Real People, Real Results

Steve – July 2019

If you listen closely, you can hear the trumpets sounding for Steve who retired after starting with just $13k to invest. 

Steve soon more than exceeded his salary as a Bassist in the San Antonio Symphony (making over $40k per year in cash flow) and now is rallying more in the musical industry to his cause!

See the returns from one of his latest deals above.

Jennifer & Ruth – July 2019

Please welcome Ruth, a music teacher, and her daughter, Jennifer, a San Antonio Symphonist.

Yes, you guessed it, these two found out about Lifestyles Unlimited from Steve (above), and now they’re forging their own path!

Currently, they stand at $1,480 in monthly cash flow from four single family investments!

Raj – July 2019

Raj’s story is especially great for anybody already involved in buy/hold investing, but perhaps not in multifamily residential. 

Prior to Lifestyles Unlimited, Raj already had many single family rentals and a commercial business using a buy/hold model. Having hit his scaling limitation with single family though, it was time for him to expand. But, expand to what vehicle? 

His answer came at the 2017 Expo and now he has one Lead multifamily investment and two Passive deals. 

Featured above is his first Lead investment, a 108 unit hybrid play in the ancillary market of Hondo, Texas, which produced a 6% return just two quarters in!

David & Beverly – July 2019

When David and Beverly came to Texas, the first big purchase they made was their house in Plano. 

But, when they eventually decided to move, the lender said they could keep the home because they’d lived in it for a year. So, they rented it! Light bulb! 

Cue stumbling across our radio show, which David was more than skeptical of. But, the message made sense, and later, so did the investment model. 

Now, they stand at four houses (over $252k in equity capture) with $1,332/month in cash flow (the 4th will soon bring an estimated $484/month to add to that total).

Jonathan & Amy – July 2019

Why spend time paying a 401k or IRA every month when you can invest in income-producing assets that pay for more income-producing assets? 

Let us specify. Jonathan and Amy have three rental houses right now flooding their savings with almost $1,345/month all in the name of…you guessed it…more rental properties! 

Also, as it turns out, the Lifestyles Unlimited model is so stable, they self-manage these Houston-based properties from DFW. Wow.

Supriya – July 2019

Supriya always had a passion for real estate investing, but it wasn’t until a life-changing event occurred that she took the action step to begin. 

What’s followed is a night/day rehab of a 1970s 53 unit apartment complex as her first lead venture! This property stunned a sold out Dallas Multifamily Masters Tour with its extensive interior and exterior rehab. 

On top of Supriya’s phenomenal returns, many at that event anticipated this level of work could take her all the way to the National Apartment Association award stage. Well, let us be the first to tell you, it has!!!

Dennis & Michelle – July 2019

The big eye opener for Dennis and Michelle was turning the dead equity in their house into just over $50k per year in cash flow. 

That’s after only two years folks… 

Not to mention, just in the next couple months, this portfolio will swell by two more Passive multifamily investments and another single family property. 

Do you have dead equity sitting in your home? It’s time to get it working for you.

Mia & Ned – July 2019

Here’s where the rubber meets the road: “I did not know that an average person with 0 knowledge and little money can buy houses.(Mia) 

Just think of how many other people out there have the power to buy a home, but don’t know they can. Moreover, Mia says that credit card usage has gone down as a result of investing: “now all I have are house loans that actually make me money.” But, making what kind of money, you might ask. 

Take this deal for example, which is producing a 28% cash on cash return!

Elizabeth – July 2019

Elizabeth is a triple threat! 

She has 13 single family homes, she’s invested as a Passive Investor in seven multifamily apartments, and now she’s taking on her first Lead Investment, and it’s smooth sailing ahead with this too (40% annualized cash on cash return)!

David & Leslie – June 2019

Let this sink in: David and Leslie purchased 28 properties (5,534 units) since joining and they replaced two six figure salaries. 

So, what’s left to do for a couple that’s literally done it all in real estate investing? A lot apparently. 

Allow us to introduce their latest 200-unit project, a mid-80s 2-property portfolio, which is projected to cash flow 8-10% and produce over a 200% return by year four.

