John Ridgway: Qualifying Tenants to Move Into Your Single Family and/or Multi Family Property & The Lifestyle You Choose to Live

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  1. Wes Cordeau says

    John, as usual I always enjoy you show and knowlege. When you were talking of your golf game, I could relate. I started playing golf at 14, and by 16, could pretty much play Bogey golf anywhere (except Pebble Beach), and not be an embarrasment. About 6-7 years ago, I’m 62 now, my game took a sudden dive for the worse, and I was embarrased to play. I would go hit balls every few months and the same stuff was happening. I laid off for two years, and no better. Maybe next year–or not! My boy’s, age 32 & 34, said, “Dad, just because you are not playing a game well, don’t give up, devote a little more playing & practise time to get better!” Of course, I knew where they had heard that growing up!

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