Why Social Security and Medicare Taxes are “Ignorance Taxes”

“..My friends, they created these ignorance taxes, which is a social safety net… for people to fall on when they get old and unable to work, and unable to obtain insurance. They call it Social Security and Medicare.

Now why do they not tax real estate investors? Because they realize that if you’re smart enough to have passive streams of income, that you don’t have to work for…. that you’ll never lose a job that you don’t have… and that the income you earn is going to continue to come… and you won’t have to cancel your health insurance policy when you lose your job…”


  1. Chris Robinson - Lifestyles Mentor says

    I love this concept!

    It took me a long time to realize what was going on with these taxes and that the government was taxing me cuz they though I was too ignorant to take care of myself in my retirement years. The bad thing was that they were right. I had been programed to go to college, get a high paying job, work my butt off through the good years of my life and then retire and try live off of Social Security and anything that I might have left in my 401K’s. This of course would put me with the other 90% of people in the US that retire at or below the poverty income level. This is of course assuming that the Social Security program would not be bankrupt by the time I retired, which it appears that it may be if something does not change.

    Once I took the time to sit down and take a hard look at where my earnings were really going and how much was getting taken out for these ignorance taxes, I was fighting mad and felt lost at the same time. I knew that it was stupid to work my butt off just to have 50% of my income go to taxes, but I did not know how to prevent paying these taxes (short of committing tax fraud).

    After my many years of research and investing in Real Estate, I now understand how the rich get away with LEGALLY not paying taxes.

    The world is a beautiful place when you come to understand these concepts and when you learn to build wealth exponentially faster than you ever could by working a job for 15+ days out of the month just to give your money to the government.

    Thanks Del.
    Chris R.

  2. I love Del’s “No Holds Barred” method of teaching. It was probably the only way to get me to listen when I first heard him.

    He is however absolutely correct. I joined LU 2.5 yrs ago and now own a piece of a 854 unit portfolio. I make more money than I have ever made in my life and I pay the least amount in taxes I have ever paid.

    Real Estate investing has definitely changed my life.

    I hope you make the same decision I made and join this wonderful organization.

    Good luck!

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