The Winningest Group of Real Estate Investors In The Country

City, State, and National Apartment associations host award programs designed to recognize and honor hard work, excellence, and leadership among individuals and companies in the rental housing industry. These associations receive hundreds of nominations each year. Even so, Lifestyles Unlimited members emerge as winners year after year. In fact, Lifestyles Unlimited members have won the real estate investor of the year award at the city, state, and/or national level 12 out of the last 12 years!

You may be unimpressed by these results or may view awards as a form of self-congratulation within a particular industry (hello Oscars). But there is something very impressive about the Lifestyles Unlimited award winners.  You see, the people who join Lifestyles Unlimited want results. They want to be successful. They take advantage of the topnotch educational resources that come with their Lifestyles Unlimited membership and then they take action.

It isn’t impressive that Lifestyles Members have been award winners at the city, state, and national level. What is impressive is that other people don’t win. There are over 75,000 members of the National Apartment Association and yet year after year Lifestyles Unlimited members are recognized as the very best in the industry.

For Lifestyles Unlimited members, winning these awards isn’t about luck. It isn’t about being super smart or well connected. The number one difference that sets our members apart from every other real estate investor in the nation is having the right map. We want to show you how the right map can set you apart too. 

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