Real Estate Investing Links for September 30, 2009

Opportunity Funds

Learn about opportunity funds from a Frugal Dad who knows how to set savings goals. Discouraging the use of credit cards, Frugal Dad shows you how to create separate accounts that ensure your expenses are covered.

1031 Exchange

Financial Web discusses the 1031 exchange, an important investment tool that helps you defer paying taxes.

Conquering Fears

Sean Rasmussen of the Wealth Creation Blog, provides a quick inspirational lesson on conquering fears that block your way to financial freedom. He lists some quick tips, like visualizing yourself with wealth, as ways to overpower mental reservations.

Quitting Your Day Job

Our recent poll cited “getting out of the rat race” as one of the main motivators toward financial freedom. The Real Estate Dispatch outlines what you must have before quitting your day job, to put you on the path to financial security.

The Houston Market

The Houston Housing Market provides a Houston Market Update, breaking performance down between single-family, multi-family, and condos.

Deal Finding Strategies

The REI Club’s Vena Jones-Cox shares deal finding strategies. She explains why some methods like MLS and the yellow pages are more effective than others.

Low Ball Offers

Expand your negotiating knowledge with this article from Real Estate Investment Articles. Kevin Billberry suggests how best to put forth low-ball offers, using techniques like understanding the seller’s motivation and not stopping at the counter offer, to ensure your success.

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