(September 29, 2014) Del Walmsley: The Correct Way To Teach Your Child About Money

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For many people who listen to the LU radio show, the only thing more important than the financial success of the household is the success of their children. But, with so many college-educated sons and daughters coming back home instead of being thrust into their field of work, this compounds the problem of accruing a sustainable household income, and at the same time, it addresses a new problem entirely – how young adults will succeed in today’s economic climate. Well, if the word invest came to mind, you would be right, but if you read the same article as LU Founder & President, Del Walmsley, you would likely find nothing more than 8 pages that will get your kids to the wrong place faster. Today Del picks apart this investment guide for today’s youth and contrasts those points with some of his own. Who will win? We know who our money is on. Maybe it’s time you found out where you should place yours.

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