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(February 26, 2016) Rethink & Live Well

During this show, Del Walmsley contests 19 of Napoleon Hill’s 30 causes of failure from his book “Think & Grow Rich,” which as of a recent article from Business Insider, have been deemed to still be relevant today. One by one, however, Del tees up each point and drives it to the forefront our minds as a cautionary tale for listening all too intently to the self-help genre.

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(February 25, 2016) A Lifelong Passion for Investing – Featuring LU Mentor JB Durham

Del Walmsley expanded his mentorship team to meet the needs of an explosive growth in membership. At the core of this expansion are pioneers, such as JB Durham, who have spent their entire lives building towards the real estate investment field. Join Del and JB in JB’s telling story of of an unyielding passion that gracefully navigated property management through to property ownership.

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(February 24, 2016) Tell Del Wednesday “Infinity & Beyond” – Featuring LU Members Frank K. & Cathy H.

Usually you don’t put the words “infinite” and “return” in the same sentence. But, if you’re Frank & Cathy, you put em in the same spreadsheet. We invite you to meet this happy couple of engineers who, when it comes to their approach to single family investing, lead by design.

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(February 23, 2016) Tell Del Tuesday “The Galleria Man” – Featuring LU Member Curtis H.

You’d be hard pressed to find a better gift to give a man who spent 10 years working in the Galleria area. This episode is about how one of the most unassuming members we have became one of the biggest players in one of the hottest submarkets in Houston, and then kept going.

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(February 22, 2016) An Effective System Is an Effective Business

Del Walmsley is an owner of 11 different businesses, which may not surprise the investors, entrepreneurs and colleagues he has come to meet over the years. But, what may surprise them is his dedication of an entire radio show to addressing their decline. Now, let us reassure any LU members who may be doing a double take at this very moment. Business is a booming! Still, there is never a moment where an entrepreneur, or an investor for that matter, is not tested by the entropy of their business structure. As Del implies on this podcast, this is not a time to rethink your business as a whole, but instead your systems in place.

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(February 19, 2016) Expo Insider – Featuring Special Host Leon Mead

Join our Expo Radio Host, Leon Mead on a special insider tour of the recently passed 2016 Lifestyles Unlimited® Wealth & Passive Income Expo! This piece explores the life story and market analysis of LUI CEO & Founder, Del Walmsley, as told on stage during his Expo keynote presentation. In addition, you will also hear multiple member testimonials of investment success, as well as the lifelong impact this company has had on LUI Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow.

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(February 18, 2016) Unleash The “Data” – Featuring LU Mentor JB “Data” Durham

On this episode Del invites JB “Data” Durham to undergo a major “file share,” leaving everyone with a “Durhabyte’s” worth of multifamily information. So, if you have no idea what a “Durhabyte” is and you want the scoop on passive investing, the availability of MF deals in general, and an idea of our expansion into new markets, look no further!

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(February 17, 2016) The Mother of All Procrastination

According to NerdWallet.com, “young people will work on average 13 more years than today’s typical retirees.” That said, should IRA’s, 401k’s, Social Security and the like be looked upon as the pillars of a new generation, or ironically, as its most deceptive procrastinatory devices? Don’t feed the beast, feed your future.

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(February 16, 2016) Tell Del Tuesday “The End of an Era & the Start of a New One” – Featuring LU Members Kevin & Laurie C.

This episode brings a lot of really great ideas to the forefront for both single family and multifamily investing. What’s more, all the information is encapsulated in Kevin & Laurie’s wonderful world of exciting first time experiences they share, starting with a first-generation attendance to the same college. You can expect a clear cut layout of various multifamily deals (value plays, yield plays and hybrids) to start painting a map forward, and you’ll witness, first hand, the building of a financial legacy in the 21st century!

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(February 15, 2016) A Substantive Look at Declining Home Ownership Rates & Sexual Transmutation

Leading off this show is an analysis of senior citizens’ marked decline in home ownership. Then, Del expands outward to break down this cultural shift in other demographics. Finally, the discussion takes a dramatic left turn to explore the topic of sexual transmutation, which is the use of the powers of attraction to push to higher and higher degrees of success. To answer your question, yes, we’re thinking the exact same thing you are…why didn’t we do this show sooner!?

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