Milton Friedman – Greed

We at Lifestyles Unlimited® believe “you can have everything that you want, if you help enough other people get what they want.” This is not idealistic, it is a brutally practical principle when you realize that all money comes from other people. If you want more money, you have to help and serve others to deserve that. We use real estate and the best product, best price principle to do just that.

Please watch this video to get a reframing of the word greed. Filmed in the 1970’s, it is timeless. I imagine Ben Franklin and our forefathers having a similar debate in 1770’s.

Milton Friedman is a great believer in our democratic and capitalist society. You can find many other videos of his work at Enjoy and be proud of your country and system. Then get out there and use it. Start focusing on helping and serving others understanding that this is in your best interest too…..and that is OK. Some will call you greedy but you will know the truth.


  1. These principles are truly timeless. Despite advancements in technology and communication this same information has been effective since 1779!

  2. Mark Harlan says

    I guess we really do not look at history to decide if it worked last time. This truely is a timeless video, one that should be played whenever there is a discussion regarding removing the individual from the “process” and replacing them with the government.

    BTW- great upgrade to the website LUI.


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