(January 26, 2018) The Investment Snowball – Featuring LU EVP Lynn Murrow

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Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow provides listeners with a special introduction to the Lifestyles Unlimited model of investing, complete with steps for saving towards your first income-producing property (getting the investment snowball working for you)! Also, learn the five reasons we choose real estate over any other investment vehicle, and stay tuned to the end for Lynn’s top three tips for starting your real estate investing business.

Once you’re done listening to this episode, continue to our next show in this series on “chunking” (covering all of your bills with rental homes).


  1. Getting started in property investment is both exciting and frightening. Having professional support is a must

  2. Wes Cordeau says

    Lynn, I always love to hear your insights and soothing, melodious voice

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