Real Estate Investing Links for December 16, 2009

Is Your Big But Keeping You from Investing in Real Estate?

hurdleJulie of Life as Real Estate Investors expresses many of the same concerns as Lifestyles about people who let their fears and “buts” stop them from investing in real estate. This inspirational article addresses some common concerns new investors have and suggests ways for the overly cautious to “get off their but.” She elaborates on the concept of self fulfilling prophecies and encourages you to put your fears aside because you “get what you focus on.”

Beginners Guide to Being a Bulk REO Investor

Creative Real Estate Investing provides ways to turn “lemons into lemonade” by taking advantage of record foreclosures through real estate investing. He explains the process of foreclosure and the oppurtunities to be had in bulk REO, which occurs when lenders are willing to sell properties at great discounts if they can sell more than one at a time. Read this informative article to familiarize yourself with a useful and lucrative tool!

Distressed Commercial Real Estate Climbs to $180 Billion

aptNational Real Estate Investor reports on rising numbers of distressed commercial property. The record has now peaked at $180 billion, with distressed property in Las Vegas accounting for 17.7 billion of that number. They explain how increased federal regulation may help to curb the problem, but why, for most lenders, foreclosure will remain the only option. Writer Denise Kalette reports that most investors have not seen the deals they had expected- but with the trend not predicted to slow any time soon, these increased buying opportunities are not going away.

6 Ways to Raise All the Cash You’ll Ever Need for Doing Deals

Writer Richard Roop, of REI Club, lists 6 ways to finance deals. Knowledge about methods like deferred down payments, substitution of collateral, and lines of credit, serve to counter any excuses new investors may have about not having adequate financing. Becoming knowledgeable on both conventional and unconventional channels will multiply your opportunities for success

Checking the Health of the Housing Market

sickBusiness Week provides a formula to determine the health of the housing market. Ben Steverman points to recent developments such as a “rise in existing home sales” as indicators of an increasingly healthy market. Outlining many more problems the housing market still faces such as a growing number of foreclosed homes and debate over the escalation in government intervention, the article states that we are definitely “not out of the woods.” Steverman shares predictions on what should happen with housing inventory and home prices to ameliorate some of the damage.

Stress the Importance of On Time Rent from Tenants

Ryan Moeller of the Bigger Pockets Blog addresses a myth of real estate investing– that you have to have money and good credit to do deals. He goes over some ground rules like not bending bad deals to make them work witin your budget, and suggests using private money, partners, and other mediums to ensure your success.

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