(September 30, 2014) Del Walmsley & John Boriack: Meet A 26 Year-Old Millionaire Who Made Millions While You Made Financial Plans

Here is the quintessential trail blazer of the real estate investor world. Go to any group event at Lifestyles Unlimited® and you will see that John Boriack is the youngest person in the room, but he is also one of the sharpest. After having recently won the Houston Apartment Association’s Real Estate Investor of The Year Award and raking in $7,000,000 on his last apartment deal, you could say that John’s story displays what so many hope to achieve, but what so few ever show up to get. But, only seconds into today’s show and you could figure out most of what we just told you. What may take some more listening to figure out, however, is that John is not some trust fund child who waited until 25 to spend his inheritance money on apartment complexes, or some upstart stock investor who’s ego trickled into real estate, he is an honest, humble individual who took the Lifestyles Unlimited® playbook and ran with it.

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