(December 05, 2019) It’s Time to Graduate from “Financial Kindergarten”

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With the help of figures like Dave Ramsey and social conditioning in general, eliminating all debt has become the goal post for the American middle class. It’s what we tout to our friends, coworkers and family. But, this is “financial kindergarten” says Del, and while it’s important that you conquer harmful debt (from credit card spending for example), you might consider what other forms of income-producing debt can do for you. In other words, it’s time to graduate from “financial kindergarten.”


  1. Eric Denson says

    This is great information and a well presented and broken down comparison between Del and Dave Ramsey. Ramsey teaches how to save for a golden egg. Del explains how anyone can get the goose that lays the golden eggs. I think I remember Del explaining it that way on another podcast.

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