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(July 18, 2016) Rethink & Live Well

During this show, Del Walmsley contests 19 of Napoleon Hill’s 30 causes of failure from his book “Think & Grow Rich,” which as of a recent article from Business Insider, have been deemed to still be relevant today. One by one, however, Del tees up each point and drives it to the forefront of our minds as a cautionary tale for listening all too intently to the self-help genre.

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(July 15, 2016) Q & A Day

Del opens up today’s show for emailer questions.

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(July 14, 2016) Kim Takes His Investing To The Next Level – Featuring LU Mentor Kim McLean

Kim’s move to become an LUI Mentor in the San Antonio office forces a new exciting development in his investing road map! Then, Kim discusses an exciting amenity project that he completed for one of his properties!

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(July 13, 2016) Interpretive Movement

When you take your first look at Del Walmsley, dancing likely isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Yet this is one of his larger interests in life. So, why should you care about this seemingly odd fact about Del? It lends a perfect perspective to the learning process here at Lifestyles Unlimited®.

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(July 12, 2016) Tell Del Tuesday “Outta The Grind & Never Goin’ Back” – Featuring LU Member Casey R.

Follow Del and Casey on this podcast as Casey explains how he used Lifestyles Unlimited® to become financially free at 31 years of age!

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(July 11, 2016) 401k’s & “Best Product, Best Price”

In today’s podcast, the two topics that Del touches on are 401k’s and the “best product, best price” rental real estate model.

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(July 08, 2016) Education is Key

Del emphasizes the importance of getting educated in real estate investing, before jeopardizing your own time and money.

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(July 07, 2016) The 401k & IRA Reality – Featuring 2-Day Presenter David Fisher

Del Walmsley and David Fisher discuss the ineffectiveness of conventional retirement plans and the swiftness of obtaining financial freedom through real estate investing.

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(July 06, 2016) The True Meaning of Retirement

Del discusses the true meaning of retirement by emphasizing passive streams of income.

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(July 05, 2016) Del’s 3 Rules of Investing

On today’s show, Del shares the 3 most important rules that have successfully guided his real estate investment practices for over 25 years.

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