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(March 18, 2015) Del Walmsley: Making The Retirement Discussion Harder Than It Has To Be

When your financial advice starts out with the oxymoron, “a typical person with a million dollar portfolio,” it may be safe to say that your financial planner has wandered off the reservation. On this podcast, Del Walmsley squares off against the firmly held (and firmly contested) opinions of an old arch nemesis, Personal Finance Columnist and Author, Scott Burns.

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(March 17, 2015) Del Walmsley: Using The Right Real Estate Tools In The Right Way & At The Right Time

With 5 different ways to make money in the Lifestyles Unlimited® model of real estate investing, and with many different investor tracks to get involved in, our buy/hold approach to investing offers all of the necessary tools to handle the market when it shifts. But, that comes down to using the right tools in the right way at the right time. Here to provide you with an array of resources for you to properly position yourself in this shifting marketplace is Del Walmsley.

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(March 17, 2015) The Del Walmsley Radio Show with LU Member, Kim M: “Tell Del Tuesday” – Finding A Road To Walk Together

Kim and Julie M. used the Lifestyles Unlimited® Radio Show exactly in the way it was intended. They heard what they liked, and when the opportunity became available, they signed up for the 2-Day Financial Freedom Seminar. What was their justification for taking the biggest class we offer? They wanted nothing else than to simply spend time with each other and corporate America wasn’t going to allow it. By the second day, they found everything they needed in order to end the ceaseless traveling, to live the lives they always wanted and to do so as a team. What did they hear to get them started and where did they go from here? All this and more is waiting just a click away.

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(March 16, 2015) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: The 401k – How Deep Does The Rabbit Hole Go?

It is one thing to impress upon an individual the importance of utilizing a worn out retirement concept, such as the 401k. But, it is another thing entirely to shrug off that fiduciary responsibility and to litter the process with ridiculous fees. On this podcast, Del Walmsley reveals a fee-based dystopian wonderland that is knowingly being made out of the 401k.

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(March 16, 2015) Del Walmsley: Why Your Voice Is The Most Important In Saying No To The 401k

What happens when a company’s employees become less of a player on the team and more of an item on the financial portfolio? The Supreme Court pays them a visit. Yes, you read it right. The Supreme Court has already heard a case regarding a blatant breach of 401k fiduciary responsibility. But, it was only to dispute the statute of limitations for the matter. So, as always, your voice is the most important one to speak when it comes to scrapping this trumped up savings plan for good or getting taken for a ride. To give you a boost in the right direction, Del Walmsley is here on this podcast to help you see the 401k for what it really is: a pile of the dirtiest laundry ever to exist.

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(March 13, 2015) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: Living Your Retirement Instead of Waiting For It

Doing the same thing over and over again to get a different result is the definition of insanity. But, people do this very thing every day when seeking advice for retirement – “wait until you’re 65; don’t pull your money out until you are around the age of 70; you’re way too young to retire.” On this podcast, Del Walmsley breaks down an article from USA Today that talks about a young man who intended to gain retirement advice from his father, but his father did not live to see the day. With that, the search for a retirement plan had begun. What was learned, what was achieved and what was ultimately lost in this search? Del has all of these answers for you and much, much more.

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(March 12, 2015) The Del Walmsley Radio Show with Special Guest, JB Durham: Shaping The Intellectual Real Estate Investor

As JB Durham puts it, he typically sees a lot of people who are “playing not to lose instead of playing to win.” So, the goal is to change the name of the game and then to make sure it’s played well. Lifestyles Unlimited® is all about building investors from the ground up, so that means that an understanding of the market, of the business model and of each member has to constantly play into the foundation of our teaching. To hear firsthand how our mentors manage the interplay of these vital educational factors, have a listen to this podcast, where our DFW Multi Family Consultant, JB, will walk you through everything you need to know.

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(March 11, 2015) Del Walmsley: Set The Record Straight

If you’ve gotten to the point where one unfortunate event starts before another can end in your life, you are not the victim of the government, some convoluted, quasi-explainable family matter or of life in general; you are a person who needs to set the record straight. There’s a reason that we call our program the “road map” to success; there are some turns you don’t want to take. But, taking them doesn’t mean you’re helpless; it means you’re human. On this podcast, Del Walmsley has a message for those who can’t help wondering whether there is a cloud over their head: start looking at the road beneath your feet.

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(March 10, 2015) Del Walmsley: New LIBOR Scandal Poses A Significant Threat To The International Financial Market

Two years ago, an interest-rate-fixing scandal emerged, as a group of international banks successfully manipulated the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), an average of interest rates that major banks within the Interbank market charge each other for loans. Now, it seems that duller passions have prevailed once again, but this time the resulting crisis could very well dwarf that of the previous LIBOR incident. Here to provide special insights on this scandal and to warn listeners of the zero-sum game is your host, Del Walmsley.

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(March 10, 2015) Tell Del Tuesday Is A Go! Featuring LU Member Don R.

Del Walmsley’s email blew up with an overwhelming amount of positive comments for “Tell Del Tuesday,” a new weekly installment of The Del Walmsley Radio Show geared solely towards bringing you LU Member stories, deals and insights. So, the listeners have spoken and now they shall receive! Meet Don Rowell, a DFW member who’s been with us for a couple of years and has decided to be our first volunteer for “Tell Del Tuesday.” Hear about his life before finding LU, his introduction to the company and what he’s done since joining!

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