A Support For Life

At only 24 years old, Courtney VanCronkhite suffered a fatal cardiac arrest as the result of a rare genetic condition known as Long QT Syndrome. If an automated external defibrillator (AED) had been available, Courtney might be with us today. In the wake of this devastating loss, Courtney’s identical twin sister, Kindel VanCronkhite, began her crusade to raise awareness about the need for AEDs and to provide the funding to install them in public places across the greater Houston area. As a result of Kindel’s passion, and the help of many caring volunteers, many lives have been saved and Courtney’s memory is honored. Will you join Kindel and the Lifestyles Unlimited® family to help save lives right here in our own community?

Here is how you can make a difference:
The 8th Annual Courtney’s Crusade Golf Tournament is happening on April 10th and is your opportunity to drive this mission forward! Not a fan of golf? Not a problem; there are fun sponsored activities at several holes in this tournament, and there is a silent auction where you can bid on anything from a wine cooler to a trip to Cabo!

“It’s great to be a part of something that could potentially bring a dad or a sister home,” said Natalie Pilkinton, the Vice President of The Lifestyles Unlimited® Vendor Program, and a woman who has been promoting this event and the message of Courtney’s Crusade for the last eight years.

She also made several mentions that this is truly a great chance for the members to rally around an important cause while getting to know more about fellow investors and the field of real estate investment.

Kindel has had tremendous success in raising awareness, through Courtney’s Crusade, about the best ways to combat sudden cardiac arrest. The key to survival is widespread public access to AEDs. More help is needed to make AEDs available to as many public schools and other public areas as possible. We are calling on our Lifestyles Unlimited® family to take part in Courtney’s Crusade and become a support for life!

Registration is at 7AM and tee time is at 9AM. Teams are comprised of four players each and the silent auction begins at noon on April 10th at the Cypress Wood Golf Club. Feel free to call 1-866-945-6565 for more information. All proceeds go to The Courtney’s Crusade Foundation.

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