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(October 31, 2019) How to Handle Marijuana Use as A Landlord

Thirty four states and the District of Columbia currently have laws broadly legalizing marijuana in some form. To help you form your stance on the drug as a landlord, Al will walk you through both state and Federal laws concerning the drug and share his insights as a rental real estate owner.

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(October 30, 2019) The Junk Drawer of Retirement

Al Gordon coins an effective term for retirement planning today: the “junk drawer” of retirement. Tune in to learn more about this how you might be a victim to this troubling trend.

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(October 30, 2019) Al Gordon Shares His Investor Story

Host, Al Gordon, shares his life story from cradle to cash flow and financial freedom, part of which includes tuning into the radio show he now hosts!

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(October 29, 2019) Tell Del Tuesday “Leaving Behind the W2”

Brian’s story comes down to one “watershed moment.” (Brian) Simply put, when his job fell out from under him, real estate investing income had to make up the difference. Learn what happened and how Brian was able to transition so quickly to living off of passive income.

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(October 28, 2019) Learn from Our Single Family Road Trip

Today, Al Gordon breaks down our most recent Single Family Road Trip, going into great detail about the single family deal that was the focus of the trip.

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(October 28, 2019) Recapping the 2019 Dallas Multifamily Masters Tour

Mike Harrison reviews our recent Multi-Family Masters Tour in Dallas and discusses some insights of the 4 apartment communities that were toured.

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(October 27, 2019) Messages From Philly

Today, our podcast focuses in on Philadelphia in more ways than one as Andy Webb brings back many stories and experiences from his recent trip there – all relating to real estate. For one, Philadelphia shows us that rental real estate is a staple that dates back centuries to the origination of the United States!

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(October 25, 2019) The Retirement Discussion Wall Street Doesn’t Want You to Have

Today, the majority of retirement information originates from financial advisors and a retirement planning industry that exists solely to serve you fee-based savings strategies. But, in this mad dash to take a cut of your invested capital, they forgot to find you investment vehicles that work. As Al Gordon will tell you, real estate is the disrupter.

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(October 24, 2019) Work to Live, Live to Work

It’s what we were raised to do, but is it what we were born to do? Del takes on work culture and the broken belief system that comes with it.

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(October 24, 2019) Principles of Basic Property Negotiation

Today, Al Gordon shares tips to form the basis of your property negotiating skills.

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