Real Estate Investing Links for October 28, 2009

Home Prices Continue to Rise

Despite dissenting views on the future of the nation’s economy, home prices have risen for the third consecutive month. Yahoo News analyzes how these new trends could jump start the path to recovery, providing security for homeowner’s and the confidence to start spending. However, writer J.W. Elphinstone leaves room for skepticism, as he details the affects rising unemployment, foreclosures, and the end of the tax credit will have on future growth.

Working from Home

Who Is Rich blogs about the best ways to make money from home. Real estate investing, along with consulting and affiliate marketing are among the top picks. Despite other options, real estate investing is still listed as the best path to passive income. This blog provides steps to begin earning money while living the “Lifestyle.”

Growing Commercial Foreclosures

Despite significant advances in the housing market and skyrocketing home values- concern over rising foreclosures continues to grow. Dallas Morning News reports that while most cities are experiencing dwindling single family inventory (with Dallas-Fort Worth at one of the lowest levels in the country), the explosion of commercial foreclosures is resulting in efforts to reprice property in hopes of full recovery.

The Benefits of Knowing Experts

Lifestyles strongly advocates building relationships with mentors who can guide you and steer you away from mistakes you would have made on your own. Kevin of No Debt Plan’s advice aligns perfectly with this principle- knowing experts should save you money. Referencing a personal example, Kevin reminds us that building a network of experts really is the best way to learn new information and avoid misconceptions.

Common Legal Mistakes Made in Real Estate Investing

The REI Club’s Bill Bronchick authors an extremely informative article on legal mistakes that new investors make. Poor legal forms head the list as one of the most popular mistakes, as Bronchick advises customizing contracts instead of relying on premaid ones that may not fully protect you. He also expands on the topic of illegal discrimination, including kinds that new investors may not be aware of. Reference this article to avoid messy lawsuits by knowing the facts, and steering clear of these novice blunders.

Positive News in Commercial Real Estate

In a state of uncertainty and cynical predictions for the commercial sector, Elaine Misonzhnik of Retail Traffic addresses the possibility that the eruption of foreclosures and defaulting commercial loans might not be as bad as some economists suggest. Because of the limited impact of commercial real estate loans on the economy as a whole, and because foreclosing commercial property won’t affect consumer spending the same way residential foreclosures have, the effects of recent troubles may not be so devastating.

Extension of the Home Buyer Credit?

CNN Money covers the persisting conflict of whether to extend the first time home buyer credit. Housing Secretary Shaun Donovan cites an assessment of the cost to tax payers as the reason for the delay. Opposers of this expansion say that it is a waste of money, and that with low interest rates and the FHA’s influence over lending- it is really unnecessary. Supporters claim it will further increase home sales, level out house prices, and create jobs- many pushing for looser qualifications in addition to an extension.

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