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(November 9, 2020) Transform Your Life with Passive Income

Until you have personally experienced the power behind a rental property to provide you with passive streams of income, it is difficult to understand. Al Gordon shares the success stories behind 2 recent investors who changed their lives with real estate, and the exact details on how they did it. 

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(November 8, 2020) Tax Strategies Associated with Rental Properties

One of the primary reasons to invest in residential real estate is for the tax advantages. Mike Harrison hosts tax professional Nate R. with Lifetime TA on the show to discuss various tax strategies and how to leverage them most effectively. 

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(November 8, 2020) 3 Ways to Make Change Happen in Your Life

Andy Webb talks through the 3 ways Lifestyles Unlimited acts as a catalyst to make things happen faster in your life, getting you to the financial freedom finish line.  

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(November 7, 2020) 4 Ways to Overcome Fear

Fear is the number one obstacle preventing people from making a positive change in their life. Relating this to real estate investing ventures, David Ruzicka provides 4 different ways to overcome the mental obstacles that are holding you back.

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(November 5, 2020) What Does It Take to Be a Successful Real Estate Investor?

Reaching out to 5 successful investors to answer this exact question, Al Gordon received 5 different answers and today he shares those and the intangible characteristics and skillsets necessary to thrive in this field. 

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(November 4, 2020) Desperate Teacher Gets Bad Advice From a Retirement Reporter

A recent article posed a question from a Desperate Teacher asking if they can retire early and live off the income produced by their real estate holdings. Al Gordon dissects the author’s “advice” and re-answers the question with his industry experience and expertise.

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(November 4, 2020) 3 Steps to Be Financially Fit in the Later Years of Life

Del Walmsley challenges the conception that old age inevitably brings decay. Identifying other causations, he compares the stages of physical health and fitness to long term financial wellbeing.  

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(November 3, 2020) Double Your Net Worth to Live More and Stress Less!

After 17 years of working on Wall Street in NY, Gerard B. walked away from his lucrative career in the rat race. Restructure his life in North Carolina, he tells Al Gordon how his real estate investing strategy doubled his net worth and allowed him to retire, less than 3 years after buying his first rental property! 

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(November 3, 2020) Tell Del Tuesday – From Wall Street to Real Estate Retired in 2.5 Years!

Gerard B. was tired of living a mediocre life working for someone else and wanted to find a faster way to build wealth than savings and stocks. Hearing Del Walmsley on the Radio three years ago, he jumped all-in to residential real estate investing and tells Del exactly how he was able to retire earlier this year!

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(November 2, 2020) Engineer Retires in 2 Years with Real Estate and Wins National IRO Award!

Al Gordon catches up with Kevin, who worked as a high-tech engineer for 18 years, formerly focused on “retirement” by maxing out his 401(k) for the pretax dollars and taking advantage of company stock options. Realizing that none of that was allowing him to be home with his family, he set out to replace their expenses with passive income and is now real estate retired and the recipient of countless awards for outstanding multifamily investments!

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