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(December 12, 2016) Read The Market, Don’t Bully It, Lifestyles Discovery Goes Live & The Multifamily Masters Tour

Del has a fire under him today as he rattles off traps that come from believing oneself to be impervious to the nuanced market fluctuations happening now. From rising interest rates to adjustable rate mortgages, from poorly timed/uninformed acquisitions to the strength of the dollar influencing foreign investment, and from the physical occupancy/economic occupancy spread to new potential property taxation processes, this is a market better read than bullied. Next, get the inside look at our new national comparative market analysis software for single family, Lifestyles Discovery, and our annual multi-property bus tour, The Multifamily Masters Tour!

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(December 09, 2016) A Larger Life That Is Yours For The Taking

In books, magazines, movies, conversations, news outlets, and even our schools and homes, the path of the modern man or woman can be seen plain as day: go to school, get a job, invest in stocks, IRA’s & 401k’s, and retire at an age where work and a flourishing life are no longer an option. Well, on Today’s LU podcast, Del Walmsley is here to tell you what is an option – a different map, a different path and a larger life that is yours for the taking.

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(December 08, 2016) The Carrot & The Stick – Featuring LU Mentor Curtis Haines

Powerful concepts are at play during this podcast with Houston Multifamily Mentor, Curtis Haines. From the investment motivators of different generations to using the tools of one percenters to create financial legacies, this show is all about the carrots (rewards) and the sticks (consequences) leading people towards real estate investment. This is your front row seat to the triggers of an evolving investment landscape.

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(December 07, 2016) Buying Back Your Time – Featuring Special Host David Fisher, LU Mentor Kim McLean & LU Member Chris

You can feel it in your heart that this is a world that 2-Day Financial Freedom Presenter, David Fisher, wants you to be a part of – the world of real estate investing. But, why is it so important that you come along for the ride? Today, this all star group explores the benefits of buying back their time, with each person contributing a life experience that would have been inextricably different without passive income.

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(December 06, 2016) Tell Del Tuesday “Retirement Security” – Featuring Special Host David Fisher & LU Member Rui

You’ve heard of job security before. Well, this story magnifies that concept to the nth degree. To put it dramatically, Rui did not immigrate to this country, get a degree in engineering, attend graduate school and spend years in the field of engineering and consulting just to have his family’s nest egg gutted by a recession. So, he listened to what Del had to say on the radio and he secured his retirement.

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(December 05, 2016) The Power of Dissatisfaction & Why Del Is Thankful For Real Estate Investing

Del is thankful for everything come Thanksgiving, even the ability to be dissatisfied. So, with many going into their holidays feeling pressed to be happy about everything, Del has a fuller holiday message to deliver. Don’t repress or suppress natural dissatisfaction. If used correctly, this could be your most powerful tool for change this holiday season. Following this, Del lays out many reasons he is thankful for real estate investing.

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(December 02, 2016) Conditioned To The Job

On this show, Del explains the many ways in which we are tied to our jobs, even to the extent that they have changed the nature of how we identify ourselves. Pushing beyond these individual predispositions, he covers how work culture has influenced our entertainment. Finally, to close the show, Del briefly goes over a forecast for real estate investing in a world of higher interest rates.

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(December 01, 2016) The Evolution of JB “Data” Durham, A Year of Massive LU Growth & Women Who Take Nothing But The Driver’s Seat – Featuring LU Mentor JB Durham

First we get a rare delight to compare and contrast the many realms in which National Multifamily Mentor, JB Durham, has worked in the real estate field. Then, Del prompts JB to do a recap of 2016 while forecasting some major events in 2017. Lastly, we talk about how women have defined our company for 26 years and how they’ve made it all the stronger with their leadership.

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(November 30, 2016) The Wrong Destinations In Life & The Wrong Map To Get There

Is success with the wrong map truly success? Sometimes we drive ourselves so hard at a problem that we fail to take a step back to evaluate our plan to solve it. The result is a flawed destination procured from a flawed map, which produces a flawed outlook on life. It’s a vicious cycle which has one of Del’s listeners firmly in its grasp. Del’s job is to get him out while there’s still time.

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(November 29, 2016) Tell Del Tuesday “Making The Right Moves” – Featuring LU Member Zach

Zach is a modern nomad who has moved six times in six years clear across the country all in the name of opportunity and the churning tides of oil & gas. But, by move five he and his family had found their dream home in Houston. So, how would the family reconcile? By doing what they had always done – making the right move.

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