Real People, Real Results

Vern & Rosemary – August 2020

Vern bought his very first house and a 9-Plex at the age of 21 while living in Alaska. Now he lives in Hawaii but invests in Arizona!

As a long-time listener of Del’s radio show, he was finally able to attend our 2-Day Seminar in 2019 and joined Lifestyles Unlimited to follow the best road map to Financial Freedom.

Vern and Rosemary love to travel and go on two cruises each year. They are planning to buy a few more Single Family houses this year working towards purchasing a Multifamily community as Independent Rental Owners!

Kim & Marc – August 2020

Kim and Marc had zero prior exposure to real estate before attending the 2-Day Seminar in 2015, to take a more active role building wealth effectively to ensure they could retire at an earlier age.

Having passive ‘mailbox money’ coming in every month has provided them with a level of comfort that if something catastrophic happens – they have that cash to tap into.

In addition to the 3 Single Family Homes in their portfolio, they passively invest in 2 Multifamily Communities and are both aiming to Retire with Real Estate in the next 3-4 years.

Bob & Diane, Janine & Andre – August 2020

Bob and Diane were sick of scrimping and saving stuck in the rat race and needed to create a cash flow to retire comfortably. After joining Lifestyles Unlimited in 2013, they both Retired with Real Estate 1 year later!

Janine and Andre joined in 2015, were both retired by 2018, and are Partners in their management company TEXcel Properties.

Together they are passive investors in 18 Multifamily Communities, and Bob and Diane are Lead Investors in 3 MF Deals.

Since joining Lifestyles Unlimited, their entire family is Real Estate Retired and are enjoying their Financial Freedom by spending time with loved ones, traveling, and concentrating on what’s most important to them.

Isaac & Carolina – August 2020

Isaac and Carolina were looking for ways to create streams of passive income to reclaim their time, and through Lifestyles Unlimited have both retired from Corporate America!

Since 2016, they have bought 11 Single Family homes in the Houston, TX area and successfully self-manage them from Miami, Florida; generating over $4,000 Cash Flow each month!

They are continuing to buy Single Family properties to leverage a strong portfolio into a down payment on a Multifamily Community which they intend to purchase as Independent Rental Owners after completing the certification.

Gavin & Lindsey – August 2020

Searching for effective investment strategies outside of the stock market, Gavin and Lindsey were always curious about Real Estate but had no prior experience when they joined Lifestyles Unlimited.

Two years later, they have acquired 4 Single Family homes including the property featured in this photo which has a Cash-on-Cash Return of 530% and “are not worried anymore about saving for our kids college!”

They plan to buy 3 more Single Family Homes this year as they build a Single Family Portfolio with 10-15 properties, before investing in Multifamily Communities.

Claude & Martha – August 2020

When a co-worker invited Claude and Martha to a Lifestyles Unlimited Case Study, their eyes were opened to the possibilities of investing in Multifamily economies of scale. They purchased the Multifamily Community featured in this photo in 2018 for $1M, and is now worth $2.1M!

Martha has now completely changed careers to being a Multifamily Property Manager, and they are working towards retiring Claude with an additional 60-100 units.

Their short-term goal is to get their daughter started with a Single Family investment, and long-term continue to build their wealth through Multifamily deals, travel more, and actively influence their community in positive ways every day.

Justin & Nickey – July 2020

Justin and Nickey joined 3 of their friends as members of Lifestyles Unlimited to buy back their time and reduce their dependency on employers and unstable stock returns.

The property featured in this photo added $425 to their monthly Cash Flow and $61,025 in Captured Equity! Through their Single Family investments, they have created a stream of passive income equalling $1,773 per month, giving themselves an annual raise of $21,276 in Mailbox Money!

They will continue buying more Single Family homes and passively investing in Multifamily communities on their way to becoming IROs and complete Financial Freedom!

Doug & Jennifer – July 2020

Doug and Jennifer joined Lifestyles Unlimited in 2014 after their financial advisor failed to provide results. Jennifer is now Real Estate Retired and a full-time Stay at Home Mom and Doug reduced his hours practicing Dentistry 2 days a week!

They own 7 Single Family homes with average Cash on Cash Returns of 38%, are the Lead Investors in 1 Multifamily community in Texas, and are IROs for 2 Multifamily communities in Kentucky!

Recently they were able to tour the Coast of Italy together as a family and traveled to the Amazon to provide dental care to locals. They are teaching their daughters how to effectively invest in real estate, and are Giving Back by volunteering with Young Life Youth.

Cornell & Vivian – July 2020

Cornell, a retired Engineer at Ford Motor Co, and Vivian, an Interior Decorator and Computer Programmer, moved to Texas in 2007 with a small portfolio of properties and wanted to tap into the DFW Multifamily market and supplement their retirement with real estate income.

This featured 103 Unit Multifamily community was purchased in 2019 for $6.8M and is currently worth $8.5M!

Through Lifestyles Unlimited, they have increased their net worth by 5X and have the Financial Freedom and time to travel with their kids and grandkids, Giveback to their community and church, and use real estate as a catalyst to improve the living conditions of residents in surrounding neighborhoods.

Brian & Jennie – July 2020

Brian, a Commercial Electrician, and Jennie, a full-time mom and Real Estate Professional, joined Lifestyles Unlimited in 2018 after realizing their return on net worth was extremely low.

Living in California, they leveraged the education, technology, and community at Lifestyles Unlimited and now say “I have not worked overtime in over two years!”

What’s Next? Brian and Jennie will continue investing towards their long term goal of buying a Multifamily Community as IROs.

Robert & Sylvia – July 2020

Sylvia works in the medical industry and Robert is in IT. Seeking ways to supplement and replenish their retirement funds, they joined Lifestyles Unlimited in 2019 and have already bought 5 Single Family houses!

“In addition to building our confidence with the acquisition of each rental property, it’s turning out to be a very pleasing contributing factor towards us achieving financial freedom and living the lifestyle we choose.”

John & LiliiaJuly 2020

John has a background in Quantitative Business Analysis with Wall Street training. He was well versed investing in diversified real estate properties but wanted to upgrade his personal well-being and achieve more of his goals through larger apartment communities, so he joined Lifestyles Unlimited in 2016.

Liliia was an Accounting and Auditing Professional who worked in Banking and Multifamily. She completed the Multifamily Lead Certification earlier this year!

They now have 10 Multifamily Communities equaling over $100 Million in Assets. Through Lifestyles Unlimited they were able to elevate their business, but it also enhanced their life!

Dale & SharonJune 2020

Dale is a Fleet Coordinator and Sharon is a School Coordinator. They joined Lifestyles Unlimited in May of 2019 after hearing Del Walmsley on the radio and have already added 3 Single Family homes to their portfolio!

The Single Family home pictured here has a monthly Cash Flow of $350 and a Cash-on-Cash Return of 23%.

While their long-term goal is retirement, they are already enjoying more free time and less stress in their lives, and say “anyone can do this!”

Mike & SarahJune 2020

Mike and Sarah found Lifestyles Unlimited in 2015 after doing a Google search for “Real Estate Mentor.” They worked in software and landscape architecture and had no previous experience in real estate.

Today they own 4 Single Family homes and 1 Four Plex that generate a total monthly cash flow of $2,970 with $325,000 in equity!

They will continue to build Cash Flow through Single Family homes to fund Multifamily passive investments. Their ultimate goal is to own multifamily communities as Independent Rental Owners.

