(September 22, 2014) Del Walmsley: The Difference Between Beating Yourself & Beating The Game

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When it comes to living a successful life, there are going to be many points where things go right and where things go wrong. Therefor, a life should have almost as many financial losses as it does wins, at least that’s what many of the self-help gurus of today will likely tell you – “if you’re not as far along in your life as you want to be, it’s because you haven’t failed enough times” says Del Walmsley as he quotes one of the aforementioned group. Well, Del quickly retorts that when it comes to running a business, this could not be further from truth. As you will learn from today’s show, having a successful business, whether it’s in real estate investment or not, starts with having the proper mentality – “Never Lose Money.” This popular Delism is at the center of Lifestyles Unlimited®’s core principles, and therefor our students don’t justify financial losses, they appreciate relentless success. So, don’t beat yourself by justifying setbacks from the beginning. Take a listen to this show and learn how to beat the game and only the game.

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