Steve Wynn on CNBC

Below are two interviews with Steve Wynn given to CNBC. His view of current US economic policy is more critical and specific than most conservative radio talk show hosts. The first cite is a video of an interview with Becky Quick in October of 2009. The second interview is with Jane Wells of CNBC near … read more

The Indymac Boys Got a Sweetheart Deal by the FDIC

The Indymac Boys Got a Sweetheart Deal by the FDIC. Del wants everyone to watch this unbelievable video about what kind of deal the Indymac boys got from the FDIC. He will be mentioning it on today’s radio show, so be sure to watch it and tune in or catch the podcast on the radio … read more

"Experts See Rebound Brewing in Region’s Home Sales After Low 2009"

Shonda Novak of The Statesman reports on the recent upswing of single family home sales in central Texas (up 6% from 2009.) This year, largely due to the introduction and recent expansion of the home buyer tax credit, many experts see signs of “improvement in sales volume and stability in home prices.” After experiencing the … read more

Foreclosures: How Texas Compares

On a 2009 Realty Trac list of highest foreclosure rate by state, Texas ranked 29. Nevada headed the list, followed by Arizona, Florida, and California. Altough not a front runner, Texas’s rate “is still up from previous years…18% from 2007,” says Nancy Sarnoff of the Prime Property Blog at the Houston Chronicle. Although legislative delays … read more

Dallas-Fort Worth Home Foreclosure Filings Ease Slightly Over Last Year

Home foreclosures in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are down 4% from last year, according to a recent article from the Dallas Morning News. In some counties the numbers have even dropped 20% from last month’s “6,000 postings.” The article quotes George Roddy stating “any decline from last month looks good” and “one month does not … read more

"Austin Ranked Best City to Invest in Commercial Real Estate"

The Austin Business Journal shares a Grubb & Ellis Co. report naming Austin the best place to invest in commercial real estate. Although said to have not yet bottomed out, “most property types will reach bottom pricing near the end of 2010.” Houston made the 6th spot on the top 10 list for long term … read more

Are the Homes in the Most Overpriced Cities in America "Overpriced" or "Underanalyzed?"

Forbes reports on the most overly priced homes in America- listing unadaptive sellers as the primary reason for this trend. Ranking 40 major metropolitan area cities, Forbes looked to how many days homes spent on the market to determine if they were overpriced. However, according to Marty Kramer of Texas Real Estate, in actuality homes … read more

Texas Cities Remain Top Single Family Housing Markets

Reed Construction Data covers the trend of increasingly healthy markets in major Texas cities such as Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. Dallas and Houston have recently been reported to have more multifamily permits than New York City! The trend has been attributed largely to “college and oil patch towns” that avoided both the housing … read more

Texans Vote for Amendments that Benefit Homeowners

Texas Real Estate reports on the three constitutional amendments and one proposition recently approved to revise the appraisal process and eminent domain. The reforms, benefiting Texan property owners, should make for a “fairer system.” The article outlines each proposition with propositions 2 and 3 concerning appraisals, and propositions 5 and 11 affecting the exercise of … read more

Top 10 Reasons for San Antonio's Bright Future in Commercial Real Estate

Amid reports of troubled commercial real estate markets, VIP Realty has claimed San Antonio as a place with a bright multifamily future. San Antonio has already been listed as having one of the strongest economies in America, and this article explains how this coordinates with the burgeoning commercial real estate market the city is experiencing. … read more