Shawn & HeatherJune 2020

Shawn, Air Force Veteran, and Heather, Marketing Executivejoined Lifestyles Unlimited in 2008 to learn how to purchase appreciating assets that would allow them to stop depending on their W-2 income, give them control and confidence in their family’s investment goals, and allow them to invest in and improve their local community.

They began by building a portfolio with 16 Single Family homes, eventually selling to pursue economies of scale. Today, they are Lead Investors™ in 5 Multifamily Communities, totaling 534 doors and have won multiple Houston Apartment Association awards!

When asked how Lifestyles Unlimited changed their lives they said: It allowed us both to retire from Corporate America, which has, in turn, allowed us to add value to people’s lives every day.”

David – June 2020

David has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Postdoc in Molecular Biology and started investing in real estate through Lifestyles Unlimited to eliminate his daily exposures to harmful chemicals and exit the volatile Oil and Gas industry.  

This featured property has a monthly Cash Flow of $412 and Equity Capture of $22,967!  

His short-term goal is to buy 5 more houses and his long-term goal is to use real estate to pay for his children’s college tuition, and completely replace his W2 income so he can retire early.

David and Leslie – June 2020

After 30 years of working as career professionals, David as a High Tech Engineering Executive managing multi-million-dollar projects, and Leslie as a Family and Child Therapistthey had given up hope on reaching retirement through traditional methods. Knowing they needed an effective way to generate multiple streams of income, they joined Lifestyles Unlimited in 2009, and through the education, mentoring, and community were able to retire from Corporate America in 2014!

This featured property was purchased in 2017 for $32 Million and is currently worth $46 Million with projected Cash on Cash Returns of 58% and Equity Capture of $175% in the third year!

David and Leslie have won multiple Apartment Association Rental Owner of the Year awards since 2011. To date, they have purchased 24 properties totaling 6,833 units and have a portfolio valued at $720 Million.  

They continue investing moving towards their ultimate goal of creating a $1B Portfolio while enjoying more time with their loved ones, on their boat, and giving back to their community through their initiative. #shippygivesback 

Brian and Shannon – June 2020

Brian is an IT Security Professional and Shannon is a Business Software Consultant and Trainer.  They were long time radio listeners who joined Lifestyles Unlimited after Brian’s brother and sister-in-law became members and saw their success

This featured Single Family property has a Cash on Cash Return of 150% with an incredible Equity Capture of $63,976! 

In the immediate future, they will continue buying Single Family homes to later leverage and redeploy into Multifamily Communities, which they intend to purchase as Independent Rental Owners.  

Gerard – May 2020

Gerard was “tired of speculative investments in the stock market.” He also wanted to replace his earned income, build an investor network, and increase his return on net worth. Could you imagine bringing these goals to a financial planner? Fortunately, he didn’t. He brought them to Lifestyles Unlimited and we tailored a plan for him.

Part of that plan included buying a 16-unit apartment community as an Independent Rental Owner. The numbers for this project are staggering! His cash-on-cash return is 13.6% and could swell to 30% by year three. He also stands to increase the value of his investment by $593k in that three-year timeframe, a feat which carries immense implications for his total return!

Perren & Malarie – May 2020

Membership gives Perren and Malarie “a sense of ownership and additional income in the midst of economic uncertainty.” (Perren & Malarie) Not to mention, they can work as much or as little as they want on their investing goals.

This couple has already covered 40% of their household expenses – they have a plan that fits their lives, not one they have to bend their lives to fit.

They have three single family properties and one passive multifamily investment. The investment you’ll learn about is a single family home producing $514/month in cash flow at a 19.2% cash-on-cash return (return on capital gain is 90%)!

Kevin – May 2020

Kevin joined Lifestyles Unlimited because we had a “complete toolbox and [a] roadmap that made sense.”

He also wanted to make his day job optional. We’re happy to help him with this goal!

Currently, Kevin owns 7 single family homes with just over $3k in monthly cash flow.

He’s also invested in two multifamily apartment communities as a Passive investor.

Adrian – April 2020

Adrian is like many who join with single family portfolios; he wanted to learn more about and invest in multifamily property to scale his investing. 

Since joining in 2018, he’s checked that box becoming a Passive multifamily investor. But, now we’d like to turn your attention to the returns of one of his single family homes purchased as a member.  

This investment has great cash flow and produces a 33% cash on cash return for Adrian.

Kevin – April 2020

What Kevin loves most about real estate investing, apart from an 8% cash on cash return (which will likely swell to over 10% in his third year of ownership), and a projected 56% return by year three in addition to cash flow, is another way to retire. 

Most notably for Kevin in his multifamily projects so far, which include this 62-unit Lead property (above) and 568 units of Passive multifamily real estate, is that these investment are a “superior plan than [his] 401(k)” and create “a new exciting adventure for [his] wife, daughter and [himself] to work on together.” 

Remember, living your legacy is the key, not just leaving it behind.

Christiane – April 2020

“It has been only a couple of months since my first deal happened, but I already can tell if I keep taking action as I did with the last property, it is going to help me retire young.” (Christiane) 

And when taking action looks like this – 125% return on capital gain and a 25% cash on cash return from her first deal – you can understand why.

See the cash flow from this house as well with the graphic above.

James – April 2020

James became a member to start investing in real estate because he had just sold his business and wanted to deploy that capital. 

Since joining, he’s purchased two properties, one of which is a multifamily Lead investment that is poised to return over 100%! 

Get a better look at this 24 unit property, originally built in 1985, with the graphic above.

John & Kathy – April 2020

John and Kathy wasted no time at all after becoming members. They acquired their first single family property within the first two months of joining, and now they have four single family properties in their portfolio at $1,826 in combined monthly cash flow. 

So much has changed for them in that time too. 

They travel more, their kids have been able to do more extracurricular activities, John participated in rides with our Lifestyles Unlimited bike team, and Kathy helped lead multiple panel discussions at our annual Wealth & Passive Income Expo! 

They eventually want to move into multifamily investing and retire John.

Dean & Bonnie – April 2020

Dean liked the idea of investing in something tangible. He also appreciated the fact that some of his coworkers were already successful members of Lifestyles Unlimited

Until this point, Dean had only “[moved] dollars around between funds in [his] 401k.” (Dean) It was time to set his money free! 

Now, as members, he and Bonnie have two single family homes at a total monthly cash flow of $657! Also, there is a key difference in the way he sees his future. “[I have] less apprehension about future income.” 

Dean now knows what many members do: it’s not about securing a pile of money for your future, but a stream of income.

Check out the returns for one of their two single family homes above. Not to mention, those before/after shots!

Jeff – April 2020

Jeff joined Lifestyles Unlimited while working on the far side of the globe in China. 

A few different important factors led to this decision. He was in a difficult job situation and he wanted another way to make income other than his W-2

He also thought passive income from real estate could help him live a full life. This included seeing more of his family. In this way, Jeff began with the end in mind. 

It’s no wonder then that he now stands at 23 single family homes, 1,200 units of Passive multifamily investment, and a 20 unit Independent Rental Owner property. The 20-unit alone is at a 15.6% cash on cash return for 2019-2020 and is poised for a total return of 262% two years into the project.  

Dan & Cherrie – April 2020

An important thing to note about Dan and Cherrie’s story is that even during this pandemic, the real estate investing world turns. 

They just purchased a single family rental property this month taking their single family portfolio to three homes. And this whole portfolio is just their activity since November!

They currently have $700/month from two of those homes already coming in! Never underestimate the power of the Lifestyles Unlimited investment model.

Steve – April 2020

If you listen closely, you can hear the trumpets sounding for Steve who retired after starting with just $13k to invest. 

