(May 27, 2020) Keep More of What You Make From Real Estate Investing

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Using all of the tax advantages available to you in your real estate investing efforts is a must. Here on today’s show to discuss what that looks like is Nate Roberts of Lifetime Tax Advisors (official Lifestyles Unlimited Vendor).


  1. Bob O'Dwyer says

    Hi AL,
    Earlier I sent a request to detail the VA Loan benefits/deficits vs other financing techniques. In particular can I use a VA loan to refi my personal residence and pull out an extra 100,000 cash into my pocket (given I have lots of equity above my current loan) I can use for down payment on rental property. Other advantages using a VA loan is also good info …Bob, Navy Hospital Corpsman ’72-’76 and USC grad both BS and MBA using the old GI bill college plan

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