(March 10, 2015) Del Walmsley: New LIBOR Scandal Poses A Significant Threat To The International Financial Market

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Two years ago, an interest-rate-fixing scandal emerged, as a group of international banks successfully manipulated the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), an average of interest rates that major banks within the Interbank market charge each other for loans. Now, it seems that duller passions have prevailed once again, but this time the resulting crisis could very well dwarf that of the previous LIBOR incident. Here to provide special insights on this scandal and to warn listeners of the zero-sum game is your host, Del Walmsley.


  1. Gosh another valuable podcast! I have been trying to convince my wife this concept of LEVERAGE. Finally I did. We are pulling out the equity from single family and going to look for that first Multi-Family. I hope eventually to pass over the single families to my son so he can learn too. Thanks Del I owe you so much.

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