How to Start Your Real Estate Investing Career

Find out how the free real estate investor starter kit, free workshop, and our membership benefits will help you achieve financial freedom for you and your family.

Free Workshop

Attend the Free Introductory Workshop, and a member services team member in your area will teach you the 7 principles that we use to provide for our families and to run our businesses.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why 29+ years in business and 30,000+ members is valuable to you.
  • We’ll show you case studies of single-family deals.
  • We’ll show you case studies of 10-to-600 unit apartment complexes.
  • We’ll discuss the 6 reasons we choose real estate over all other investments.
  • We’ll show you exactly how to build wealth and passive income streams with real estate.

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  • 7 Day Online Training Course
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  • 6 Reasons To Choose Real Estate
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  • Goal Setting Workshop

There is no reason you cannot start building wealth and passive income with real estate today. To be successful, you have to take decisive action.

Don’t let these common, tired excuses hold you back from changing your financial life forever.

The Economy

The national media has everyone running scared with bad news every day. The truth is: there’s never been a better time to buy investment property. In this market, we are picking up so many deals that one person simply can’t do them all!

Busy With Job/Family

The reality is that most of us are very busy people. Most of our members have jobs and families, but they don’t let that stand in the way.

Our program teaches you how to run your real estate business by leveraging other people’s time. We invest so that we can spend time doing what we love.

Had a Bad Real Estate Experience

It is very common for members to have a “before I met Lifestyles Unlimited®” horror story about real estate. When you don’t have the wisdom of over 29 years and 30,000 members, it is easy to make mistakes.

Once you start learning our method, you will start having “Ah ha!” moments revealing where you went wrong in the past.

Don’t Want to Deal With Tenants

Property management is where most amateur investors make their biggest mistakes. If you don’t know how to properly screen and manage tenants, you are setting yourself up for headaches.

We teach our members how to manage their properties in a way that minimizes friction between landlord and tenant.

The Workshop is absolutely Free

You have nothing to lose, and so much knowledge to gain about real estate investing from our free workshop. This is not a high pressure sales pitch, but an opportunity for you to find out if real estate investing is right for you and your family. We highly recommend you join a real estate investing club whether with us or another organization. Here is a benefits vs risks analysis of our program vs other means of achieving knowledge of real estate investing.

Benefits vs Risks Analysis: Here are potential benefits and risks of various real estate investing training strategies

Service Benefits? Risks?
Lifestyles Unlimited® Membership
  • We are standing by to answer questions.
  • Highly interactive events with hundreds of professional real estate investors.
  • Stay plugged-in to real estate market changes with frequently updated curriculum, exclusive membership videos, and timely articles.
  • Proven systems used by active real estate investors.
  • You learn how to run a home business that puts you on the fast track to retirement.
  • 12 Case Study nights
  • Special class on Property Evaluation and Principles of Prequalification.
  • Learn how to leverage your time with a team, to maximize income and minimize time spent working.
  • Online videos you can watch instantly
  • Limited $500 upfront cost for a 1-year membership.
  • If you use our vendors, you could save more than the cost of the membership in the first month.
  • Sign up for the Workshop now.
On Your Own
  • No membership fee
  • Falling into the situation of many investors who mistake fact for fiction and rumor for reality, who take bad advice and find themselves upside-down in a deal, losing money.
  • Not having a real estate mentor who has successfully proven the method they are teaching.
  • Months of sifting through the noise of a multitude of real estate tips, tricks, and advice, trying to find the clear signal.
  • Not enjoying the comradery and celebration of a group of like-minded people who face the same challenges and celebrate the same victories.
Buying Real Estate Books
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • $500-$3000 in book costs
  • Real estate guidance rarely speaks to the specific market you are investing in, while Lifestyles Unlimited® teaches in the very market you are investing in.
  • Books appeal to a wide audience, while mentoring directly guides you and your specific needs and challenges you face.

What Does Membership Include?

A standard Lifestyles Unlimited® membership is comprised of several opportunities to learn about real estate investing and keep your knee knocking to a minimum. The primary components are:

Financial Freedom Program

Del Walmsley, founder and CEO of Lifestyles Unlimited, Inc.®, takes you through the Natural Progression of the Real Estate Investor. This intense 2-day class will give you an effective map to achieve financial independence through real estate. You will learn how to acquire your first single-family home, gradually leveraging your equity and cash flow into groups of single-family homes and then moving into large apartment complexes. This process, while it requires hard work, dedication and commitment, will enable most families to produce enough passive income to meet or exceed their monthly bills in about 5 years. Depending on personal resources, many members will complete the 2-day class and elect to begin with apartments, thereby reducing this timeline dramatically.

12 Case Study Nights

This is the night to make investor and mentor contacts. At Case Study Nights, you will see presentations from members who have completed their first deals, and members who have purchased multiple apartment complexes. They come as volunteers to teach you, step-by-step, how they found, negotiated, financed, and closed their real estate deals.

Special Events

Designed for your continuing education. Join us for Industry Updates, Panel Discussions, Real Estate Roundtables, Expos, and more.

Q&A with our Members Services Team

From 9am-5pm CT, Monday through Friday, our members can call the Member Services team for live, one-on-one Q&A. Each Member Services team member is an active real estate investor. They will answer your questions and help you get past the fear or lack of knowledge that can keep you from financial success.

Property Evaluation and Principles of Prequalification

This class on property evaluation enables members to determine the value of any single-family property in minutes, and features Lifestyles Quest™, an immensely powerful tool. Also included is a presentation outlining the Single-family Action Plan created to keep our newest members focused on achieving immediate results! After attending this course, our members have the ability to create a simple business plan that allows them to write offers on property with confidence within a half hour of encountering a new deal.

Mastering Basic Property Locating

“You should have 20 agents looking for real estate every day, all day long. These realtors should be looking for property while you are working on your job, spending time with your family or vacationing.” This class will show you how to do exactly that. We will teach you how to leverage your time to locate property more effectively, how to identify a qualified agent, and what to say when you call on them.

Member Discounts

Your membership will include discounts on services and supplies from companies like Sherwin Williams, Pittsburgh Paints, HD Supply, OfficeMax, and O’Connor and Associates. This works very much like group rate insurance you get through your employer in that as a group we can achieve more favorable treatment in pricing as well as other intangibles.

Enhanced Online Tools

Did you miss a class or just join and need to catch up? An extensive catalog of recorded classes is available after enrollment.