(October 21, 2014) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: Del’s Three Rules to Investing in Real Estate Successfully

Check out Del Walmsley explain on the show today how his three rules to investing in real estate successfully came about in the course of 25 years! Del’s countless years of experience investing in real estate has helped him grow into a wiser investor. He’s been sharing that wisdom with not only his Lifestyles members and mentors, but with everyone around him. All that Del has learned over the years comes down to three simple yet effective rules, that anyone interested in investing should follow, if they want to become successful investors. At Lifestyles Unlimited®, everyone has heard Del share his three rules to investing at some point in time; but now is your opportunity as a listener to hear it straight from the man who came up with notorious rules. The one and only Del Walmsley, President and Founder of Lifestyles Unlimited, Inc.® You don’t want to miss this show folks!


  1. Dell, Thank you for all that you have helped up with.
    Sincerely, Kim

  2. Patricia Nelson says

    The message I received :
    – don’t let fear of failure stop you from taking a reasonable risk.
    – walk with your mentors – people who are successful or on their way to being successful
    – and let your money work for you — you can’t get rich slowly.

    Thank you …

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