Real Estate Investing Links for October 7, 2009

Ramsey’s Take on Real Estate

Dave Ramseyfirmly believes that real estate will be the area that leads us out of the recession.” Lifestyles Unlimited® agrees with Dave’s philosophy on reducing consumer debt and creating a sound foundation; but differs from his philosophy on where to invest once you are in a position to do so.

Fair Housing

This article from the National Apartment Association provides some information on the Fair Housing and Americans with Disabilities Act, and in particular, a case between Post Properties and the Equal Rights center over the imposition of building codes. The ruling in favor of Post suggests a possible shift in judicial support for the ERC going forward.

FHA Rules

Realty Times reports on new FHA rules, that will narrow guidelines for accepted appraisals in order to combat undervalued property. This is said to discourage “third-party management companies” and low-ball offers.


Lifestyles advocates the “best product, best price” philosophy. Forex Trading gives you tips on how to put this into practice through property maintenance. From locksmiths and electricians to general upkeep, brush up on how to ensure your property is up to date.

Not Just Money

When on your path to financial freedom, it’s easy to lose sight of rewards beyond money. This post by the Life As Real Estate Investors blog, reminds us to focus on the many personal benefits of wealth through passive income.

Alternative Mortgages

The Daily Press reminds us of the loans available beyond fixed-rate mortgages. Covering both the benefits and liabilities of alternative loans such as balloon and adjustable rate, Crystal Guthrie outlines several lesser known options.


Jose Gonzales of the Houston Chronicle, writes on the importance of inspectors when buying property. He covers several specifics such as plumbing, appliances, and electrical systems and stresses the necessity of reliable professionals to protect your investment.

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