(September 29, 2014) Del Walmsley: New Age Concepts For New Age Adults

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Childhood is a beautiful thing. The heart explores what it wants to and the mind catches up as best as it can. One of the most important things you will likely learn in this time of life is how to have fun, but what you will also soon learn are the traditional methods with which to build your life – go to school, get a job, invest in stocks & set up an IRA and/or a 401k. Well, Del Walmsley, who is a multimillionaire in real estate investing & the Founder of Lifestyles Unlimited®, which is a company that helps thousands of people every day, did all of those things. Which one do you think got him where he is today? Not One. Hear Del tell all about his childhood and get the scoop for how your son or daughter can bring about new age results and become a new age adult.

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