Steve soon more than exceeded his salary as a Bassist in the San Antonio Symphony (making over $40k per year in cash flow) and now is rallying more musicians to his cause!

Kevin & Laurie – March 2020

Kevin and Laurie are a double threat!

First, they wowed the crowd at the 2019 Dallas Multifamily Masters Tour with a studded B class apartment community that popped and operated like an A class. 

That same year, they also won Independent Rental Owner of the Year from the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas. 

View the success of one of their multifamily Lead investments above.

Justin & Lisa – March 2020

Justin and Lisa believe that buy-and-hold real estate investing gives them a “tangible sense of progress every month.” (Justin) 

This couple is one of many who come through our doors looking to beat the benchmark of retirement in mid to late 60s, and their investing is in line to help them do that: 5 multifamily investments as Passives, one single family home, and ambitions to IRO or Lead invest in the near future! 

Check out the returns from their single family investment above!

Sara & MV – March 2020

We cannot stress it enough, not only can you buy investment property during the holidays, you can make great returns doing so! 

Sara and MV joined in October 2019 and bought their first single family by Thanksgiving for a 13% cash on cash return! So, they got this property within a month of joining. 

Contrast this with the two single family homes they purchased prior to membership with almost no cash flow. This year they plan to sell one of those underperforming homes and buy 2 or 3 the Lifestyles Unlimited way.

Adam – March 2020

Adam had tremendous success with his 40 unit independent rental owner investment (featured above). 

First, between a refinance and cash flow, he’s already returned 102% of his original investment. Not to mention, he’s still cash flowing! So, his 11.75% cash on cash return is really an infinite rate of return at this point. 

Pretty neat to think about considering Adam joined to replace his lost salary. What are your financial targets for your investments? Find the inspiration to get there with Adam’s story.

Hal & Marie – March 2020

Hal doubled his monthly cash flow since joining, now bringing in $3,224/month from his real estate investments! He also used a 1031 exchange to avoid $135-$150k in taxes!!! 

And he did it all remotely from his home in Chicago! That’s not all either, Hal hopes to retire next year!

Diane & Anthony – March 2020

Diane and Anthony spent a while wondering how they might be able to best utilize their skills to invest and retire comfortably; Diane is a CPA and Anthony spent his career in commercial construction. 

Well, after listening to Del on the radio, they wondered no more and put those skills to work smarter, not harder. With $3,100/month in cash flow coming from their 7 single family rentals and 3 Passive multifamily investments, they now see a retirement in line with their original vision. 

Plus, their children are getting involved too and joined them at our 2020 Expo!

Jason – March 2020

Jason joined specifically to learn how to invest in apartments, and as a member, he’s gained a windfall of experience in that. 

Some of the highlights of his portfolio are 20 multifamily passive investments and a 77 unit Lead investment, which is shown above.

Mike – March 2020

Mike had no real estate investing experience prior to joining, and yet he purchased 13 single family properties within 2 years and 8 months of joining, in addition to a 10 unit multifamily property, a portfolio which produces almost $80k/year! 

Mike went from searching for a retirement game plan to never having to worry about money again.

Celester & Dontriah – March 2020

How much more picture perfect could this be? Celester just so happened to work from home, which he doesn’t usually do, and watched a show he doesn’t normally watch, San Antonio Living, to see EXACTLY what he and Dontriah wanted to learn about. 

He saw San Antonio real estate investors learning how to invest at a local San Antonio workshop! 

Now, Celester and Dontriah have a single family home of their own (shown above) and they’re the ones teaching other San Antonio natives how to invest.

Mark – February 2020

Mark was feeling burned out with his landscape business and wanted to replace his earned income with passive income. So, he followed his neighbor, Craig, to a Lifestyles Unlimited event. 

But, what struck him most when he came by was that we didn’t pull his arm to join. “Mark, I am not begging you to join – you decide” said 2-Day Financial Freedom Educator, David Fisher. 

The choice was all his. Emboldened by owning this decision, he joined and it meant all the more for his membership. In doing so, Mark chose $571/month in cash flow from two single family homes. He chose the life of passive income.

One of his investments is featured above.

Derek & Carrie – February 2020

Derek and Carrie joined Lifestyles Unlimited for the “resources and networking” (Derek & Carrie). What they also found after joining was “a great way to put [their] money to work that does not hold the same risk as the [stock] market.” 

Even more impactful than this though was something else that happened along the way – their children started watching: “it has also broadened our older children’s awareness to the opportunities that are possible with this type of investing.” 

Now for the cherry on top: $1,242/month from three single family homes.

Robert & Amber – February 2020

Robert puts his pursuit of financial freedom in no uncertain terms: “passive income vs. death drawl” he says. 

Originally, when frustrating changes occurred at Robert’s job, he considered quitting and completely changing his line of work. Instead, he honed in on an episode of our radio show which spoke of a different solution to a sudden job loss – investing in real estate! 

This began his and Amber’s pursuit of a substantial multifamily portfolio, and to this date, they’ve invested as passive investors in 20 apartments (at 2,500 units) and acquired two properties as Leads! One of his Lead multifamily properties is shown above.

Peter – February 2020

Peter fully replaced the income from his 13 clinic audiology practice as a member of Lifestyles Unlimited. As soon as he retired, he happily remarked that he’d “lost 40 pounds.” 

When asked if he had anything to add since then, he claimed “I gained 10 of them back.” That, and 8 passive multifamily investments along with a 79 unit apartment community as a Lead multifamily investor! This is on top of a 36 unit Independent Rental Owner property (now sold for a 199% return).

Anthony & Liesel – February 2020

Anthony is a Contractor and Liesel is a Small Business Consultant. Anthony works 16 hour work days and no longer wants to. They were real estate investors prior to becoming members, but now they want their real estate to help them retire. That’s where we come in.  

Part of meeting this goal is upping their game to do a refinance of their single family property/properties and purchasing multifamily apartments. 

That work is happening for them as members as we speak. But, in that time, they haven’t stayed on the sidelines. Check out the single family they did as members above!

Moe & Sarah – February 2020

These days, notions or work and retirement are going through substantial change. For example, Moe has a high paying job as an Ophthalmologist, a respectable, secure position. 

But, this is the way he sees that financial situation: “[I want] to become financially free through passive streams of income and not have to depend financially on my profession.” 

So, he and Sarah pursued an “engaging environment” where they could reach this goal and more. Part of that mission has been securing this single family rental home, which returned 20.9% cash on cash and a 51.1% return on capital gain.

Amrit & TK – February 2020

“Joining Lifestyles Unlimited was a game-changer, had no real estate experience before…” (Amrit & TK) 

A big part of Lifestyles Unlimited membership and real estate investing for Amrit and TK has to do with mitigating the uncertainties of tech – the industry they both work in… also, getting more of their time back from it (they work 75 hr. weeks!). 

For the first time, Lifestyles Unlimited is showing Amrit and TK a world “beyond tech.” (Amrit & TK) 

So far, this world is taking shape with a 68-unit Lead multifamily investment shown above!

Keith & Nicole – February 2020

Keith heard about us on the radio and knew someone who became a member, replaced his salary, and retired. Because of that and other reasons, he and Nicole knew joining was a “no-brainer.” (Nicole) 

And even though Nicole was already retired by the time they found out about Lifestyles Unlimited, she realized the importance of this investment vehicle to retire Keith. Both having invested in real estate separately before, as it turns out, the start of their Lifestyles Unlimited membership marked the beginning of their investing as a team. 

