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(November 08, 2019) Interview with Lifestyles Unlimited Member, Kathy

For those who think buying single family rental homes is out of reach, this is the story for you. Listen in to hear how Kathy and John used single family investing to get on track to retiring John soon!

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(November 07, 2019) The Game Changer: Income-Producing Assets

“Assets, pure [income-producing] assets, are something the average person doesn’t have… Rich people have assets… If you had enough assets that could earn money for you, and you had them deployed correctly, you would not need a job” says Del. This is the message of today’s show.

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(November 07, 2019) Buy & Hold Real Estate Investing

We get that there are many ways to invest in real estate. But, only one stands out to us for its ability to cash flow and retire you in 2 to 5 years.

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(November 06, 2019) Tenant Law Across the United States

Understand various state laws and how they affect the tenant-landlord relationship around the country.

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(November 06, 2019) Syndications Done Right

Chances are you’ve seen promotional videos for real estate syndicators: the flashy cars, the fancy suits, the over-the-top salesmanship. But, you may not realize that these syndicators charge fees, offer lower returns, and are less transparent, which translates to less protection for investors in these syndicators’ deals. Today, Del talks about the road he took to avoid such deals and create a better way. The results? Listen for yourself.

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(November 05, 2019) Tell Del Tuesday “Work Longer or Retire with Real Estate”

It will shock you how much Allan and Laurel were saving, and they were still told to work past 65 to secure a comfortable retirement. They said enough is enough. Learn how they changed the game with real estate investing.

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(November 04, 2019) Landlord/Tenant Laws

Learn about laws pertaining to rental housing, which are established to protect both parties of the landlord-tenant relationship.

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(November 04, 2019) Three Truths That Outline Your Financial Future

This week, Mike reveals 3 truths that define attitudes people have about wealth. It is within these attitudes that your view of wealth will become clearer, and with that, a better understanding of your financial future.

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(November 03, 2019) Real Estate Investor FAQs

Today, Andy Webb answers frequently asked real estate investor questions.

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(November 01, 2019) Retirement Doesn’t Have to be Daunting for Millennials

Al Gordon reveals bad news for millennials saving their way to retirement. We contrast this with timelines of Lifestyles Unlimited members retiring using real estate. The results are shocking!

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