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home-keyboardBeing a landlord can be a fun career, as well as very financially rewarding. Now, more than ever, it’s also much easier than it has ever been. With the technology that is available to landlords, you can keep better track of all of your tenants and properties. Here is a look at some of the best software tools that landlords can use to keep up with their day-to-day tasks of managing property.


Skype may seem like an obvious choice to have as a landlord, but not enough people utilize it. Skype will allow you to interview potential candidates for renting a home, without even having to leave your office. Once you get more details from them, then you can plan to meet them at the unit to show them the property. Skype is also great for keeping in touch with your tenants throughout the year. In the case that they have an issue they would like to talk to you about, they can easily contact you and you can discuss the issue with them over video, rather than over the phone. This will allow for more personable interaction than a simple phone call. Furthermore, Skype can help you also keep up with clients that may be interested in buying homes. When people buy homes, they want to know that the person they are working with is interested in their concerns and needs. You can use Skype to maintain close relationships with clients, as it is more personable than a simple phone call. The best type of communication is face-to-face and this will never change. For times that you can’t meet in person and talk over dinner or lunch, Skype allows you to have personable conversations at your convenience.


Landlords who are looking for a fully comprehensive program that will handle the financial end of their properties should look to Quickbooks from Not only does this program keep track of all of the financial transactions for your properties (including rent, taxes, etc), it also informs you of ways to save money by finding tax-deductible rental property expenses. You may be paying for expenses on a property, that aren’t even necessary. Quicken will help you find these ways to save you money, which will certainly be worth the initial investment for the software.


AppFolio Property Manager uses online databases to manage your rental properties. If you aren’t a fan of Quicken, you can look to AppFolio to manage the financial aspects of your properties as well. But what’s great about AppFolio is that it will help round out any areas of your property management business that may be lacking. This includes advertising, marketing, online payments, applicant screening and more. AppFolio goes another step further and even offers online tutorials and help for its programs. If ever you have a questions with AppFolio, you can easily find what you are looking for with their website.

Skyline Property Management System

Ever had a tenant who was outstanding in every sense of the way? From paying on time, to leaving the house spotless when they left, and everything else you think tenants should do? Skyline Property Management Software keeps track of these tenants for you. Their tenant relationship program helps you remember tenants and every aspect of them; down to what time they made their payments when rent was due. Furthermore, Skyline also will keep up with maintenance that is required on your properties and when things should be done before they become an issue.


Being a landlord can be a great position that allows you the freedom to be your own boss and reap great financial rewards that other careers do not offer. Whether you have just one property or a handful of city skylines, rely on the software listed in this blog to assure that you will be prepared to maximize your ability as a landlord.

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