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(November 11, 2014) Del Walmsley: “Deworsification” At Its Finest

Meet the contrarian, Lifestyles Unlimited® Founder and President, Del Walmsley. Find just about any methodology that other investors and financial planners are using to make their money grow and you’ll find that it couldn’t be further from what Del is doing. Why is this you might ask? The reason is that you have likely just run into one of two plans of action, either it’s a process that takes on risks you didn’t need or it sacrifices profits in the name of conservatism. “Deworsification,” as we call it, suffers from the latter issue. It is an elaborate show designed to sooth your senses while sapping your ROI. But, if you don’t believe us, let this podcast show you why more times than not, “deworsification” will leave you penny’s for your dollar.

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(November 10, 2014) Del Walmsley: The Theory of Constraints

On the show today, Del Walmsley explains how all of life’s constraints can be attributed to a larger constraint within oneself, allowing basic instincts to stifle fundamental growth. Basically, this theory attempts to find the root cause for holding back, when logic dictates pushing forward. This remains to be one of the most important components involved in successful real estate investment because it begs the answer to one very important question; is it truly you that makes the decisions in your life or is it something else? Find out your answer here.

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(November 07, 2014) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: Real Estate Investor Seminars – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Many Lifestyles Unlimited® members have surveyed the gamut of real estate investor programs before walking through our doors, and more often than not, they’ve dealt with either the overly complicated array of books and cd’s or the “something-for-nothing” wholesaler’s pitch. The unfortunate aspect of these programs and seminars is that they take advantage of individuals who are looking to become financially independent through real estate, but often must also learn the tricks of the trade first. In turn, the well-placed hopes and dreams of many are dashed to reward a duplicitous few. Lifestyles Unlimited® exists not only to provide individuals like these with the results they deserve, but also to set a standard and to ignite a movement towards true. Passive. Unadulterated. Financial Freedom. This show is about these entities and the broken methodologies they teach.

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(November 06, 2014) The Del Walmsley Radio Show with Special Guest, John Ridgway: The Student Becomes The Teacher

Tonight is a night to be proud of as a real estate investor and as a member of Lifestyles Unlimited®. It is case study night here in Houston and at this point there is nothing more appropriate to talk about than the ingenuity and success of our hand-selected speakers. These members embody the LU vision in that they have shown the ability to meet and exceed their own investment goals. But, on the show today, John Ridgway and Del Walmsley have decided to focus on one member who not only did that, but is now outperforming one of the biggest names in real estate. Who is it you might ask? The reveal is too sweet to spoil. Check it out right here on this one-of-a-kind LU Podcast.

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(November 05, 2014) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: A Life Behind The Glass Is Not A Life At All

In times such as these, many begin to look to their newly elected politicians to carry the torch and do what is necessary to ensure a well-functioning government. But, there are those who look too long and forget that their candidate’s success is as much a tool for economic betterment as it is a symbol to spur individual success. So, if there comes a point where new laws, regulations and governmental principles in general serve as keys to better our lives and we don’t seek to use them, what good are they in the first place? In this scenario, individuals can face a world flush with opportunity, but when living a life behind the glass, it may as well not exist at all. Don’t take a front seat to passing opportunities, instead use this LU Podcast to harness the power of moments like these to push for a life well lived!

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(November 05, 2014) Del Walmsley: A Blessing or A Curse – Both Are A Chance To Act

The ballots are in and the Republican Party has claimed a majority in The Senate and The House of Representatives. So, with this, tides of Americans are seeing their dreams come true or they are finding that their worst fears have been realized. Setting aside party alignments for a moment though, an important question comes to the forefront; what does this mean for you? If this political battle was lost in your mind, does that mean your fight is over? Conversely, if this was an incredible victory, does that mean you will fall into a state of idle jubilation? Today, Del Walmsley cuts through partisan politics to emphasize how this outcome, whether a blessing or a curse, should be your impetus to take action and achieve what is rightfully yours.

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(November 04, 2014) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: The Difference Between Change & Change Through Representation

Today, Texans everywhere will head to the polls to cast their ballots in the 2014 gubarnatorial election. But, it is clear that what many people are likely doing when they fill out these ballots, is not so much voting on the candidate they wish to elect, as they are the changes that candidate plans to bring about. Nonetheless, the spirit of Democracy rings true in these times, as each citizen of the United States exercises their right to decide on key position holders in their state government. The problem, however, is that many individuals who vote are not just somewhat interested in said changes, they rely on them. Today, Del Walmsley speaks to those who are interested in seeking change of a different kind entirely. On this LU Podcast, learn the benefits of individual financial change that happens with such magnitude that you will never have to feel the economic pangs of a poorly cast vote again.

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(November 03, 2014) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: Mapping The Real Estate Market

The bread and butter of the Lifestyles Unlimited® Member Program is “Buy-And-Hold” real estate investment. By simply holding investment properties through market fluctuations and by following the LU Business Model of course, many of our members benefit greatly from a very “hands-off” approach. But, as the knowledge continues to pour in, investors in our program begin to push for the stratosphere. Why? Simply put, because they can. How? This is where our map of the real estate market comes in handy. This LU Podcast focuses on helping you gauge where the real estate market is headed and how that knowledge could make you millions.

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(October 30, 2014) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: The “Interpretive Movement”of Life

Lifestyles Unlimited® Members are pioneers who are carving out lives far different than that of their counterparts. Life is moving fast now and things are starting to take shape. Work is an afterthought, enjoyment is a full-time occupation and they themselves are moving along an entirely separate path than they once had. Essentially, their “interpretive movement” has fundamentally changed. This term, discussed on today’s LU Podcast, refers to our ability to largely see where our lives are going before we get there. Does your interpreted path seem dull and like a life already lived? Only you can be the judge of that. But, one thing that thoroughly excites our members is not just the returns on their investments, but the journey of change itself.

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(October 29, 2014) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: What Financial Planners Can’t Teach You and What Del Walmsley Can

Is your income enough to live off of every month? Have you been wanting to buy a new car for the past year but can’t seem to earn enough money to give yourself that luxury? Would you like to own a home someday, but know that at the rate your saving up money that will probably take longer than you imagine? Have you gone to see a financial planner and realize that they can’t help you fix your problems? Don’t worry you are not alone in this. These are common problems most middle class people are facing today. Something needs to change in order for you to better your financial situtation because if you don’t chances are you’ll be living off of nothing once you try to retire. Del is here to share with you the secret to what financial planners can’t figure out for you, so tune in now!

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