“You can still double your money on solid yield properties” says David. This is professional-grade investing.  

Bill & Janna – June 2019

What does real estate investing need to be for you? 

For Janna and Bill, real estate was just a discussion topic, but then Janna lost her job of 12 years. Real estate needed to be a cushion – no – it needed to be a new way of life.

They purchased just four rental homes as members and now Janna doesn’t have to go back to work. She’s got a new passion: growing and managing the portfolio to retire Bill in three years. 

Eric – June 2019

Eric watched how easily a friend of his bought, rehabbed and profited from his first property as a Lifestyles Unlimited member. 

That was all he needed to see. 

He joined and picked up his first deal via an email blast. That’s right. Finding properties as a member is easy too. 

Now, he cash flows $350/month with an equity capture of $55k.

Joe & Blanca – June 2019

It really doesn’t get any simpler than this. How is buy and hold investing changing Joe and Blanca’s life? They are “making money 5 ways.” (Joe) 

So, it’s not just about $2,034 a month in total cash flow from their investments. It’s not just about the combined equity capture of over $200k from their four single family homes. It’s about their future. For example, Joe and Blanca want to become independent rental owners. 

So, these four single family properties (a 5th on the way), making money every way possible, will mean a lot when that time comes. 

It’s not the money, it’s the lifestyle.

Trey & Sara – June 2019

Imagine watching your friends join Lifestyles Unlimited and buy their first two homes successfully! What an introduction!

Well, Trey and Sara now have two of their own (19% cash on cash & a 22% cash on cash)! And they think they can retire Sara in three years too! Real estate investing is a contact sport. You contact your friends about Lifestyles Unlimited and they retire.

James – June 2019

Are you a small business owner? Then, Lifestyles Unlimited should be music to your ears! 

In 2017, James and his dad sold one of their car wash business locations. A discussion ensued about what to do with the money and James felt it necessary to go to Lifestyles Unlimited. “This is the best place for me to grow into the person I need to become to have the life I want to have.” (James) 

It is now 2019 and James is a successful owner of a 41-unit apartment complex with an 8.7% cash on cash return to show for his first year of ownership. Also, the property’s gain in value has led to a 124% unrealized capital gain

No matter your business ownership experience, trust us, it’s transferable.

Seva & Joel – June 2019

Seva is someone who’s traveled the world for work. She has responsibilities in nineteen countries spanning from the Americas to Asia Pacific. With Lifestyles Unlimited, she realizes that this too is a journey, and no matter what she does, she’s never alone.

So far, she and Joel have five doors (two homes and one triplex) at $5k in total monthly cash flow! Her goal now? To sit back and gain another year of appreciation. Oh, and that’ll be on top of $155k in equity she’s already captured in total. This summer, the sun is shining brightly on Seva and Joel!

David & Mwiyeria – June 2019

David and Mwiyeria are three homes into their investing, BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!

First, their tax bill is gone. Yup. Sorry Uncle Sam. Next, nobody would bat an eyelash at $1,445 in total monthly cash flow.

But, it’s this last point that we think is something quite spectacular.

They screen their deals to have no less than a 22.5% cash on cash return and to be less than $20k out of pocket!!! Real estate investing is a science folks.

Brandon & Michelle – April 2019

Brandon and Michelle joined after following the recommendation of their friend and former Mentor, Trent Yeo. They’d also commonly heard that “rich people owned real estate.” So, they gave this a test run to see if it could cover daycare expenses for their two kids.

Well… they’re now at $2,391/month in total cash flow and $126k in combined equity capture and they figure they might as well keep going towards retirement. We totally understand. Sometimes you set out to cover daycare and you cover life-care instead.

Corbin & Priscilla – March 2019

Corbin and Priscilla purchased eight single family deals in one year!

Their steady march reflects an eagerness to leave the W2’s behind completely and to scale their portfolio to multifamily lead investing.

The deal featured here has not one, but two doors, accounting for a 51% cash-on-cash return. That’s $1,048/month from one single family deal!

It seems they’re moving in the right direction.

