September 13, 2020) Power Team Players: Foundations

Investing in residential real estate takes a strong foundation: both in terms of your education, power team, and mentor, and in terms of having a good foundation under the purchased property. Andy Webb speaks with Jayson Paff, of Straight Line Foundation Repair, about evaluations, the repair process, on-going maintenance, and more!

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(September 13, 2020) Why Most People Will Never Be Financially Prepared for Retirement

Mike Harrison shares some alarming statistics about retirement trends in America and the two main reasons why most people will never be financially prepared. Listen and learn what you can do today to protect yourself for tomorrow.

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(September 13, 2020) Power Team Players: Insurance Agent

Insurance is incredibly important to have as Investors to protect and improve your real estate assets. Andy Webb speaks with multi-award-winning Lifestyles Unlimited Vendor of the Month and recent D Magazine Best Insurance Agent for 2020, Lee Siegel with Integrity Personal Insurance, about proper coverage and policies to protect your passive income.

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(September 11, 2020) 3 Real Estate Investing Success Stories

Learning from other members who have paved the path to Financial Freedom, Al Gordon shares insights into the recent Case Study at Lifestyles Unlimited and the financial details behind their inspiring deals.

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(September 10, 2020) Reasons to Sell Your Single Family Property

Al Gordon discusses reasons why you should sell a Single Family rental property in today’s housing market, and how to achieve a selling strategy that will maximize your profits.

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(September 10, 2020) Factors Determining Your Financial Future

Del Walmsley opens the mailbag to answer a variety of real-world questions and compares how their financial situations have positioned them to weather the Coronavirus.

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(September 9, 2020) Natural Progression of the Real Estate Investor

Al Gordon explains the multistage approach to succeed as a Real Estate Investor and how to break free from JOB dependency.

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