They acquired 4 single family homes in three months as members!

Steve & Julia – February 2020

Steve and Julia told us they’d had ambitions for real estate investing for “a long while.” 

So, we realized there was no time to waste. They joined in November, closed on their first single family property on December 31st, and got their first rent check on January 1st!

Their first rental property is featured above.

James & Kimberly – January 2020

James and Kimberly do not want to work into their late 60s. That goal became more realized with the purchase of a 28-unit apartment as Lead investors (their first Lead investment, featured above). 

And after an initial distribution of 11.7% to their investors, James and Kimberly are looking back at the impressive roadmap that got them there:

“we followed the LU teachings in how to buy a multifamily property. We are a perfect example of ‘follow the roadmap and it will work.’ We literally did everything we were told to do.” 

Now, they’re thinking of acquiring another multifamily in 2020 and retiring James in 18 months! 

Vidal & Tiffani – January 2020

“You get to see local people with normal jobs while owning real estate,” says Tiffani about Lifestyles Unlimited who, along with her husband Vidal, acquired their first rental home (above) last year. 

Tiffani says they’re doing all of this for their son, also noting that she plans to retire from her corporate job from their investment properties. They’re off to a great start with $580/month in cash flow and they say there will be a duplex, triplex or fourplex in their immediate future. 

Till then, more learning from like-minded San Antonio natives in our San Antonio office!

Joe & Yvonne – January 2020

Stories like Yvonne and Joe’s get at the core purpose of membership, to accomplish more in your first years of investing than most would do on their own. 

Out of the gates, Joe and Yvonne used hard money on a wholesale single family deal with a substantial rehab budget to start their investor roadmap. 

They also invested in a second house and became multifamily Passive investors in one apartment. This equates to $6,768/year in cash flow. Also, distributions from their multifamily deal have already begun flowing in!

Bill – January 2020

At the completion of his first multifamily deal, a 16-unit community, Bill knew exactly who to thank: the investors that put their faith in him and his mentor, Curtis Haines. 

In the 13 months of ownership (now sold), this property generated just over a 60% total cash on cash return, and ushered in a new chapter of Bill’s entrepreneurial life.

BJ & Jacqueline – January 2020

Some of you may already have forms of passive income. But, are they stable? BJ and Jacqueline “had passive income through online marketing efforts but [it wasn’t] stable.” (BJ) 

However, our radio show provided insight into a passive stream of income that would be. 

At first, Jacqueline needed some convincing to check us out, but soon the two joined and combined their teaching salaries to purchase four properties (one shown above) at $2,042 total monthly cash flow!

Jeff & Courtney – January 2020

What Jeff and Courtney read about in books came to life with Lifestyles Unlimited membership, and they say it’s because of the support Lifestyles Unlimited provides. 

The education and mentoring they received led to 12 single family homes (one featured above) at $2,500/month in cash flow and 1 passive multifamily investment. 

Here’s the best part though, they look back on their 4.5 yr. membership and believe they could have gone faster! 

It’s perhaps this spirit that is informing their new investor goals: purchasing their first Lead Investment, ownership of 1,000 units as Leads, and becoming Super Passives!

Charles & Betty – January 2020

Charles Ho may have just finished three years of incredible tenure as one of our Dallas Multifamily Mentors, but that doesn’t mean he’s not still turning heads with his investments. 

He and his investors just gained a 226% return to date from their 146 unit property, AND THEY STILL OWN IT!!! 

Charles and his wife Betty’s investor experience carries with it an impressive 6 multifamily acquisitions and 13 passive multifamily investments.

Thomas – January 2020

Lifestyles Unlimited is all about leveraging your time. Thomas was way ahead of the curve in this regard. 

Thomas’ job has him spending many hours on the road. So, he spent much of that time also learning from our radio show

As a result, he learned how to better manage the rental real estate he had and how to acquire more! Now, Thomas has an extra $13,536 per year with no extra delivery driving necessary.

Jordan & Candice – January 2020

Jordan also had rental property prior to membership. But, he “wanted mentorship and accountability for growing a real estate investment portfolio.” (Jordan) 

This underscores an important distinction in how our program guides members: investing in real estate is not the end goal of our membership, growing your investments and achieving financial freedom is.

Since April 2019, Jordan went from 3 single family homes to 6 single family homes (one featured above) and 3 Passive multifamily investments, and he thinks he can double his investments in 2020!

Mark – December 2019

Mark (far left) had no intention to reinvent the wheel when he found us. As he puts it, he “recognized [his] need for mentoring and [he] heard Del on the radio.” 

It’s with this mentoring that Mark is now taking on an ambitious value add play multifamily property for his first Lead investment. And his goals for the property? All the more ambitious! 

He intends to create a 100% return in year one (and subsequently, 149% by yr 2).

Mark’s best advice for multifamily members coming behind him is: “trust your numbers and take action.” 

Leland & Randie – December 2019

What would make two single family rental properties worth your time? How about a 21% cash on cash return (or $7,140/year)? How about a tax free cash-out refinance of $38k from one of them? 

That’s what Leland and Randie are experiencing two homes into Lifestyles Unlimited membership. 

Prior to membership, they purchased several single family homes following the play books of real estate gurus, but all they had to show from that was a negative net worth. But, all of that is in the rear view mirror now.

Remember always: “More is not better, better is better.” (CEO/Founder, Del Walmsley)

Jason & Kaelin – December 2019

Lifestyles Unlimited membership is about making the transition to real estate seamless no matter the circumstances. 

Jason and Kaelin joined after Jason was laid off, and with no prior real estate investing experience apart from buying a primary home. 

But, with just under a year of membership, they are generating $420/month in cash flow! That’s a 14% cash on cash return! 

Even more intriguing is that Jason and Kaelin strategically planned for the job loss, knowing they would shift Jason’s time to real estate afterwards.

Allan & Laurel – December 2019

It’s a tricky thing hearing the financial advice that if you only work longer and save more, you’ll reach financial freedom. But, that was essentially the message at Allan and Laurel’s meeting with their financial planner. 

In stark contrast to that was our radio show, which spoke of a map to financial freedom with real estate.

It was with that map that Allan and Laurel went from one experience renting a basement apartment when they were first married to owning an impressive real estate portfolio spanning the gamut of single family and multifamily investing.

Featured here is their first success in lead multifamily investing, an 11-unit property with a total return of 65.1% after just over a year of ownership. 

Pam – December 2019

Pam invested in real estate for a decade, but she didn’t know how to take it to the next level. That’s where we came in. 

With Lifestyles Unlimited, Pam got the boost she was looking for and began multifamily investing with a 12 unit and a 75-unit. 

Featured above is Pam’s 75-unit yield play, which already returned 48% of the original investment and still cash flows around 13%! 

Pam was able to leave her job as a result of her investing!

Chris & Karen – December 2019

Chris and Karen have eight single family homes from the 13 months they’ve been a member! That’s $3,745 per month in cash flow and almost $45k in captured equity!!! 

Chris found Lifestyles Unlimited by listening to the radio show.

He and Karen had no prior real estate investing experience. Now, they are two of our most proficient members at acquiring cash flowing single family rental properties.

Chris & Kelly – December 2019

“It’s hard not to get excited when you figure out you can retire 10 years earlier than you planned.” (Chris) 

Not to mention, Chris and Kelly enjoy buying the single family homes that push them toward financial freedom. It seems as much given that they purchased four of them in the span of seven months! That translates to $1,355 per month in cash flow! 

Oh, and for all of you who don’t think you can buy during the holidays, Chris and Kelly got their first rental home in December of last year. Tis’ the season to buy more real estate!

