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(September 4, 2020) Learn How to Beat the Flawed Savings System

The most common retirement strategy is investing a portion of earned income into a 401(k) with employer contributions, and yet 40% are still at risk of retiring near the poverty level with 74% working past normal retirement age. Al Gordon looks at historical rates of return via the Savings Methodology and exactly how to get into your first passive income-producing real estate asset.

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(September 3, 2020) UPDATE: CDC Coronavirus Eviction Moratorium Criteria

Quality home providers prioritize healthy resident relationships and seek ways to work through crisis situations together. If eviction is your only option, Al Gordon reviews the key provisions set forth by the CDC agency order regarding residential evictions effective through the end of 2020.

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(September 2, 2020) 5 Steps to be a Successful Real Estate Investor

Critiquing an article with ineffective investing advice, Al Gordon talks about the five things you really need to do to be a successful real estate investor, and how to avoid the mistakes of misinformation.

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(September 2, 2020) How to Do the Right Things in the Market at the Right Time

Having tripled his net worth through the 08/09 crash, Del Walmsley analyzes the current economic changes taking place in the multifamily market and gives advice on how to navigate the next few months.

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(September 1, 2020) Clock Out and Retire to Your Dream Destination

Josh D. and his wife were sad to sell their small starter home, so rented it out instead. Surprised with the immediate Cash Flow, they joined Lifestyles Unlimited to effectively replicate the process, and retired to an island in the Florida Keys!

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(September 1, 2020) Tell Del Tuesday – Living on Vacation Full-Time

Passionate about ocean adventures, Josh D. always dreamed of retiring to the Caribbean. He made this his reality with a real estate portfolio of passive income strong enough to quit Corporate America, and now lives the Island Lifestyle!

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(August 31, 2020) 2 Ways to Retire in 5 Years or Less

For those seeking a way out of the Rat Race, the FIRE movement provides an alternative method to Financial Independence and Retiring Early. Al Gordon compares their meager minimalist strategy to the effective techniques taught by Lifestyles Unlimited to grow a portfolio of passive income.

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(August 30, 2020) 4 Stages to Getting Your Life Back

Mike Harrison answers questions on how to develop a starting strategy as an aspiring real estate investor, and navigate the stages of wealth creation through passive income leading to an enriched life.

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(August 30, 2020) Understanding Real Estate Financing

Andy Webb updates listeners on the upcoming FHFA policy impacting cash-out refi fees, and the key differences between buying properties with conventional financing versus hard money.

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(August 28, 2020) Get Real Estate Right the First Time

Having successfully sold their 2 properties within 48 hours of listing for more than asking price, Al Gordon looks back on the initial purchase of these units and all the real estate mistakes he made before finding Lifestyles Unlimited and educating away his bad investing habits.

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