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(April 08, 2015) Del Walmsley: Interpretive Movement – Personalized Education At Its Finest

Finding your way through a program that you’ve never gone through before to invest in a field you have no experience in can be tough… unless you have educators who know two very important things: how to invest in real estate and the most effective way for you to learn how to invest in real estate. Here at Lifestyles Unlimited®, we realize that what you learn is as important as how you learn. With that, Del Walmsley and the rest of the LU team help each and every member to build a personalized foundation out of our educational program, so that success beyond this point is as natural as a breathe of fresh air.

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(April 07, 2015) The Del Walmsley Radio Show with LU Member, David N: “Tell Del Tuesday” – An Entrepreneur From Day One

Coming from a family that appreciated financial independence, David started with the proper tools and the proper impetus to live the passive life. But, as he soon came to understand, some business ventures are more passive than others. Join Del Walmsley on this LU podcast as he navigates through David’s various entrepreneurial endeavors all the way to his accomplished membership with Lifestyles Unlimited®!

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(April 07, 2015) Del Walmsley with LU Member, David N: Lifestyles Unlimited® – The Final Building Block Towards An Independent Lifestyle

David is a go-getter! He is not one to sit back and wait for the best business opportunities to come to him. So, he set out from a young age to “control his money,” and in so doing, take full control of his life. However, despite a long series of life lessons in his pursuit, David would not fully realize his potential to burn time while earning money until becoming a member of Lifestyles Unlimited®.

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(April 06, 2015) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: Success Is Not A Destination, It Is A Journey

Make no mistake. The road to success is littered with challenges, but those challenges don’t have to be something to bring you down. No, at Lifestyles Unlimited® we call this part of the fun. Why? It is because this view is an integral part of attaining consistent success. Looking forward to challenges, as you do everything else, allows you to fully appreciate your life and to reach a higher level of success in it. As you listen to this LU podcast, pay attention to Del Walmsley as he explains why having this kind of love in your heart is the best place to start.

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(April 06, 2015) Del Walmsley: The X Factor of Lifestyles Unlimited®

What does happiness really look like? As instant gratification permeates more and more of the 21st century, it becomes easier to think that happiness occurs when all questions are answered, all problems are solved and one’s self image remains undaunted. But, we would argue that it is instead a world where individuals rise to higher and higher levels of achievement. Why? The answer is in the results – a sharpened mind, a change in tone, a shift in body language and an impact on others. On this podcast, Del Walmsley speaks of an unyielding happiness and what it can bring not just for individuals, but for the collective empowerment of those around you.

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(April 02, 2015) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: Lead Investing At Lifestyles Unlimited®

As part of our multi family investment education, we teach our members how to take the lead in evaluating, purchasing and operating apartment complexes. This is what we refer to as the Lead Investor Track and it is ideal for individuals who are looking to take full control of a business in real estate. But, the magic of this investment platform is not just what it does for the lead investors themselves, but for our passive investors involved in these deals as well. They get a first hand view of everything it takes to be a lead without even lifting a finger and they get to share in the profit as well! Del Walmsley tells all about this part of our program and how it’s changed since the beginning.

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(April 01, 2015) Del Walmsley: Why Real Estate Investing Is In A League of Its Own

One of the best things about buy/hold real estate investing through the Lifestyles Unlimited® program is that you will get a crash course in real estate tax law. Whether is it is depreciating your assets, offsetting your earned income or deferring capital gains taxes inevitably, you are finding ways to retain all of your financial gains while simultaneously ensuring that you don’t have to pay the government for the privilege. In fact, the government will pay you instead. In reality, you will earn more money that is completely your own than you have ever earned before in your life. But, why is that the case? Why is this industry so cushioned from the world of strict regulation? Del Walmsley has all of these answers for you and more right here on this LU Radio Show Podcast.

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(April 01, 2015) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: Tax Tools For The Real Estate Investor

Have you ever looked forward to tax day? Perhaps a better question would be, why would you look forward to tax day. It would seem that nobody in their right mind would await such an occasion with baited breathe, but our members do and that is because of the impressive repertoire of tax tools available to the buy/hold real estate investor. In fact, the tax saving methods we utilize are so effective that the word saving isn’t even fit to describe them. Are you ready for the government to pay you for a job well done? Then be sure to listen to Del Walmsley on this podcast, as he will show you the tips to get “the man” off your back like you’ve never seen before.

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(March 30, 2015) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: Using Core Beliefs To Fuel Conviction & Achieve Your End Goal

In almost every facet of adult life, preparation has to come before achieving something you desire. But, when met with the opportunity to reach a goal with a lot of zeros at the end of it, all of a sudden it can seem like it all boils down to knowing some new trick. Step 1: there is no trick. Step 2: find the core beliefs that will give you the conviction to do what must be done. To get you started, Del Walmsley is here to provide you with some of the foundational beliefs he used to push himself and his earnings into the stratosphere!

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(March 30, 2015) Del Walmsley: You Must Hold Value Before You Find Value In Your Life

To start this podcast off, Del Walmsley ingeniously redefines money as a scorecard for what people have done for other people. What follows from here are the many basic lessons that used to exist as part of Del’s three hour class entitled, “Mastering Personal Wealth.” The purpose of this show then is to strip your mind of all senses of entitlement. Aside from the infinitesimal few who gain enormous sums of money through chance or fortuitous opportunities, and the many who cheat or scheme their way to it, wealth must be gained through genuine actions on behalf of others. It is only here where you will hold true value in yourself and have true value paid for the fruit it bears.

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