Tom & Heather – December 2019

So, one day Tom tuned into the radio to hear Dave Ramsey. Only this time, he heard Del Walmsley instead. 

In doing so, Lifestyles Unlimited gained star pupils in Tom and Heather, and they graduated from debt control to wealth building. 

How do we know they are star pupils? Allow us to draw your attention to their property above!

Frank & Cathy – December 2019

Frank and Cathy started with aspirations to flip properties due to their interest in a show called “Flip or Flop” on HGTV. 

But, upon meeting us, they soon found out that we don’t teach flipping or let our members flop for that matter. All the better. 

They started on the single family path and now they have a special thing they wouldn’t have had on HGTV: over $5k a month from 9 rental homes! Also, we’re pretty sure HGTV doesn’t cover apartments, of which Frank and Cathy own 7 as passive investors!

And yes, the graphic above correctly shows an infinite rate of return for one of Frank and Cathy’s single family homes! That’s the beauty of having zero cash out of pocket on an investment and still owning the income-producing asset. 

Alan & Melissa – December 2019

Alan joined in 2015, and four short years later, he broke the shackles of corporate America; and as far as this particular lead multifamily investment of his is concerned, obliterated is a better term. 

Cash on cash return for this apartment community was 12.5% with a return on original investment of 101% upon sale!!! Big congrats to him and Melissa on this solid performance!

Willis & Melissa – November 2019

Take a look at Willis and Melissa’s real estate investing timeline and you’ll notice one thing clearly, after joining, their investing took off! 

They bought three single family homes in a three month timeframe! They’re not done yet either. They plan to buy as many houses as they can in their first year of membership! Cheer them on!

Forest & Maia – November 2019

Forest and Maia are “self-employed, so the opportunity cost of taking time off work is too high.” (Forest) 

So, passive income from real estate investing is the ingenious tool to help them achieve their dream of quitting the day jobs and traveling the world. 

In their portfolio are three single family homes producing $1,040/month.

This is a game changer, but even more so is the education they receive from Lifestyles Unlimited: “I joined Lifestyles so I could learn to be a better landlord and attract better tenants, and to learn how to be more hands off, to ACTUALLY buy my time back.” (Forest)

Eric & Carol – November 2019

Eric and Carol 1031 exchanged two duplexes (deferring all capital gains taxes) into four single family homes and a 24-unit apartment community! 

They’ve even traveled to almost all of the continents across the globe while living the lifestyle as members. 

Not to mention, they’re poised to more than double their money from their 24-unit (featured above) in less than two years from now. They also doubled their net worth… Seriously, ALL OF THIS STARTED WITH TWO DUPLEXES!

Don – November 2019

One of Del Walmsley’s favorite self-employment sayings was a reality for Don: “it’s a ‘turnkey’ business… it doesn’t work unless you turn the key.” 

This description fit Don’s life squarely. He drove 30,000 miles a year to ensure his office cleaning business kept moving forward. But, this also meant Don had a significant chance of running into our nationally syndicated radio show on the road. 

“It connected all of the dots” said Don. The rest, as they say, is history. Don invested in thousands of multifamily units as a member, retired himself, and went on to serve as a Lifestyles Unlimited Mentor for many years.

Take a look at the numbers for a relatively recent acquisition of Don’s as a Lead multifamily investor.

Sangeetha & Balaji – November 2019

Sangeetha and Balaji owned several rental properties before joining this year, but they did not know how to grow. Lifestyles Unlimited was the refresher they needed. 

They wasted no time at all after joining. Sangeetha and Balaji quickly acquired four single family deals in four months (adding an extra $1,164/month in cash flow). 

They even 1031 exchanged one single family property into two TAX FREE, showing they’d mastered some of our highest level techniques. 

Let Sangeetha and Balaji be your spark to keep your single family portfolio growing! 

Justin & Nickey – November 2019

Don’t you hate it when your friends peer pressure you into making $11,400/year in passive income from real estate investing? 

For a while, Justin and Nickey’s friends told them about the returns they were getting from real estate as Lifestyles Unlimited members –  pretty much every time they got together. 

So, Justin and Nickey checked us out. Now, they have two single family homes paying out, you guessed it: $11,400/year in passive income! 

Now, they too have a great conversation starter when getting together with friends.

John – November 2019

So, what’s the bottom line for John? “I own multiple businesses, control my time, and don’t have to sacrifice family time.” (John) 

If there is anything we would add to this, it is how incredibly quickly he’s risen to this point. 

Just over two years into membership and he has invested in 4 multifamily properties as a lead (currently 3 properties now at 200 units). 

Featured above is his first lead investment, a 24-unit property that is one for the record books: 13.11% cash on cash return annualized and a 247% total return upon sale!

Hind & Aaron – November 2019

What’s something important Hind and Aaron want you to understand? Real estate investing elevates you beyond a job. 

“I got laid off and it didn’t bother me at all” says Hind. In fact, it gave her freedom and “changed [her] outlook when evaluating new job opportunities.” 

So, that raises the question; how hard is their passive income working for them to not even bat an eyelash at a job loss? This hard: 14 single family properties at approximately $6,500/month!!! This is soon to be $7,800/mont after renting a fourplex!

John – October 2019

John became a member because he’d been a real estate investor for 21 years investing in mostly single family properties and wanted to “graduate to large apartment communities.” (John) 

Specifically, he did not want to “reinvent the wheel…again.” The result was a lightning fast transition to multifamily investing, and a substantial one at that. 

In 2016 after joining, John’s multifamily real estate investments exploded! In the course of three years, he acquired eight apartment communities (1 Independent Rental Owner property & 7 Lead investments)!

Above is one of his Lead multifamily communities.

Robert – October 2019

“I’d done some previous fix and flip but didn’t buy into the buy/hold strategy until I finally started looking at real estate like a movie instead of a picture…David Fisher showed me the movie.” (Robert) 

That movie has a touching beginning too. Just when Robert was getting started with his now 3 single family homes (one shown above) as a member, he was sidelined in the hospital for 4 days and 6 weeks of recovery. 

“This event drove home the importance of passive income and having an organization behind me for support.” (Robert)

John & Kathy – October 2019

John and Kathy are invested in five single family rental homes averaging a 23% cash on cash return, and their lives are full of change. 

John took a lower paying job, the family enjoys more beach time together, and John even joined up with Lifestyles Unlimited for group bike rides. 

Barak & Alex – October 2019

Barak and Alex wanted to invest in real estate for over 10 years. After becoming members, they accomplished that goal in three months. 

2.5 years later, they owned over 30 passive multifamily investments. About a year after that, they became lead investors of a 68-unit apartment complex (featured above). 

Both Google executives, Barak and Alex are trying to bring some new social and digital marketing tricks to multifamily investing, but the final trick will be becoming completely financially independent from their high-income jobs, a prospect which is not too far away!

Peter (center) – October 2019

Peter’s message to people he meets is this: “finish your story the way it should be written.” 

Peter overcame much to be where he is today and hopes that real estate investing will be the catalyst for growth. We’re happy to say that this growth is steadily taking place! 

What began Peter’s real estate investing career prior to membership were two single family homes that tested him when the Great Recession hit. 

But, with Lifestyles Unlimited, Peter reinvigorated his efforts and now invests with none of those surprises. The result? He now has 5 single family deals (including the one above) and 5 multifamily passive investments.

