(July 30, 2015) The Common Question – Featuring LU Mentor JB Durham

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Common question: Is it still a good time to invest in multi-family in Texas? Well folks, don’t worry because you will soon find out if the market is on fire. JB Durham and Del Walmsley answer this question and more regarding how well multi-family properties are doing all over Texas, so check it out!


  1. Julie A. Graham says

    Are TX lawa landlord freinldly state or a tenant friendly state?

    • This is a common question because Texas is known for having favorable Landlord/tenant laws. The laws are balanced so that landlords are compensated for the housing they provide. The Texas law also allows for quicker resolution of disputes than in many other states.

    • Bill Durham says

      I enjoyed your show and your guest JB Durham. The information he provided was very educational about the property and real estate industry in the Texas area.I will tune in again in the future.

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