Terry & Oscar – March 2019

Terry and Oscar are IT professionals who met on the job and later became the dynamic duo couple with their real estate investing.

After joining Lifestyles Unlimited in 2018, they topped their best year in single family investing on their own by over 100%, acquiring seven single family properties in less than a year!

What’s more is they plan to purchase nine more in 2019!

Kirby & Kirk – March 2019

After joining, Kirby’s passive multifamily investments retired him (passive deals now count 16). Talk about a hands-free retirement!

Perhaps too hands free. Kirby found himself redecorating the house and considered he might be a bit bored. Cue his first multifamily lead investment in a 101-unit apartment, an acquisition made just six months ago.

On top of his education and mentoring, it’s perhaps his experience seeing our multifamily model succeed 16 times over that he, just months into ownership, is projecting a 6 – 7% return year one and a refinance of as much as 50% or more in year three.

Kirby handles all of this with the support of his spouse Kirk, whose family’s roots in farming helped them understand the power of what Kirby was doing. That’s why they’re members, as well as investors in his first deal!

Ian & Lynn – March 2019

Ian’s friend told him about Lifestyles Unlimited, then showed him her apartments that cash flowed for decades. Then, within 12 months of joining, Ian’s wife, Lynn, retired.

Joe & Sandra – March 2019

Joe and Sandra’s story is the neatest look at the many different ways real estate makes you money. 

So, they are already invested in 12 different multifamily apartments as Passive Investors, which currently produce over $5k per month in cash flow!

But, with the latest changes in U.S. tax laws, they saw an opportunity to invest in single family and capture a heaping amount of depreciation from their single family homes in their first year of ownership. So, on top of adding another $488 in total monthly cash flow, they will reduce their tax base as well!!! 

Cale & Kyla – February 2019

Allow us to start this off by telling you that CEO/Founder, Del Walmsley LOVES to dance, so much so that he even received formal training in a couple different styles.

Well, it just so happens that his former country western dance instructor told her daughter this was the place to be for real estate investing. So, we got to show them some steps as well!

Fast forward, and Cale and Kyla are invested in six single family homes with $2,500 in monthly cash flow!

Seriously though, if you get the chance, ask Del about his dancing. It will blow you away how much he knows!

Eric & Carol – December 2018

Eric and Carol turned two duplexes into 5 single family homes and a 24-unit Independent Rental Owner apartment complex! That’s not counting their 500 units of passive multifamily investment. Also, we left out how they’ve traveled to most if not all continents across the globe now.

And, we almost forgot that they’re poised to more than double their money from the 24-unit in three years and will fully retire mid year…Seriously folks! ALL OF THIS STARTED WITH TWO DUPLEXES!

Phyllis & William – September 2018

6 single family properties and 3 passive multifamily investments in less than 2 years at $2,400/month in cash flow is an excellent start for Phyllis and William.

They plan on replacing their entire family income in five years!

Also, check out their returns on this property in particular!!!

Terry & Susan – June 2018

Terry and Susan joined Lifestyles Unlimited in 2008 determined that multifamily investing was their ticket out of the corporate world. 

Now, it’s as if they’d been investing in apartments all along. 

They’ve purchased nine apartment complexes as leads, they’re key principles in eight more, they’re happily retired, and they live in their dream home in the Hill Country. 

From here, there are any number of incredible accomplishments we could explore for this lovely couple’s 10 years of investing. For this Case Study however, we’ll showcase what once had the worst police call-out record in all of Bryan, TX – a property now with an award to its name and a 145% return after three years of ownership.  

Rui – May 2018

Rui wanted something to supplement his income and protect him from a potential job loss. What he got was 13 single family homes and four multifamily investments that catapulted him out of corporate America.

His presentation deal was nothing short of astronomical, and as Rui says, it’s all because of simply following the Lifestyles Unlimited roadmap.

This 38-unit independent-rental-owner project was expected to return 9% as a yield play, but it ended up producing a 60% cash-on-cash return.

Greater still, Rui completed a cash-out refinance for a 65% return 15 months into ownership. Would you believe it too, this was his first multifamily investment.