Texas A&M Multi Family Road Trip

Make no mistake, Lifestyles Unlimited® is a full-fledged educational program offering a wide range of services, tools and classes to the real estate investor. We rely on a balanced blend of education and action steps to ensure the success of our members.

That said, it generally doesn’t take long before a motivated Lifestyles Unlimited® investor leaves the office to apply his/her knowledge to single family and multi family deals. It is this direct applicability of our educational tools that makes us a perfect case study for graduate students of the Texas A&M Master of Real Estate Program. As such, we were invited to lead a special day of learning for both students and members alike, which is sure to stir the intellectual pot of real estate investing.

This joint collaboration between the Mays Business School and Lifestyles Unlimited® will be what we call a Multi Family Road Trip. This class is a member-led, two-part session that starts in a seminar room and ends at the property of focus. As part of the seminar presentation, our Preferred Investors are fully brought up to speed about the location, evaluation, negotiation & ongoing operations of an active member-owned multi family apartment complex.

Following that, our members take time to network, to talk about what was learned and to prepare for part two – the road trip! Upon arrival, the class takes a full property tour that stops along the way to have dynamic discussions about demographics, staffing, project implementation, and future decisions to be made for the property.

To paint a picture of this new learning experience, we spoke to one of the brains behind its coordination – Houston Lifestyles Unlimited® Multi Family Consultant, John Ridgway. “We have a Central Texas member, Terry M, who owns a property in Bryan…Terry is going to make a presentation and then we are going to visit the property. Instead of doing the presentation in one of our seminar rooms, we will be in a classroom on the A&M campus,” said John as he broke down the day.“We are anticipating a full house for this event (40 students, 20 Lifestyles Unlimited® Preferred members from each office, & many of our multi family mentors). This will give those faculty and students a first-hand experience of hearing it from a guy that can say I’ve done what you’re learning in theory. Let me show you how it works,” John continued.

So, it is safe to say that anybody in attendance will get a full dose of both the theoretical & the practical side of the real estate field, thus once again furthering the Lifestyles Unlimited® experience! Stay tuned for more info regarding the follow-up video and much more!

Be sure to call 1-866-945-6565 if you would like more info about this event.

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