Lifestyles’ Own Karen Davis Featured in The Houston Chronicle

Karen Davis, a mentor and investor in the Houston branch of Lifestyles Unlimited® was featured this weekend in the Houston Chronicle. The article highlighted the real estate investments that she is making with her boyfriend.

Karen and her boyfriend just closed on their sixth investment property, a three-bedroom foreclosure in Richmond which will capture $40,000 in equity.

Read the Houson Chronicle article now and maybe comment by clicking here.


  1. Joe Nickels says

    I am very happy for Karen and Danny. Karen isn’t just talking about investing, she is investing. I have noticed that the more real estate, and the more financial free the “employees” at Lifestyles are. The better job the do. Not just in mentoring, but in general.

    When I see Karen it seems that every time she buys another house, she becomes happier. It’s as though more and more weight is being lifted off her.

    I haven’t met Danny yet. But I’m sure he’s excited because Karen is open and proud of his golf skills, and really wants him to retire and just play golf all the time. Makes me wonder about what it’d be like in a good market?

    In the bad times she’s building a business and smiling more! He’s being tricked into leaving a 9-5 job to go play golf.

  2. Congratulations, Karen on your success! It’s inspiring to see how quickly you have moved.

  3. Thanks everyone for all your help and support! We couldn’t being doing all this without the wealth of information we get from Lifestyles.

  4. Way to go Karen! Very awesome. My wife and I are just starting out so your story certainly encourages us!

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