Rick & Susan – October 2019

Rick and Susan joined Lifestyles Unlimited to continue their life-long real estate passion. So, imagine their joy of tapping into a network of over 40,000 like-minded investors who also have a life-long real estate passion! The 64-unit project above is their first Lead multifamily investment.

Michael & Julie – October 2019

Lifestyles Unlimited is where you start treating your real estate investing like a business and make decisions that reflect that. 

Michael & Julie didn’t have enough equity in their primary residence to refinance money out and buy their first rental, so they sold it. 

Yup, now they rent, but they were able to put money from the sale towards their first rental property. Now, they have an extra $4,560/yr they didn’t have before!

David – October 2019

David is a Passive Investor in 3 multifamily deals and plans to steadily purchase single family investments into the near future. 

Take a glimpse of his first single family property ($419/month in cash flow) to begin that effort, which took only 1 day to rehab. Yup, his first showing was the day after he closed!

Scott & Todd – October 2019

What Scott and Todd say again and again is to be patient, stick to the game plan, ask a lot of questions, follow the Bridge education, and listen to the Mentors/Lifestyles Real Estate Agents. 

That’s how they used Lifestyles Unlimited to go from taking an interest in real estate investing to making it a reality. 

Now, they have 2 houses with a third one on the way (one featured above)! Moreover, they love how the process of looking at houses and evaluating properties allows them to spend more time together. 

Remember, real estate is a team sport!

Jim & Lisa – October 2019

Jim has no retirement savings. But let him tell you why that’s not a problem. 

“Once I reach my passive income goal, I am out of the daycare business and retiring.” (Jim) It’s as simple as that. 

Also, talk about getting off to one heck of a start with two single family homes right out of the gate! One of those homes is featured above.

Chris & Lori – October 2019

“The 2-Day [Financial Freedom Seminar] changed my life and complete outlook” says Chris. 

Since joining, he and Lori purchased 3 single family properties, are passive multifamily investors in 3 deals and are lead investors of 3 more. 

Above, you’ll see their first lead investment, which began paying out distributions ahead of schedule earlier this year and is on pace to pay out 7% as projected by the end of year one!

Prati & Pradeep – September 2019

Prati and Pradeep joined Lifestyles Unlimited in 2011. A year later, Pradeep retired. Five years after that, so did Prati. 

Both professionals in the working world in high-tech engineering and psychiatry, they required large multifamily properties to make their financial freedom possible, and that’s exactly what they got! 

So far, they’ve invested in 5 multifamily properties as leads and 43 as passives. One of their lead investments is featured above.

What’s their message for you? Don’t forget to buy in tertiary markets where you can find the right price and a desirable location.

Robert & Sylvia – September 2019

How did Sylvia hear about Lifestyles Unlimited? She saw a fellow San Antonio native on San Antonio television talking about investing in San Antonio. 

Now, she and Robert have two San Antonio single family rental homes of their own with no prior investing experience (over $600/month in cash flow)! One of them is featured above.

Live where you want, invest where you want. 

Benji – September 2019

Ask Benji how buy and hold real estate investing is changing his life and he’ll tell you “it’s fun having cash flow, principal pay down, appreciation and tax advantages.” 

This means there’s a whole lot more going on for Benji than just the $60k/year he’s making in annual cash flow from his six properties (9 doors), which more than covers what he took home before retiring in 2017 from his investing. There’s also about $483k in net equity in all of his rentals combined. Why stop there? The growth of his portfolio is also picking up speed and he could be looking at $1M in net worth in a couple years. 

He’s also considering the dream job, perhaps a CIO position. Guess what looks good for that role? Business management. Guess who created his own businesses for real estate investing? Yup. Benji.

Sondria – September 2019

Sondria was already retired from her job with Deloitte when she stumbled upon Lifestyles Unlimited. 

However, even though she was retired, she didn’t balk at something that could help fund it. Plus, her work background kind of made her a shoo-in for multifamily real estate. 

Such was the case that she began independent rental ownership of this 61-unit multifamily investment. This property was originally a school in the 30s and retains much of that look and vibe today (she even kept school signage over the main entry).

Mark & Ruth – September 2019

Prior to Lifestyles Unlimited, Mark and Ruth got into rental real estate like many; they tried to turn a home into a rental shortly after getting married and quickly got rid of it after things started going downhill. 

Membership was the spark they needed to get back on track: 3 rental houses acquired in 2018, 3 in 2019, and a Passive multifamily investment in the Spring of 2019!

Wayne & Kara – September 2019

It made sense to Wayne and Kara in the 2-Day Financial Freedom Seminar that “the corporate ladder was not going to be the way to ultimate freedom.” (Kara) 

As it turns out, they dabbled in real estate before joining. In fact, they went the DIY route…with three kids. First, more power to them! Their heads were in the right place, but their time was no longer theirs. Not to mention, the house eventually had to go. 

But, their investor education gave them the validation that their efforts were not misplaced, just misapplied. 

They acquired 9 single family properties in the first two years of membership (and 2 Passive multifamily deals) and have $3k per month in total cash flow!

Sean & Michelle – September 2019

There’s perhaps no better example than Sean and Michelle’s story when it comes to how the unexpected can shatter even the best tended nest egg. 

After an accident disabled Michelle, Sean ate through almost all of the retirement savings. 

With some money remaining, he bought a rental home, but the process was too expensive. Lifestyles Unlimited helped them cut down cash out of pocket. 

Now, Sean and Michelle have seven single family homes at $2,937/month in cash flow and $300k in captured equity.

A different type of retirement picture is forming, one backed by passive income.

Scott & Heidi – September 2019

The interesting thing about Scott’s story is that he had around 10 houses/duplexes before joining Lifestyles Unlimited. 

Yet, his membership experience still taught him many useful ideas, such as “‘best product, best price,’ and hard money lending.” (Scott) So, he’s taken that into his single family investing efforts, sizably increasing his single family portfolio!

But, another reason to join was to scale. Now, Scott stands at 16 passive multifamily investments as well!

All of this means more vacations with Heidi and the rest of their family, and perhaps cutting down on his 120 mile roundtrip work commute.

Robert – September 2019

Robert spent 35 years in property management as an executive managing as many as 100 properties and up to 26,000 units at one time. 

Yet, one of the boldest moves of his entire life was buying 438 units as an investor. 

This is the start of a much anticipated investor career and we couldn’t be happier to see it! Featured here is a Lead investment property of his that returned 140% in just two years!

Bob, Diane, Janine, & Andre – August 2019

Not only were Bob and Diane retired 15 months after joining, their daughter and son-in-law, Janine and Andre, retired as well, joining just two years after Bob and Diane. 

Not only have Bob and Diane purchased three multifamily deals as Leads and 14 deals as Passives, Janine and Andre have 19 as Passives. 

Not only are Bob and Diane making an average yearly cash on cash return of 10.7% with a 97% cash-out refinance from their current deal, later this year Janine and Andre plan to become Leads as well! 

Ladies and gentlemen, it would appear we have a healthy family competition going. Forget keeping up with the Joneses. This is the family you need to keep your eye on.

David & Terri – August 2019

What can happen in the span of four months as a Lifestyles Unlimited member? A lot apparently. 

In February, David and Terri became Passive Investors in a multifamily deal. In May, they closed on two single family deals two days apart

And consider this, there was a time when David believed retirement was “out of reach.” 

Now, however, David says his eyes are open to passive income and that “retirement is a possibility.”

Financial freedom is not only about the power to decide when you can stop working, it’s also about knowing the choice exists at all.

