Real Estate Investing Links for September 23, 2009

This article by the Bawld Guy addresses one of the biggest dilemma’s new investors face- When should I move equity from a current project to one that will improve my net worth? The Bawld Guy points out several market factors that will help you determine when it’s time to make your next move.

The Real Estate Foundation has put out an article entitled A Great Tax Shelter; a quick reminder of some of the tax perks involved in real estate investing. By deducting everything from operating expenses to “depreciation,” it explains why your taxable income will be minimal if anything.

Sean Terry of the Deal Makers Blog offers insight on how to determine the value of a multifamily property. Checkout his oppurtunity evaluator using different inputs that will tell you if you’re looking at a good deal. He also lightly covers the difference in loan qualifications between a less than four, and greater than four unit building.

Avoid predatory lending by reading between the lines and brushing up on clues you are being taken advantage of. Provided by Investor Lounge, this account of unfair loan practices warns you against risky or unregulated loans.

David Lindahl of the REI Club gives us a quick list of advantages to investing in multifamily. Apart from less risk and greater cash flow, employing a property manager will make your job even easier and free up time for more deals!

This article from the Millionaire Blog touches on a topic that has been addressed in one of our recent polls and multiple times on Steve’s radio show- fear. Bruce W. Ford breaks it down, explaining how to turn fear into knowledge into money.

Why invest in San Antonio? SA Real Estate Investing cites growing job oppurtunities and military installations as reasons to take advantage of the growing market.

If you’re an owner of multifamily housing be sure to check out page 54 of this pdf from AAA Magazine for new legislative changes that will affect your apartment complexes!

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