(April 24, 2020) The Rent & Mortgage Cancellation Act of 2020

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Today, CEO & Founder, Del Walmsley and Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow discuss one of the most colossally misguided bills ever to be introduced in Congress. If passed into law, it would lead to one of the worst prolonged periods of economic disruption our country has ever known – essentially handcuffing the real estate market to the federal government. You have to hear this show to believe it.


  1. Dawn DeMarco says

    Trump will Veto this bill!

  2. Dawn DeMarco says

    Im looking forward to you comments to take action! Thank you Del and Lynn! Great information and action.

  3. Lee Reeves says

    Might not make it out of the House, shouldn’t pass the Senate, and we’d hope that Trump wouldn’t sign it into law.

    But what if it’s PART of a larger bill that helps farmers, or the elderly, or some other unrelated topic? That’s how we got stuck with an eviction moratorium for properties with federally backed loans through August.

    THAT’S why we have to respond to our representatives on this NOW.

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