Real Estate Investing Links for January 6th, 2009

Stress the Importance of On Time Rent from Tenants

Ryan Moeller of MSN shares the basics of how to conduct short sales. discusses the pros and cons of such deals, including less damaged credit for the seller and discounted property for the buyer. They advise to avoid short sales where there is no default on the loan or the seller is in bankruptcy, as in these situations “a short sale is almost certain to fail.” Refer to the full article to learn when this investing technique will work for you.

“How to Analyze Any Property in Less than One Minute Flat!”

Larry Goins of American Investors in Real Estate provides a few easy tips to analyze investment property. He explains in his first tip, “if you need a calculator, it’s probably not a deal,” that any deal in which the numbers are super close will probably not make you much money. Outlining the information needed to make an immediate offer, Goins provides simple equations to quickly let you know how profitable a deal will be.

“With Bet on Fannie, Freddie, U.S. Buys Time for Housing Rebound”

The Statesmen discusses the cost of recent federal aid to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on taxpayers. Methods like looser “restrictions on the size of the companies’ investment portfolios” will certainly lower mortgage rates. However, as an increasing number of “housing boom” loans default, the “treasury will have to cover much more than the $111 billion in losses at Fannie and Freddie.”

“Fed: Regional Economy has Firmed up a Bit”

The Houston Business Journal reports that despite continuous decline in financial and commercial real estate, other Texan sectors such as housing and energy have improved. Combating lower construction fees are rising energy costs and levelling unemployment.
Although home sales have jumped, the Journal acknowledges the possible role the homebuyer tax credit might have had on this spike.

Balance is a virtue that commonly appears in Del and Steve’s radio shows. Gene Swindell of the Housing Matrix focuses on financial, social, physical, and educational aspects of a balanced life. Offering tips to achieve this goal, Swindell stresses the importance of the “100%” mentality this year.

“If You Can’t Make it in Real Estate Without Money, You Can’t Make it With Money”

The Real Estate Investors explain ways to do deals without money, naming real estate investing the “other people’s money business.” They give examples to explain why if you can’t find financing for a deal, you should look to more than just you’re financial situation.

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