(June 18, 2015) The Power of Fresh Perspectives with LU Mentor, Kim Mclean

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As we expand nationally, we have begun taking on more mentors to help reveal the true image of this misunderstood form of investing. This means there are more people to lend a hand when you come on board as a member. It also means fresh perspectives and a revitalization of our best practices. Here to offer his insights is one of our new Multi Family Mentors, Kim McLean, who will walk through a larger discussion with Del Walmsley to wash away your fears and to build upon your knowledge.


  1. A few days ago I ran into an article entitled Lifestyle Unlimited – a joke, the argument was the coaching fee which range from $500.00 – $20,000.00. First I must say I am a proud member of Lifestyle Unlimited. Although I attended meetings regularly I doubt Del knows me; that’s not what I am there for; it is my desire to learn how to ‘fish’ and; I am eternally grateful for the different lessons offered to achieve this goal.
    The average college graduate consume an average of 80k for a 4 year degree – how many of them after 20 years are able to live a decent life given the salary, the lessons thought in college and the recurring expenditure? The lesson thought at lifestyle is not offered at any college or universities and paying $20,000 to become financially free is only one fourth of the cost of your college degree. Do you know how it feels to be financially free? A few years from now this very lesson will be offered in some colleges and they may call it “an elite studies – financing and entrepreneurship.” Watch for the price that it will be available for. If you apply Lifestyle Unlimited principles there is no doubt that you can become financially free and eventually rich. No one compels you to pay $20k, its optional, one can listen to the podcast, attend monthly case study and learn but should you need a catalyst to achieve your goal, that’s where the money comes in, nothing is free.
    Sometime ago they broke into Joel Osteen’s church and stole the offering collected, the argument was not the wrong done by the criminals; it was about the amount of money raked in on Sundays. ‘Do not be haters find ways to become financially free, find ways to get rich.’
    Thank again
    On May 6, 2015 the class that you had on Mastering Personal Wealth was very, very deep, I finished the book you recommended during that presentation and applying some of those principles that I have not been doing. Thanks for the insight.
    Once again all that one needs to succeed if you are business minded is in those monthly case studies, and the podcast. Stop criticizing, attend meetings, take notes and apply the principles that are thought. Thanks again to Lifestyle Unlimited.

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