Freddie Mac Official Found Dead in Apparent Suicide

“…WASHINGTON – David Kellermann, the acting chief financial officer of money-losing mortgage giant Freddie Mac, was found dead at his home early Wednesday in what police said was an apparent suicide.

The Fairfax County police responded to a 911-call at 4:48 a.m. at the suburban Virginia home Kellermann shared with his wife Donna and five-year-old daughter Grace. The police would not release the exact cause of death, but spokesman Eddy Azcarate said Kellermann’s body was found in the basement…”

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  1. Natalie Pilkinton says

    Read the article. IT paints a picture of a caring man with caring negihbors. He wanted to fix everything. Help his company be the problem solver, assist the government argue with them on points he didnt agree with.

    What are his big rocks? WORK? What else. Where is the balance? His family? He was in line to make an 800,000 retention bonus.

    Please do nto be enslaved by your employement, family, health, religion, whatever may be causing you to lose balance in your life.

    I love my family. I love my family enough to know I needed to do something to change the family tree as much as I wanted or didnt want to stay home with the kids. I knew i needed to balance things. SO I would be a better person for not only my family but the world as well. To share my passion for life and real estate.

    Why do we talk about this in such a forum? Real estate is life changing! LIFE CHANGING. Say you dont believe me. Buy some real estate then we can have this discussion.

    Please do the goal setting workshop there is a wheel of life that we must look at and evaluate. Your wheel wont be perfect or balanced all the time but know where and when it will be off and prepare. Know that everything is temporary.

    Plug in passive streams of income so you can buy your life back from whatever ails you. So you to can do what you love.

    Natalie Pilkinton

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