Real Estate Investing Links for January 13, 2010

Pending Home Sales Down from Surge but Higher than a Year Ago

financialAccording to, pending home sales have declined following their temporary spike as a result of the home buyer tax credit. Despite this dip, economists referencing the Pending Home Sales Index claim that the numbers remain significantly higher than last year. The Midwest has seen the largest drops since the advent of the credit, although the index remains 9.2% higher than last November. Another spike is expected to occur when home buyers begin to respond to the newly extended and expanded credit.

Tax Free Income From Your Real Estate Investment Success

An adversary of the 401k, Jeff Brown of the Bigger Pockets Blog offers some scary statistics about the popular plan that will have you reaching for better options. Even those that hold significantly more than the average $100k that most upcoming retirees have in reserve “will pay more taxes in their first 3-9 years they draw income from it, than taxes saved in the 30 previous years.” After more discouraging information, Brown discusses an alternate plan- The Equity Indexed Universal Life insurance policy. Read the post for more information on the two opposing programs.

Austin Homes are Overpriced, Study Says

depreciationHistorically, Austin has been praised for its relatively low cost of living, but the Austin Business Journal recently wrote of a article ranking Austin’s Round Rock 10th in a study of overpriced homes. Of the other Texan cities to make the list were San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston. Mission Mortgage’s Mark Sprague considered Texas’s “positive employment growth” and lack of inventory as possible explanations of this trend.

Real Estate Investing in 2009 And Beyond

Creative Real Estate Investing reinforces the Lifestyles’ principle that you can succeed in an up or down economy- listing perks such as discounts and “bulk REO sales.” Stressing the importance of continuing real estate education, the blog emphasizes that “a small investment in your education can yield big results.” The list ends with a reminder that you do not need tons of money to begin investing in real estate. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, these quick tips can help pave the way for success in 2010!

Success Loves Speed

middleTake the time to read this article from Early to Rise for 2010 inspiration! Author Robert Ringer urges you to “get there first,” and to apply this mentality to goal setting. Stating, “If you want to get the investment property that just came on the market, get there first. Investment properties love speed,” he makes clear the undeniable association between change and action. By providing several steps to stop making excuses and reminding us that “time is finite,” this article will put you in the right mindset to begin actualizing your New Year’s resolutions!

6 Reasons Why You Should be Your Own Boss

Whether its through real estate investing or owning a business, “being your own boss” is an important step toward earning passive income and becoming financially independent. Pick the Brain outlines some exciting advantages to leading this lifestyles such as being “in charge of your income,” having “creative control,” being “responsible for your success” and “setting your own hours.” Reference this article for more reasons why being your own boss can be very rewarding.

Private Equity Fundraising Lowest Since 2004

Down from its peak of $646 billion in 2007, private equity fundraising has bottomed out at $246 billion, reports the National Real Estate Investor. Economists cite investor uncertainty and reluctance to finance new investments as probable causes for the drop. Due to a shortage of capital, experts doubt a return to the ample fundraising of 2007 and 2008, but do expect significant investor participation in the upcoming year.

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