The Message Remains

Our annual visit from Dr. Mark G. Dotzour may be concluded but his message remains; “I would not be here if I did not believe in real estate as an investment.” This message, as well as the entirety of his presentation, did not fall on deaf ears. He delivered his speech to more than 180 like-minded investors, mentors and third-party practitioners of the professional real estate investing field (with hundreds more spectators tuning in via Lifestyles Unlimited®’s streaming webcast). In a short time of no more than two hours, Dr. Dotzour masterfully hardwired the holistic economic landscape to the mind of any RE investor, and in so doing, he conveyed a powerful message that still remains: belief in real estate investing is not misplaced, despite the rumblings of a globalized economy.

It is true that Dr. Dotzour left no stone unturned when discussing the tensions disrupting our economy. But, this goes in line with his educational philosophy, which is to show the audience absolutely everything so they can make only the most informed decisions moving forward. His coverage spanned from the drop in oil prices to current problems with our own government’s Dodd Frank legislation, and he answered each pressing question our audience could muster on every topic covered. Furthermore, he provided counter points to each economic issue addressed in his list of five economic “war fronts,” while providing strong empirical data for a resilient middle class. The end result was a well informed body of real estate investors who are ready to thrive in an ever-changing economic landscape.

Are you looking for a front seat to the presentation? As part of the many privileges offered with Lifestyles Unlimited® membership, the full two-hour video of Dr. Dotzour’s presentation shall soon be available through the Member HUB! If you’d like your membership to start with this in-depth look at the economy at large, don’t hesitate to call our office at 1-866-945-6565.

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