Real Estate Investing Links for December 2, 2009

Warren Buffett Advises Rice University Students The Chronicle’s Jennifer Latson reports on a recent Q&A session billionaire Warren Buffett held with students from Rice Universities’ business school. Despite his billionaire status, Buffett awed students with his warm demeanor and advice that “success is getting what you want, but happiness is wanting what you get.” Aside … read more

Real Estate Investing Links for November 25, 2009

Proposal Ruffles Builders The Austin Business Journal reports on Austin builders’ rejection of a new ordinance under the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code. The code includes heating, ventilation, and cooling inspection for every single or two family unit and all multifamily property 10,000 square feet or more. Although statewide acceptance is required for federal endowments, … read more

Real Estate Investing Links for November 18, 2009

Foreclosures Hit Record Highs in San Antonio San Antonio foreclosures have hit record highs, as My SA Business reports that the numbers are up 40% from this time last year. The situation is reminiscent of 1987’s oil bust when “half of all local home sales were foreclosures.” Despite this seemingly desperate situation, professionals report that … read more

Real Estate Investing Links for November 11, 2009

Real Estate Goal Setting Lifestyles member Bryan Upton blogs about how to set investing goals and the five ways real estate makes you money. The article, from Allie’s Acquisitions, demonstrates how to form strategies for specific goals such as cash flow and net worth. Peppered throughout the post are useful investing maxims such as “a … read more

Real Estate Investing Links for November 3, 2009

Home Buyer Tax Credit Set for Extension The Real Estate Economy Watch reports that senate debate has officially ended on the extension of the home buyer tax credit. With only two senators in opposition, the legislation is expected to receive President Obama’s signature this week. In addition to the extension, the new tax credit will … read more

Real Estate Investing Links for October 28, 2009

Home Prices Continue to Rise Despite dissenting views on the future of the nation’s economy, home prices have risen for the third consecutive month. Yahoo News analyzes how these new trends could jump start the path to recovery, providing security for homeowner’s and the confidence to start spending. However, writer J.W. Elphinstone leaves room for … read more

Real Estate Investing Links for October 21, 2009

Moving to Commercial Properties The REIClub offers valuable information to ease your transition from single to multi-family investment. With tips about thinking big, taking your time, and finding good financing, this article is a great way to kick off multi-family investing- first by abandoning old single family thought processes. Loan Modification Programs While Market Watch … read more

Real Estate Investing Links for October 14, 2009

Negative Equity With the rise in unemployment (California hit 12.2%!), the nation is seeing a rise in residential mortgage backed securities. The Real Estate Economy Watch discusses how homeowners owing more than their property is worth are faced with less incentive to pay and dwindling options- a situation that severely limits future advancement in mortgage … read more

Real Estate Investing Links for October 7, 2009

Ramsey’s Take on Real Estate Dave Ramsey “firmly believes that real estate will be the area that leads us out of the recession.” Lifestyles Unlimited® agrees with Dave’s philosophy on reducing consumer debt and creating a sound foundation; but differs from his philosophy on where to invest once you are in a position to do … read more

Real Estate Investing Links for September 30, 2009

Opportunity Funds Learn about opportunity funds from a Frugal Dad who knows how to set savings goals. Discouraging the use of credit cards, Frugal Dad shows you how to create separate accounts that ensure your expenses are covered. 1031 Exchange Financial Web discusses the 1031 exchange, an important investment tool that helps you defer paying … read more