(June 10, 2020) Unconventional Wisdom That Will Set You Free – Part 1 of 3

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Del Walmsley embarks on this first of a three-part series exploring the idea that everything in life is backward, counter-intuitive, and oxymoronic; and how more often than not this leads to people making the wrong decisions. Using the Navy SEAL drownproofing test as an example, most people will kick and swim as hard as they can to break free, which will have a very bad outcome. The secret for survival is to go limp, conserve energy, and wait for the right moment to grab more air. To achieve the success that you seek, stop fighting your environment, and change what you’re doing. 


  1. Pamela Westbrook says

    I really enjoyed listening to this podcast. The best part of the show was effective or ineffective. I have been trying to realize why things just don’t go my way and these two words hit home for me today. thanks for sharing…

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