(January 25, 2018) How to Get Your ASSets to Work – Becoming The CEO of Your Family Office – Featuring EVP Lynn Murrow & LU Mentor Curtis Haines

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Lifestyles Unlimited Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow, joins Multifamily Mentor, Curtis Haines, to discuss the concept of the “family office” and much more. Discover your current financial position, learn how to change it with income-producing assets, find the know-how to track that change as you go, figure out the tools to compound your financial growth, and do it all tax free. It’s all right here, your map to financial freedom.


  1. Stan McLeod says

    One of the best and most useful shows ever. I have been tracking my net worth since 2004 and since investing passively tracking ROI and COC but am now using RONetWorth and equity. Very telling numbers. Thanks Lynn and Curtis and thanks for going one level deeper and explaining how to get the measures and how they help.

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