Richard & Sally – August 2019

Family life is in full swing for Richard and Sally. Kids are off to college and marriages are happening left and right! And behind it all are 10 cash flowing properties (7 single family, 2 multifamily, 1 commercial) supporting every moment of it. 

Richard is also a firm believer that if he can invest in real estate successfully, anyone can. What’s more is that he plans to one day have 20 homes in his portfolio. So folks, when he does that, there will be no more excuses left.

Glenn & D’Mon – August 2019

Glenn actually worked with an electrical contractor who did a finish out of our DFW office!

All that and we never got to give him the tour… until he tuned into the radio show later on. 

They now stand at four single family properties!

Ted & Trina – August 2019

Ted and Trina are knock out single family investors. They purchased four duplexes in 12 months. They purchased nine single family rentals in 23 months (currently they stand at 16 doors). 

But, if all of that stunned you, WAIT, THERE’S MORE! They plan on buying one duplex per quarter as a short term goal, and long term, they want to own 30 single family homes!!! 

This is rapid acquisition at its finest.

Alex & Sharon – August 2019

It has only been four years since Alex and Sharon joined. Since then, they’ve invested in 1,900 units of multifamily real estate (four Lead investments, eight Passive investments)

They are both retired as a result of their investing. The 71 unit featured here follows in suit with the rest of their portfolio, in that it is a feat of investing and community growth. 

Not only have Alex and Sharon doubled the NOI in their first 12 months of ownership, they provide school supplies to students and teachers in their school community. 

This is a fantastic representation of our philosophy: The Abundance Mentality.

Mike & Joyce – August 2019

We get it. Stepping away from conventional retirement savings accounts can be a difficult process. That is, until you realize the ground you stand on starts to give way. 

Mike and Joyce were in this very situation hesitantly contemplating the liquidation of their retirement savings to invest in real estate, but then something else happened.

The stock market plummeted in December 2018 creating reportedly one of the worst yearly stock index performances since the Great Recession. 

Mike and Joyce decided it was time to get serious about real estate. This deal reflects that goal: 141.3% return on capital gain and a 31.2%!

Gordon – August 2019

Loss of employment, it’s something we all understand, but it’s not something we all face. 

So, it can be hard to understand what goes through someone’s head when it happens. It could be how real estate caught your attention in your 20’s, but you never saw a clear path to it. For Gordon, that’s what was going through his mind. 

“Now or never,” he told himself at this major crossroad in his life. So, his 24.2% cash on cash return from his rental home featured here is more than an investing success, it’s a building block towards replacing his income.

Leandre – August 2019

Leandre wanted to scale his real estate investing efforts to reach higher goals and maximize his proficiency. So, this was the onus he placed on real estate investment education organizations he visited. 

Lifestyles Unlimited was the only to peak his interest and it was here that he learned “how to analyze and identify quality multi-family properties.” (Leandre) 

It made all the difference in the returns of his first Lead deal: a total return on the original investment of 180%. It also streamlined his multifamily goals: owning and operating 500 units of MF real estate, becoming a Super Passive and an Independent Rental Owner. 

This is the effect of a full-scale real estate investing education.

Steve – July 2019

If you listen closely, you can hear the trumpets sounding for Steve who retired after starting with just $13k to invest. 

Steve soon more than exceeded his salary as a Bassist in the San Antonio Symphony (making over $40k per year in cash flow) and now is rallying more in the musical industry to his cause!

See the returns from one of his latest deals above.

Jennifer & Ruth – July 2019

Please welcome Ruth, a music teacher, and her daughter, Jennifer, a San Antonio Symphonist.

Yes, you guessed it, these two found out about Lifestyles Unlimited from Steve (above), and now they’re forging their own path!

Currently, they stand at $1,480 in monthly cash flow from four single family investments!

Raj – July 2019

Raj’s story is especially great for anybody already involved in buy/hold investing, but perhaps not in multifamily residential. 

Prior to Lifestyles Unlimited, Raj already had many single family rentals and a commercial business using a buy/hold model. Having hit his scaling limitation with single family though, it was time for him to expand. But, expand to what vehicle? 

His answer came at the 2017 Expo and now he has one Lead multifamily investment and two Passive deals. 

Featured above is his first Lead investment, a 108 unit hybrid play in the ancillary market of Hondo, Texas, which produced a 6% return just two quarters in!

David & Beverly – July 2019

When David and Beverly came to Texas, the first big purchase they made was their house in Plano. 

But, when they eventually decided to move, the lender said they could keep the home because they’d lived in it for a year. So, they rented it! Light bulb! 

Cue stumbling across our radio show, which David was more than skeptical of. But, the message made sense, and later, so did the investment model. 

Now, they stand at four houses (over $252k in equity capture) with $1,332/month in cash flow (the 4th will soon bring an estimated $484/month to add to that total).

Jonathan & Amy – July 2019

Why spend time paying a 401k or IRA every month when you can invest in income-producing assets that pay for more income-producing assets? 

Let us specify. Jonathan and Amy have three rental houses right now flooding their savings with almost $1,345/month all in the name of…you guessed it…more rental properties! 

Also, as it turns out, the Lifestyles Unlimited model is so stable, they self-manage these Houston-based properties from DFW. Wow.

Supriya – July 2019

Supriya always had a passion for real estate investing, but it wasn’t until a life-changing event occurred that she took the action step to begin. 

What’s followed is a night/day rehab of a 1970s 53 unit apartment complex as her first lead venture! This property stunned a sold out Dallas Multifamily Masters Tour with its extensive interior and exterior rehab. 

On top of Supriya’s phenomenal returns, many at that event anticipated this level of work could take her all the way to the National Apartment Association award stage. Well, let us be the first to tell you, it has!!!

Dennis & Michelle – July 2019

The big eye opener for Dennis and Michelle was turning the dead equity in their house into just over $50k per year in cash flow. 

That’s after only two years folks… 

Not to mention, just in the next couple months, this portfolio will swell by two more Passive multifamily investments and another single family property. 

Do you have dead equity sitting in your home? It’s time to get it working for you.

Mia & Ned – July 2019

Here’s where the rubber meets the road: “I did not know that an average person with 0 knowledge and little money can buy houses.(Mia) 

Just think of how many other people out there have the power to buy a home, but don’t know they can. Moreover, Mia says that credit card usage has gone down as a result of investing: “now all I have are house loans that actually make me money.” But, making what kind of money, you might ask. 

Take this deal for example, which is producing a 28% cash on cash return!

Elizabeth – July 2019

Elizabeth is a triple threat! 

She has 13 single family homes, she’s invested as a Passive Investor in seven multifamily apartments, and now she’s taking on her first Lead Investment, and it’s smooth sailing ahead with this too (40% annualized cash on cash return)!

David & Leslie – June 2019

Let this sink in: David and Leslie purchased 28 properties (5,534 units) since joining and they replaced two six figure salaries. 

So, what’s left to do for a couple that’s literally done it all in real estate investing? A lot apparently. 

Allow us to introduce their latest 200-unit project, a mid-80s 2-property portfolio, which is projected to cash flow 8-10% and produce over a 200% return by year four.

“You can still double your money on solid yield properties” says David. This is professional-grade investing.  

Bill & Janna – June 2019

What does real estate investing need to be for you? 

For Janna and Bill, real estate was just a discussion topic, but then Janna lost her job of 12 years. Real estate needed to be a cushion – no – it needed to be a new way of life.

They purchased just four rental homes as members and now Janna doesn’t have to go back to work. She’s got a new passion: growing and managing the portfolio to retire Bill in three years. 

