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(October 14, 2015) *Replay* Moving To The Rhythm of Life One “Dance Step” At A Time


When you take your first look at Del Walmsley, dancing likely isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Yet for a time, this was one of his larger interests in life. So, why should you care about this seemingly odd fact about Del? It lends a perfect perspective of the learning process here at Lifestyles Unlimited® and in life overall.

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(October 08, 2015) Making The Move To Ownership – Featuring LU Mentor John Ridgway

For this episode of The Del Walmsley Radio Show, Del Walmsley and John “Johnny Lama” Ridgway talk about a common misconception of apartment industry leaders. Pushing this topic further, John explains what it was like moving from management to ownership himself, and why it would be a life-altering move for anyone considering to do the same.

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(October 07, 2015) How To Earn Tax Free Income

We’ve got a real treat for you here today! On this show Del Walmsley discusses the many ways our members cushion themselves from taxes with their real estate properties. Then, he conveys just how this works by using his own experiences as an example.

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(October 06, 2015) Tell Del Tuesday “The Power of Raw Determination” – Featuring LU Member Dr. Willard J.

From the cannon balls of Santa Anna to getting a $500 full ride scholarship to A & M, this story carries all of the impressive highlights with one heck of an impressive undertone – having only one’s raw determination to change the direction of life.

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(October 05, 2015) Redefining Your Life Before It Undermines You

On this podcast Del Walmsley discusses a topic he refers to as “convergence.” Basically, this term seeks to define the freak moments in life where not one, but multiple obstacles seek to rip you from all you’ve ever known. But, in referring to his life, Del is here to say this: if you make it your mission to change, what is there to rip after all?

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(September 30, 2015) Crafting The Universal Standard In Real Estate Investment

What’s the biggest problem for investors? Noise – a plethora of voices dictating a myriad of ways (most of which are wrong or seriously flawed) to invest your money. So, Del Walmsley brought a universal standard to real estate investing, and this podcast will show you all about how and why he did it.

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(September 29, 2015) Tell Del Tuesday “The Best Step They Never Expected” – Featuring Steve & Shari G.

Join Del Walmsley as he listens to Steve & Shari talk about spanning the gap between IT and real estate, making this quite truly the best step they never expected!

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(September 28, 2015) The Lifestyles Unlimited® 25th Anniversary Bash & The Journey That Led To It

Starting off the show, Del Walmsley recaps the literal and figurative “blow out” that was the Lifestyles Unlimited® 25th Anniversary celebration! Then, he explains the metaphorical journey conveyed by the tour of his home and mystifying garden during this momentous event.

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(September 22, 2015) Tell Del Tuesday “Making a Good Life Into a Great One” – Featuring LU Members Doug & Jennifer J.

Sometimes starting down the path of your dreams is as easy as engaging a great idea you always had. But, in order to make a good life into a great one, the thought must first occur in just the right way. Doug and Jennifer’s story is not only about their exciting paradigm shift toward full-fledged real estate investment, but the raw conviction behind it! Enjoy!

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(September 18, 2015) The City Steps In On Poor Apartment Living Conditions & Del Says Take A Step Back

Taking a moment from his Friday email roundup, Del Walmsley embarks on a discussion of the situation surrounding the destitute living conditions at Crestmont Village Apartments.

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