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(June 5, 2020) 7 Parables on How to Become Financially Free

Del Walmsley opens the show recounting how the Govt tried to take away the 401(k) by driving competitive service providers out of business. He then dives into the 7 Parables within The Richest Man in Babylon, sharing the fundamental ideas of how to be wealthy and the simplest concepts that you can follow to be Financially Free.

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(June 5, 2020) Fire Your Toxic Boss

When you hear the words Toxic Boss, undoubtedly someone comes to mind. Al Gordon discusses the signs and behavioral traits of bad leadership, and how this creates a toxic culture within the workplace. If you’re stuck in a stifling situation, you need to start your education and develop an exit-strategy with Lifestyles today. Learn how investing in Real Estate provides the power to walk away, without worrying about a financial catastrophe from losing your W2 paycheck.

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(June 4, 2020) Middle Class Mindset vs. Millionaire Mentality

Al Gordon reviews an article addressing what wealthy people do that others do not. Retraining your mind to see opportunities where others see obstacles, following the right map, and associating with positive like minded people will expand the possibilities for your life.

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(June 4, 2020) Why the 401(k) Does Not Work

Del Walmsley elaborates on specific failures of the 401(k) as a retirement vehicle, and why it’s an ineffective investment plan. What are you doing to protect yourself when you could wake up tomorrow and be worth 40% less than you were the day before? Here’s why over 50,000 members nation-wide have liquidated their 401(k) to take direct control and ownership of the wealth they’ve created.

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(June 3, 2020) How to Build Your Real Estate Power Team

Al Gordon discusses the critical importance of having the right people in place to be a successful investor, and the elements to consider when building your team. For every step of the process, Lifestyles has cultivated a community of over 900 trusted vendors to assist in getting your business up and running.

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(June 3, 2020) Why 95% of Americans Retire Poor

CEO Del Walmsley reviews an article addressing the top 10 reasons why 95% of Americans retire poor or broke. Common pitfalls include starting with the wrong definition of Financial Freedom, being influenced by poor financial advisors, working for money as opposed to having their money work for them, and lacking the knowledge, skills, and coaching to change their situation. Retiring in prosperity is not unrealistic, and Lifestyles is designed to guide you there.

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(June 2, 2020) Ed’s Road To Retirement. From 1 Door to 4,500 Doors in Less Than Four Years

Al Gordon speaks with member Ed D. from Seattle about how Lifestyles reshaped his understanding of retirement, providing a pathway to achieve Financial Freedom in under 4 years. From the foundational education to networking within the community, Ed shares how he got started investing in multifamily properties and successfully grew his portfolio from 1 to over 4,500 units. 

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(June 2, 2020) Tell Del Tuesday – Cash Flow VS Saving for Retirement

Del Walmsley brings Ed D. from Seattle on the show to share his experience saving for retirement in corporate America versus creating passive cash flow through real estate. They discuss his journey from his first deal to his 20 current properties, and what you should be thinking about while preparing to invest.

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(June 1, 2020) The Power of Goals

Setting effective goals are essential to achieving the life you desire. Al Gordon walks through the powerful process of evaluation and reflection to set S.M.A.R.T. goals to take control of your future.

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(May 31, 2020) Know and Grow Your Net Worth

Andy Webb explores how best to build net worth based upon medians within each age bracket. He walks you through identifying assets on hand, calculating liabilities, and building on this baseline to optimize the return on your net worth – working within single family and multifamily economies of scale.

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