Eric – June 2019

Eric watched how easily a friend of his bought, rehabbed and profited from his first property as a Lifestyles Unlimited member. 

That was all he needed to see. 

He joined and picked up his first deal via an email blast. That’s right. Finding properties as a member is easy too. 

Now, he cash flows $350/month with an equity capture of $55k.

Joe & Blanca – June 2019

It really doesn’t get any simpler than this. How is buy and hold investing changing Joe and Blanca’s life? They are “making money 5 ways.” (Joe) 

So, it’s not just about $2,034 a month in total cash flow from their investments. It’s not just about the combined equity capture of over $200k from their four single family homes. It’s about their future. For example, Joe and Blanca want to become independent rental owners. 

So, these four single family properties (a 5th on the way), making money every way possible, will mean a lot when that time comes. 

It’s not the money, it’s the lifestyle.

Trey & Sara – June 2019

Imagine watching your friends join Lifestyles Unlimited and buy their first two homes successfully! What an introduction!

Well, Trey and Sara now have two of their own (19% cash on cash & a 22% cash on cash)! And they think they can retire Sara in three years too! Real estate investing is a contact sport. You contact your friends about Lifestyles Unlimited and they retire.

James – June 2019

Are you a small business owner? Then, Lifestyles Unlimited should be music to your ears! 

In 2017, James and his dad sold one of their car wash business locations. A discussion ensued about what to do with the money and James felt it necessary to go to Lifestyles Unlimited. “This is the best place for me to grow into the person I need to become to have the life I want to have.” (James) 

It is now 2019 and James is a successful owner of a 41-unit apartment complex with an 8.7% cash on cash return to show for his first year of ownership. Also, the property’s gain in value has led to a 124% unrealized capital gain

No matter your business ownership experience, trust us, it’s transferable.

Seva & Joel – June 2019

Seva is someone who’s traveled the world for work. She has responsibilities in nineteen countries spanning from the Americas to Asia Pacific. With Lifestyles Unlimited, she realizes that this too is a journey, and no matter what she does, she’s never alone.

So far, she and Joel have five doors (two homes and one triplex) at $5k in total monthly cash flow! Her goal now? To sit back and gain another year of appreciation. Oh, and that’ll be on top of $155k in equity she’s already captured in total. This summer, the sun is shining brightly on Seva and Joel!

David & Mwiyeria – June 2019

David and Mwiyeria are three homes into their investing, BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!

First, their tax bill is gone. Yup. Sorry Uncle Sam. Next, nobody would bat an eyelash at $1,445 in total monthly cash flow.

But, it’s this last point that we think is something quite spectacular.

They screen their deals to have no less than a 22.5% cash on cash return and to be less than $20k out of pocket!!! Real estate investing is a science folks.

Brandon & Michelle – April 2019

Brandon and Michelle joined after following the recommendation of their friend and former Mentor, Trent Yeo. They’d also commonly heard that “rich people owned real estate.” So, they gave this a test run to see if it could cover daycare expenses for their two kids.

Well… they’re now at $2,391/month in total cash flow and $126k in combined equity capture and they figure they might as well keep going towards retirement. We totally understand. Sometimes you set out to cover daycare and you cover life-care instead.

Corbin & Priscilla – March 2019

Corbin and Priscilla purchased eight single family deals in one year!

Their steady march reflects an eagerness to leave the W2’s behind completely and to scale their portfolio to multifamily lead investing.

The deal featured here has not one, but two doors, accounting for a 51% cash-on-cash return. That’s $1,048/month from one single family deal!

It seems they’re moving in the right direction.

Terry & Oscar – March 2019

Terry and Oscar are IT professionals who met on the job and later became the dynamic duo couple with their real estate investing.

After joining Lifestyles Unlimited in 2018, they topped their best year in single family investing on their own by over 100%, acquiring seven single family properties in less than a year!

What’s more is they plan to purchase nine more in 2019!

Kirby & Kirk – March 2019

After joining, Kirby’s passive multifamily investments retired him (passive deals now count 16). Talk about a hands-free retirement!

Perhaps too hands free. Kirby found himself redecorating the house and considered he might be a bit bored. Cue his first multifamily lead investment in a 101-unit apartment, an acquisition made just six months ago.

On top of his education and mentoring, it’s perhaps his experience seeing our multifamily model succeed 16 times over that he, just months into ownership, is projecting a 6 – 7% return year one and a refinance of as much as 50% or more in year three.

Kirby handles all of this with the support of his spouse Kirk, whose family’s roots in farming helped them understand the power of what Kirby was doing. That’s why they’re members, as well as investors in his first deal!

Ian & Lynn – March 2019

Ian’s friend told him about Lifestyles Unlimited, then showed him her apartments that cash flowed for decades. Then, within 12 months of joining, Ian’s wife, Lynn, retired.

Joe & Sandra – March 2019

Joe and Sandra’s story is the neatest look at the many different ways real estate makes you money. 

So, they are already invested in 12 different multifamily apartments as Passive Investors, which currently produce over $5k per month in cash flow!

But, with the latest changes in U.S. tax laws, they saw an opportunity to invest in single family and capture a heaping amount of depreciation from their single family homes in their first year of ownership. So, on top of adding another $488 in total monthly cash flow, they will reduce their tax base as well!!! 

Cale & Kyla – February 2019

Allow us to start this off by telling you that CEO/Founder, Del Walmsley LOVES to dance, so much so that he even received formal training in a couple different styles.

Well, it just so happens that his former country western dance instructor told her daughter this was the place to be for real estate investing. So, we got to show them some steps as well!

Fast forward, and Cale and Kyla are invested in six single family homes with $2,500 in monthly cash flow!

Seriously though, if you get the chance, ask Del about his dancing. It will blow you away how much he knows!

Eric & Carol – December 2018

Eric and Carol turned two duplexes into 5 single family homes and a 24-unit Independent Rental Owner apartment complex! That’s not counting their 500 units of passive multifamily investment. Also, we left out how they’ve traveled to most if not all continents across the globe now.

And, we almost forgot that they’re poised to more than double their money from the 24-unit in three years and will fully retire mid year…Seriously folks! ALL OF THIS STARTED WITH TWO DUPLEXES!

Phyllis & William – September 2018

6 single family properties and 3 passive multifamily investments in less than 2 years at $2,400/month in cash flow is an excellent start for Phyllis and William.

They plan on replacing their entire family income in five years!

Also, check out their returns on this property in particular!!!

Terry & Susan – June 2018

Terry and Susan joined Lifestyles Unlimited in 2008 determined that multifamily investing was their ticket out of the corporate world. 

Now, it’s as if they’d been investing in apartments all along. 

They’ve purchased nine apartment complexes as leads, they’re key principles in eight more, they’re happily retired, and they live in their dream home in the Hill Country. 

From here, there are any number of incredible accomplishments we could explore for this lovely couple’s 10 years of investing. For this Case Study however, we’ll showcase what once had the worst police call-out record in all of Bryan, TX – a property now with an award to its name and a 145% return after three years of ownership.  

Rui – May 2018

Rui wanted something to supplement his income and protect him from a potential job loss. What he got was 13 single family homes and four multifamily investments that catapulted him out of corporate America.

His presentation deal was nothing short of astronomical, and as Rui says, it’s all because of simply following the Lifestyles Unlimited roadmap.

This 38-unit independent-rental-owner project was expected to return 9% as a yield play, but it ended up producing a 60% cash-on-cash return.

Greater still, Rui completed a cash-out refinance for a 65% return 15 months into ownership. Would you believe it too, this was his first multifamily investment.