(June 09, 2015) Tell Del Tuesday “From Cut Loose To Cuttin’ Loose” – Featuring LU Member, Michael C

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Michael knows exactly what he wants in life once he sees it. So, when what he was looking for butted heads with his VP, he found himself let go after 30 years of employment in his industry. No worries though, he had his investments in the stock market. But just the same as before, this passion would prove to be a let down as well with the 2008 crash. Then, Michael’s friend asked him to help evaluate Lifestyles Unlimited® at a case study. Michael returned to another one and his friend was nowhere to be seen. But, if you’re thinking poor Michael at this point, think again. He’s 17 single family homes and one apartment complex deep into our program, and doing life his way never looked so good.

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