(March 02, 2015) The Del Walmsley Radio Show: Leveraging Your Financial Timeline

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If it’s been a while since you sat down with your significant other or a close friend/family member to talk about your finances and what they’ve done for you in the past few years, maybe it’s time you had that conversation again. If in this conversation, you weigh all of your income (both passive and not) against all of your expenses and it doesn’t seem like you’re making much, don’t sugarcoat the truth, you aren’t making that much. In order to leverage your financial timeline, it is important for you to know that nobody is going to hand you the silver spoon – not your grandmother, not your employer and certainly not your government. Why? They are all trying to make money themselves. This podcast will highlight the fact that your life (in part) is a business, and if you don’t have a project in place to secure long lasting wealth, this business will continue to scrape along, catching every bump in the road along the way.

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